Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Downloadable Contents Discussion Thread 10 | Greetings SmashEra! Nothing to report!


Oct 25, 2017

Since we are jumping from a thread to another thread to discuss about potential DLC so I presume that it's a time for us to trying to get us a home where we could discuss about future contents.

Currently Piranha Plant, Joker, Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard and Byleth are out for us to purchase so we are still waiting to find out one more characters that would take their places in Fighter Pass 2. Our next hype stop would be more likely to be at Nintendo Direct so it's quite exciting for us to find out who would be sixth character if we are lucky. Also there is a detail that specifically confirmed that we are getting more Mii Costumes as part of their DLC plans. Our previous question was; Are we going to get more contents than we are expecting? Beyond Mii Costumes and Fighters Pass? Yes, we did. We got Stage Builder and Share Function (where we would download stages, mii fighters, etc online.) Some fans are still hopeful that we would get more mode(s) in the future updates (which is extremely unlikely since Sakurai emphasized that they are done with mode (new one at least))

It's a season pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which will contains all five planned DLC packs. Those DLC packs each come with a fighter, a new stage and additional music tracks. You could save 5 dollars overall by purchasing the Fighter Pass, which costs $24.99 USD. However, if you aren't comfortable paying upfront, especially without knowing the details of the DLC contents, then each pack individually can be bought for $5.99. As an additional bonus, if you get the Fighter Pass then you will obtain a free Xenoblade 2's Rex Mii Costume.


We're still awaiting for the identify of sixth character so there is no reliable leak at the point. Also it's confirmed that we are getting more 6 more characters which comes along with Fighter Pass 2. So we don't know how long this hype train would lasts this time but it's definitely more than a year for now.


There is no reliable information for upcoming characters so it's quite exciting that we are in dark for time beings.


Oct 25, 2017
Also I know y'all probably notice that there is no Byleth in OP. No worries, I'm planning to overhaul the OP eventually so it will have all characters when I decide to update it.


Oct 25, 2017
Nice to have a fresh new thread to bask in the glory of Byleth. Now to kick back and wait for that amiibo announcement because I guess Fire Emblem isn't good enough to get their own ongoing line, sure, fine, whatever Nintendo.

We've got a good four months left so let's buckle in!


Nov 10, 2017
Here's one more thread for both my boi Junpei from Zero Escape 999

And my girl Lora w Jin and Haze



Oct 28, 2017
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
ohh im here early this time!

Got to finally try out Byleth and......hes so weird. Like, it feels like hes just a pure punish character, wait for the opponent to eff up to be able to do anything. Im not even sure how to edge guard with him either. Im sorta liking the learning process but still feels off.

Regulus Tera

Oct 25, 2017
In for checking this thread in the hopes of news every day for the next two months and leaving disappointed every single time.


Oct 27, 2017
New thread, new opportunities to talk about Ryu Hayabusa.

Would love to hear a Smash remix of Unbreakable Determination.

Giga Man

Oct 27, 2017

Even though I don't expect a reveal for a long time, I hope we get one before this thread ends!

Or maybe we shouldn't so this thread title stays true.


Oct 31, 2017
If there’s two things I feel are a lock, they’re Dante and a Pokemon rep. That’s about as safe a choice as I’ll go with.


Jan 10, 2018
Sydney, Australia
That Japan-only tourney starts in a few minutes. I wonder if it’ll even appear for international players or if it’ll just stop us from entering it or something.

EDIT: Survey says the former is right, because it ain't there. It did start though; they tweeted about it

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Oct 25, 2017
New thread, eh? Gonna use this opportunity to talk about Byleth some more now that I've spent more time with her. And I gotta ssy I've somewhat come around on her overall kit. Sure, she's slow but most of the moves definitely have a lot of oomph behind them. My favorite move of hers is the downsmash. It's obviously very strong when it hits but it's also very strong when it's blocked. It does like 80% shield damage. Meaning if they block another attack beforehand like an uncharged arrow it's time to go in and swing that axe! If they get hit, it does a lot of damage/knockback and if they block, it's a guaranteed shieldbreak. And that's very fun considering downB exists as well to send them packing very early. I've probably broken more shields with Byleth already than with any other character in the cast. It's so easy and consistent. Finding that out definitely made the character a lot more fun to me. God bless that axe! Edelgard wins even if she's only there in spirit.

In my FE character rankings I'd put them 3rd right now I think.
1. Robin
2. Ike
3. Byleth
4. Corrin
5. Marth and his cronies (clonies?)

And since this is the DLC thread, Nintendo better touch that sign and summon Chosen Undead into Smash!


Wonder from Down Under
Oct 27, 2017
Out of curiosity I crunched some numbers, and once Fighter Pass #2 has wrapped up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have added more new fighters to the Smash Bros roster than any title preceding it. Smash Bros U/3DS currently holds the crown with 19 additions. With Fighter Pass #1 Ultimate is at 17, #2 bringing it to 23.

Super Smash Bros 64 has a base roster of 12.
Melee adds an additional 14.
Brawl adds an additional 16.
U/3DS adds an additional 19.
Ultimate adds an additional 11, plus 1 for Piranha Plant early owner bonus, and plus 5 for Fighter Pass #1. Plus 6 for Fighter Pass #6.

Obviously Ultimate's lesser launch roster is greatly outweighed by the fact it ensured every character returned.


Oct 25, 2017
Rochester, New York

My friends and I spent our entire programming class looking up Japanese forum posts for info. Wolf and Lucario were the first “leaked” fighters we saw.

Also worth noting this is the period of my life when we had just gotten high speed Internet in my house (around 2007), so I was just starting to use forums and getting used to unlimited internet without tying up a phone line. We had an ancient PC I’d wake up early to boot up so that I could read the Brawl Dojo post before school, as it took a solid 20 minutes to boot up to a useable state.


Oct 25, 2017
This game... I feel as if I'm looking at my future self. Mega bucks, big ass fanbase, fast frame data... Fighting in style with a world class plumber and a trusty bounty hunter counting every percentage. A team of hot fitness instructors to keep me in shape. Balance patches to attend to my body... Princesses and loyal servants at my beck and call. On the weekends, elite smashers knocking on my door every two hours. Every day full of excitement and luxury. That'd be the life. Everything in its right place. It's the perfect life. It's the life for winners. That'll be my life! I thirst for selflessness. Hypocrites lusting for their own desires get killed by young rookies like me. This is how it goes down. And for the old fighters? They'll croak anyway. I guess you can call this a comedy. I realize there's really nothing here for me. But what else can I do but keep going? Maybe I should have been a little more careful before I jumped in. Gotta find the exit. Gotta find that exit to Paradise. But, I can't see it. Can't see anything. There's this sense of doom running down my spine, like it's... Like it's trying to suck the life out of me! I need to get rid of it before I bail. Something deeper... Deeper than my instincts is taunting me. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit. Can't find the exit.