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Which game from the recommendations are you most interested in?

Poll closed Wednesday at 5:38 PM.
  1. The Martian

  2. Far Cry: Trump's America

  3. Hayao Miyazaki's mistake

  4. Tinder Simulator

  5. What Duke Nukem Forever should have been

  1. I think Pictopix is best one with the addition of 30x30 and 40x40 sized puzzles. I absolutely love what they added with that update.

    Here's hoping this new Humble Bundle in 20 minutes is a PICROSS BUNDLE, WOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. Lain

    Lain Member

    Looks like I missed it today/yesterday but it is/was Tizoc's birthday? Happy Birthday Tizoc!
  4. Flips

    Flips Member

    No new bundle but the Brawler bundle will be extended by two weeks.
  5. JaseC

    JaseC You'll always have friends at the Grand Hotel Moderator

  6. Madjoki

    Madjoki Member

    Ubisoft is France based , so they probably forgot US adjust DST way earlier :P
  7. suikoder

    suikoder Member

    Do you think making a good port is Ysy?
  8. JaseC

    JaseC You'll always have friends at the Grand Hotel Moderator

    Haha, nah, the store page went up at the right time, so someone just forgot to click the green button.

    Edit: Speak of the devil.
  9. Lain

    Lain Member

    Well, the hype got to me and I went ahead and preordered Ni no Kuni II over at wingamestore (since it comes down to around 62€ with exchange rates for the Prince edition). Hopefully I won't regret it but everything I've seen about the game tells me I'm going to love it.
  10. Sub Level

    Sub Level Member

    I think Prey is the first immersive sim I played through that had a genuinely satisfying ending.

    The gameplay still kinda changed for the worse in the last, say, 5% of the game. But it wasn't at all enough to detract from how damn good it was otherwise.

    I was very surprised at how intricate that game seemingly is. Its not just goin on a road fighting battles savin the world from demon god jrpg king #4325.
  11. Deques

    Deques Member

    Is humble broken?
  12. BOB ROSS
  13. Happy little bundles.
  14. Kuroyume

    Kuroyume Member

    So no Bundle... Wow
  15. JD3Nine

    JD3Nine Member

    Wtf at that bundle. Used to watch that show after school.
  16. xist

    xist Member

    My wallet is happy....although neither of us know who Bob Ross is...
  17. No, there is, it's a mixed-media Bob Ross bundle.
  18. Ventara

    Ventara Member

    So wait, they're only including volumes 3, 17 and 24 of his ebooks? Why those 3 specifically?
  19. Tizoc

    Tizoc Member

    I think that's a decent bundle
    Tho fyi the series is up on youtube, officially i think?
    Only game i'd want is the passpartout game
  20. Zeeman

    Zeeman Member

    What a strange bundle. Although I actually do want the BTA games, so if it drops low enough I might grab it
  21. Flips

    Flips Member


    Too bad I suck at painting.
  22. I'm strangely drawn to this.
  23. [​IMG]
  24. tmarg

    tmarg Member

    Bob Ross is specifically for people who suck at painting.
  25. You just need more Bob Ross in your life
  26. Flips

    Flips Member

    I'm a lost cause when it comes to painting.

    Also I'm too lazy to practice.
  27. Tizoc

    Tizoc Member

  28. Eila

    Eila Member

    My first crash. It's so beautiful :´)
  29. Mifec

    Mifec Member

    Can you put the scaler up a bit without losing a lot of fps? Because that game benefits from higher res A LOT.
  30. ReubyJuice

    ReubyJuice Member

    Started playing Northgard after it had its full release, and man am I hooked. Lost track of time and spent about 6 hours playing it the other night, just want to get back to it. Great game and it seems like they're going to continue supporting it as well.
  31. Thinking of getting it, but I'd rather wait for some non early game access impressions, I think.
  32. Mifec

    Mifec Member

    aaaaaaaand ffxv got a scene crack.
  33. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    Why tho, i thought a DRM free version already exists through the origin data and the demo exe?
  34. Mifec

    Mifec Member

    Didn't have and dlc(including royal edition stuff) and the latest update that fixes summons.
  35. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    Oooh, yea, didn't thought about that
  36. delalaser

    delalaser Member

    crap, forgot to up my amount to get arcana heart
  37. Tonton

    Tonton Member

    Oh didn't think there was a Nier thread, how spoiler safe it is?
  38. dex3108

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  39. Mivey

    Mivey Member

    Seems I can safely ignore the Wolf2 DLC then. I feel the best kind of DLC that works for these atmospheric single player games is a small standalone campaign, ala The Old Blood. That worked well. Splitting it up into mini campaigns is dumb, and I assume it was ultimately a cost saving measure. Well, then save even more costs by just not doing any DLC.
  40. Hektor

    Hektor Community Resettler Member

    OT? Mostly spoiler free except one endgame thing that despite this forum usually being spoilerphobic as fuck as being spoiled everywhere.

    Guess people just decided that thing is not a spoiler.
  41. Parsnip

    Parsnip Member

    Every time I see some Breath of the Wild video or something I think that maybe I should start thinking about playing that sometime soon.

    Maybe after I'm done with XCOM and FF12.
  42. TheGreenArrow

    TheGreenArrow Member

    Oh damn. Free Shadow Tactics this month and Steamworld Dig 2 next month with twitch prime.
  43. Jawmuncher

    Jawmuncher Crisis Dino - Snake for Smash Moderator

    The chance of the DLC being good was the only reason I had the game installed for the longest after beating it. When that wasn’t the case I deleted it. To be fair I wasn’t even that big on Wolf 2, so as Mitch said. It’d have taken praise like old blood to really get me on board.
  44. Madjoki

    Madjoki Member

  45. Tonton

    Tonton Member

    Bah that's a shame
    Guess I'll go there once i'm done with the main endings
  46. Chance Hale

    Chance Hale Member

    Need hot Redwall impressions
  47. dex3108

    dex3108 Member

    Ghost of a Tale looks beautiful

  48. Chance Hale

    Chance Hale Member

    I need to free that frog