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Dec 26, 2018
They're really sticking with the whole character ban thing. (SFL overview trailer)

Interesting. I don't immediately support the character bans but after seeing several top tier players using multiple character (Momochi, Punk, KnuckleDu, Itabashi Zangeif, Smug), I don't think it'll be too detrimental at the point in SFV's life.

So who are the captains going to be (if I understand the process correctly):
1) KnucleDu
2) JWong
3) Punk
4) iDOM
5) BrianTOI
6) Newphew
Oct 27, 2017
I'd really like they take advantage of this tiny Warzard push to get rid of the awful localization. It's probably too late for Vampire, but can we at least revert Kenji and Tessa to their original names?
At least for the heroes. For the enemies.......... yeah, it's a bit complicated.
Oct 30, 2017
Five hours to put a stage in.

According to Google Translate the Japanese page specifies "DLC delivery etc"

The new stage, Kenji costume and who knows if something else.

As I remember the current Uniqlo ads end on March 31st, if they have another set to play just after them I assume they will be included in this update. As I remember one of the recently added costume DLC bundles was going to expire this March, so it's safe to assume they'll remove it that day. Who knows if they'll replace it with another costume DLC bundle (a Mega Man bundle maybe?).
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Oct 25, 2017
Maybe the patch will contain a few more of the datamined costumes. I was right about Kenji:
Assuming Kira is right about the costumes (he usually is), the fact that they each have a unique label makes me think they're going to be crossover costumes.

These are the best choices I can think of...
I'm having trouble thinking of a good fit for Laura. Trish makes sense, but she already has a Gloria costume.
Oct 30, 2017
Maybe the patch will contain a few more of the datamined costumes. I was right about Kenji:
Remember that with the current update they already added placeholders for the next 10 crossover costumes for Extra Battle to be released after Leo, each with their music track. This means that unless they put more than one new costume at the same time, if they put them with only one new costume after another at the same time non stop we'd have crossover costumes in Extra Battle until mid February 2020 just with the ones already listed in the placeholders.

In this update they also added a few additional costumes that were likely to be paid costumes (as I remember there was even more already there), plus a "classic" one (name that received the Fighting Chance nostalgia costumes for the 4 kings).

Regarding your matches, I think they fit perfectly, but I'd choose Menat for Mei Ling. I'd choose Karin for Tessa/Tabasa.
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