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Super Mario Party shipped 5.3 million units; third best-selling entry in the franchise


Oct 25, 2017
As of December 31, 2018 Nintendo shipped 5.3 million units of its latest Mario Party entry, Super Mario Party on Switch. The game was released back in October therefore these are sales of roughly 3 months.

The game is already the third best-selling entry in the franchise (million units):

Mario Party DS: 9.31
Mario Party 8: 8.85
Super Mario Party: 5.3
Mario Party 9: 3.11
Mario Party: 2.7
Mario Party: Island Tour: 2.68
Mario Party 2: 2.48
Mario Party 4: 2.46
Mario Party 10: 2.19
Mario Party 5: 2.17
Mario Party 7: 2.08
Mario Party 3: 1.91
Mario Party 6: 1.63
Mario Party Advance: <1
Mario Party: Star Rush: <1
Mario Party The Top 100: <1

To put things into perspective :

Already sold twice as much as more than 80% of entries in the franchise.
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Oct 25, 2017
This is maybe the biggest surprise in terms of software sales we’ve had in a while. I expected maybe half of that.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm not too surprised, actually. It was the perfect storm. Switch software is doing historic numbers, and this entry goes back to the original formula people have been clamoring for. I really enjoyed the game too and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Rand a. Thor

Oct 31, 2017
Mario Party coming in with that surprise Sleeper Hit status. I mean its Mario Party, but its sales ttajectory has been insane, especially in Japan. I still crack up seeing the sales graph for it, everything else was a slow and steady climb, but SMP just burst through the ceiling and kept rising.


Oct 25, 2017
Why isn't Mario Party 5, the objectively best entry in the franchise, #1 in sales???

SMP is good though. Good to have a traditional Mario Party game again.
Oct 25, 2017
It needs a patch that adds a 50 turn mode.

So Giant Bomb will find out they played an inferior 30 turn mode and they'll have to do yet another Mario Party Party to make things right!


Oct 25, 2017
To put things into perspective :

Already sold twice as much as more than 80% of entries in the franchise.


Self-requested temporary ban
Oct 26, 2017
If only some of the earlier entries hit numbers that high. I'm personally not all that into Super Mario Party, compared to the 2nd or 7th entry, which are my favorites by far


Oct 25, 2017
Game's a lot of fun but rather light on content. Hopefully these numbers mean the game gets some decent support with new tables and minigames rather than a quick and dirty full-priced sequel in a year or two. Looking at the franchise the latter seems more likely unfortunately.


Oct 27, 2017
This is maybe the biggest surprise in terms of software sales we’ve had in a while. I expected maybe half of that.
I kept saying to people they were sleeping on it and would have a good chance of doing 5 million by the end of the quarter. The Mario Tennis result earlier in the year was a clear indicator of just how well a Mario Party holiday release was gong to sell.

Saying that it did even better than I thought! Hoping for Mario Golf next


Oct 27, 2017
It is bad, the rotating stick minigames hurt you for real and the boards had too many gimmicks
Disagreeeee. There's only like, 4-5 rotating stick mini-games. Which isn't even half the mini-games in the game. If you take those out, there's plenty of good ones left. As for the boards, there's only one actually bad board in it (for some people I guess don't like Peach's Birthday Cake or Mario's board). Also, it's the only Mario Party where you can turn on random dice blocks which to be honest, makes Mario Party 1 worthwhile to go back to and play.

But I suppose if you're not a hardcore Mario Party fan then it's understandable why you dislike 1. However, I feel like 1 gets way too much hate. You need to play it with the right group of people, with the random dice blocks on, and it's a grand old time. Classic Mario Party.