Super Smash Bros. announced for Nintendo Switch (2018, Inklings confirmed, Link has BOTW design)

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Which character is most likely to appear in the next game?

  1. Snake

  2. SSJ Snake

  3. SSGSS Snake

  4. Ultra Instinct Snake

  5. Goku

  1. Maple

    Maple Member

    And what if they tweak the engine?

    New characters, stages, items, costumes, and music, along with a tweaked engine, would constitute Smash 5 in my opinion.
  2. FSLink

    FSLink Member

    Mortal Kombat, unless you think there's a Mario Kart 9 and X I'm not aware of.
  3. scare_crow

    scare_crow Member

    I'm in the camp of "more than a port, less than a from-scratch game." I think it's going to have more new content than just a couple of characters and it will be considered the next mainline game. Too much time has been spent on it to be just a port, I think.

    Also, I feel like the reveal would've been different for a port of Smash 4. Like, they would've opened with Mario and Link and co. and then had the Inklings crash the party as a surprise near the end of the trailer.
  4. remz

    remz Member

    They would be foolish to throw the engine away and start again ala melee/brawl etc. but i hope it's as new as can be other than that

    Bayo has gotta be in it she's practically first party atm
  5. Sponge

    Sponge Member

    I've been burned in the past so I'm keeping my hopes low, but man. I'll be bummed if DK gets snubbed yet again.
  6. remz

    remz Member

    Mario Kart 9 and 10? Are you posting from 2030?
  7. Hikari

    Hikari Member

    People still think this is a port?
  8. FSLink

    FSLink Member

    Some people still think Splatoon 2 is a port (I don't lol)

    This is probably a similar situation. Some reused assets but enough new content for Nintendo to call it a sequel.
  9. OricWindstar

    OricWindstar Member

    I feel like it’s more Sakurai’s style to make them part of the Inkopolis stage. But we’ll see.
  10. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    I wonder if the Nintendo overlords are pushing for Smash 5 6 to unite the Wii U & Melee communities, especially with Nintendo Versus already pushing Smash 6 on Twitter (quickly throwing out ARMS, Splatoon 2, & Pokkén). That'd probably be the way to defeat Street Fighter V & Dragon Ball FighterZ within the FGC.
  11. Kinsei

    Kinsei Member

    Well the trailer was nothing like the announcement trailers of past games. It was like one of the newcomer trailers from 4 and the Direct was filled to the brim with ports and remakes. Until they flat out say it's a new game I'm going to assume it's a port.
  12. Forkball

    Forkball Member

    No, Majora’s Mask is a port of Super Mario 64 since it and OoT share the same engine.
  13. ned_ballad

    ned_ballad Member

    Yea, a port would have had a different structure. It likely would have started with something like Mewtwo vs Greninja, to show off it having all DLC, and then move onto the new comer.
  14. Smashwidget

    Smashwidget Member

    I'm holding out hope that they're going to pull a Project M with this and give us Melee's airdodging mechanics. Mostly cause of that comparison shot between the Melee and Smash Switch logos someone made upthread.

    And yeah I think Bayo is guaranteed along with Sonic and Pac-Man
  15. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    People have been thinking it would be a port for months and we didn't get any new information today, other than Link having a BOTW design

    I never have thought it would be a port though, that just seems completely ridiculous to me
  16. Angst

    Angst Member

    We have never had a smash port before and there is absolutely no reason to think we will start now.
  17. MrSaturn99

    MrSaturn99 Member

  18. Datajoy

    Datajoy Member

    In some ways it feels like this clip is the official canonization of Splatoon as a major Nintendo franchise... the Inklings stand before the awesome power of Nintendo's assembled superstars and are deemed worthy.
  19. Gartooth

    Gartooth Member

    I don't think Fire Emblem is getting any new characters in this game. The newcomer choice would've been Corrin easily had (s)he not been added as DLC right after Fates released in Japan and as it released overseas.
  20. TaterTots

    TaterTots Member

    The potential for E3 is huge for Nintendo.
  21. Hailinel

    Hailinel Member

    *Sakurai walks on stage*

    "There are thirty new characters in the latest Smash Bros., and they're all from the first five Fire Emblem games."

    *Sakurai walks off stage*
  22. Imran

    Imran Member

    This comparison might be apt. Not sure if it still is.
  23. Kinsei

    Kinsei Member

    We never had a Mario Kart port before either.
  24. Socivol

    Socivol Member

    I hope they make online with anybody more robust. I never played it because it was time only which was always ridiculous. Everybody plays stock matches.
  25. FSLink

    FSLink Member

    Yeah, and the way they're teasing it makes it sound like a sequel. It's a sequel guys, calm down, and stop arguing if whether it's more port than sequel until we actually see footage of the game.
  26. NotLiquid

    NotLiquid Member

    This been posted yet? A video of the crowd reaction from the Nintendo NY Store.

  27. BY2K

    BY2K Membero Americo Member

    So it's gonna be built on top of Smash 4.

    Like a 4.5.

    Like what Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is to Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  28. (mat)

    (mat) Member

    Disappointed nobody dug my Mario idea, but I guess it’s because we’re currently in the “port or sequel” phase. Gonna have to watch this thread carefully for the swift and short change into the “let’s make fun ideas” phase before it changes into the “is Ridley in it?” phase.
  29. If it’s not a port of the Wii U version there’s no way this will come out in 2018
    It’d be the perfect game to get me to pay for Nintendo’s online story so yeah if they are rushing it, this may get messy
  30. Servbot24

    Servbot24 Member

    That is just insanity. Almost no sequels ever use new engines. 90% of the sequels being made today are ports by your definition.
  31. Dragnipur

    Dragnipur Member

    Well if you didn't buy the Mario Kart 8 DLC, MK8DX would have new music, new menus, new characters, a new battle mode, new race tracks. If you did buy the DLC it would still have new music, a new menu, a new battle mode, and new characters.
    I agree.
    I was sort of confused haha, I haven't played Mortal Kombat.

    Maybe engine isn't the right word, but I mean how Melee and Brawl play completely differently.
  32. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    this is gonna be Splatoon 1 vs Splatoon 2 all over again over what constitutes a sequel. pretty much all the non-single player content is back in Splatoon 2 with some mechanical/design tweaks, but it's still called a sequel. this Smash is probably gonna be the same way unless they decide to move engines
  33. Neonep

    Neonep Member

    I sounds like a sequel. It could just use a lot of assets from Smash 4.
  34. NinjaJamil

    NinjaJamil Member

    I think it's a new game, mostly because Hal is now involved, and there's no numbers on the site or trailer that indicate anything with 2014 (Wii U/3DS's launch). Plus as other people have said, these games don't take six years to make as others have said, it's only about two to three, the only reason there was such a gap between Melee, Brawl, and Wii U/3DS is that the teams involved had other projects going on like Kirby games or Kid Icarus.

    I do, however, think this is going to follow a Brawl to Wii U/3DS format in terms of changes. That being, a lot of the groundwork is pretty much there, and that they'll just go off of that. An example being some characters like King Dedede and Fox despite having some changes in detail, look pretty much very similarly between their Brawl and Wii U/3DS counterparts.

    I'm so excited to be on another Smash hype train. I think the most interesting thing this time around for me is who the newcomers might be. I say this because since the release of Smash Wii U/3DS, Nintendo hasn't actually made any really big new characters outside of those in Fire Emblem and ARMS. Right now my predictions are only a fighter from ARMS and one of the co-protagonists from Fire Emblem Echoes, Alm or Celica.

    I feel like we'll definitely be seeing a lot of returning characters, and I think Wolf and Ice Climbers are going to make a comeback as well, as for the rest of the lineup, this is probably the first Smash where I think it could be anyone's game.
  35. Tsukinopio

    Tsukinopio Member

    It'll be K. Rool. I thought he was a long shot for Smash 4, but the fact that they went out of their way to give him a Mii costume—based on his old design, no less—means they've acknowledged his popularity. Dixie would be nice too, but I'll take what I can get at this point.
  36. NinjaCoachZ

    NinjaCoachZ Member

    If it comes out in fall and started development after DLC wrapped for SSB4 then that's the exact same amount of dev time that SSB4 itself got.
  37. kvetcha

    kvetcha Member

    And when we got one, it was clearly labeled as such.

    It didn’t have zero footage and a placeholder title.
  38. Smashwidget

    Smashwidget Member

    Like what
    Overlord II
    Sonic 2
    Splatoon 2
    Majora's Mask

    and almost every other sequel in video game history is to the previous game in the series

    jesus why do people only act this way with Nintendo games
  39. Ondor

    Ondor Member

    Divine Beast Vah Naboris map where Thunderblight Ganon is a stage Hazard who kicks everyone's ass.
  40. sanstesy

    sanstesy Member

    I'm sad that Sakurai is still non-stop working on SSB, though. Wanted him to work on something different.
  41. Kinsei

    Kinsei Member

    In an ideal world we'd get both K. Rool and Dixie in order to make up for no DK newcomers in Smash 4.

    It was clearly labeled a couple months later when it was shown off at the Switch presentation. When it was first shown off they showed the new item system, some new characters, and a single track leaving people confused on whether it was a port or MK9.
  42. BY2K

    BY2K Membero Americo Member

    Where did I say that was a bad thing!?
  43. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    If anything, I could see Mega Man & Ryu being updated to their MM11 & SFV (respectively) incarnations. Hell, throw in Hot Ryu as an alternate costume for Ryu.
  44. Racos

    Racos Member

    Hahaha awesome, thanks for posting.
  45. NotLiquid

    NotLiquid Member

    I mean they basically copied Brawl's engine into Smash 4 and retooled it plus had a bunch of carryover material (at one point some demo footage of Smash 4 still showed Diddy Kong having his Brawl portrait) so I don't think even that game had an engine that was built from scratch. It doesn't need to be to be a sequel.
  46. EasyCompany

    EasyCompany Member

    Yeaaaaah this could make me break down and buy a Switch.
  47. Kuma Bear

    Kuma Bear Member

    I remember when IGN said Splatoon 2 doesn't feel like a sequel. I would love it if someone at IGN brought that up with the next Call of Duty. Apparently it's the same engine since COD4.
  48. Gleethor

    Gleethor Member

    Does Nintendo really care about “defeating” those games though?
  49. kvetcha

    kvetcha Member

    ding ding ding
  50. ciD_Vain

    ciD_Vain Member

    Can’t wait to see Link and Zelda’s movesets.