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Which fighting franchise would you like to see a newcomer from in Super Smash Bros?

  • Tekken

    Votes: 97 20.6%
  • Soul Calibur

    Votes: 78 16.5%
  • King of Fighters (or) Fatal Fury

    Votes: 55 11.7%
  • Blazblue

    Votes: 18 3.8%
  • Guilty Gear

    Votes: 43 9.1%
  • Mortal Kombat

    Votes: 144 30.5%
  • Dead or Alive

    Votes: 37 7.8%

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Oct 30, 2017
The online in this game really needs work done. Especially the GSP system.

Fighting against someone with a poor connection leading to input lag really should not count towards the score.


Jan 10, 2018
Sydney, Australia
I've already asked a member via PM, but I thought I might as well ask publically here too:

does anyone here have access to an up-to-date (4.0.0) dump of the game? Back when the game got leaked, dumped and datamined two weeks before release, I noticed something that has seemingly gone ignored. I recently remembered it, and want to check if my original speculations holds water. I'll make a decently long post and actually explain myself here if I end up being right; but for now I need the file 'msg_menu.msbt' (located in ui/message).


Oct 25, 2017
Stupid question of the day: if Sakurai would be given BDXL disc powered Switch xP now, what would he do with spirits? Cut them for trophies? Make the whole system 3D? Make some of them costumes?


Jan 10, 2018
Sydney, Australia
Sorry for the delay on the thing I was talking about above. Turns out I was asking for the wrong file (Smash 4's file naming tricked me in this case); so i'm waiting for Garuda to check Era again.

God, I really hope this amounts to something worthwhile...


Nov 1, 2017
I like to think spirit ranks show how much Sakurai values a character.

Geno and Skull Kid are 4 stars. Practically guaranteed next game.

Chibi Robo and Isaac are 2 stars. Literally nothing characters.


Jan 10, 2018
Sydney, Australia
D: but how can she fight when shes
not been released in English
I mean, her son is already fighting the good fight in Smash; I can't see the problem there.

To be fair, Isaac's spirit is only 2 stars because you can enhance it into his Dark Dawn self, which is 4 stars.
Same with Chibi-Robo, except his enhanced form is 3 stars.

Also, base Isaac isn't even 2 stars; he's 3.


Jan 10, 2018
Sydney, Australia
Alrighty people; here's some speculation food for you guys to feed on (for potential new modes). Back when Ultimate was first being dumped and datamined, I noticed list of modes in one of the .msbt files (msg_common.msbt; to be specific). I brought this up in the spoiler thread back in November so some people (r_n ?) may remember this; but this list is noteworthy, because each mode is numbered, and there were multiple gaps in the numbering.

Back at launch, I had no proof that this meant anything for post-release modes (since those gaps could've been for cut content or something), and I completely forgot about this until yesterday (when I was looking through Smash 4's files, and noticed that game's equivalent file; which had NO numbering gaps at all, and the numbers didn't match up between that game and Ultimate). Now that i've checked 4.0.0's equivalent file (thanks GarudaSmash ), I know for sure that these gaps
  1. Were left for specific modes.
  2. Are being filled in now.
To start; here's how the modes were listed out at launch (string name - text):
cmn_mode_collection_00 - Vault
cmn_mode_collection_01 - Replays
cmn_mode_collection_02 - Sounds
cmn_mode_collection_03 - Movies
cmn_mode_collection_04 - Tips
cmn_mode_collection_05 - Records
cmn_mode_collection_06 - Challenges
cmn_mode_collection_07 - Shop

cmn_mode_help_00 - Help

cmn_mode_local_00 - Local Wireless

cmn_mode_melee_00 - Smash
cmn_mode_melee_01 - Smash
cmn_mode_melee_02 - Squad Strike
cmn_mode_melee_03 - Tourney
cmn_mode_melee_04 - Special Smash
cmn_mode_melee_05 - Super Sudden Death
cmn_mode_melee_06 - Custom Smash
cmn_mode_melee_07 - N/A
cmn_mode_melee_08 - Smashdown

cmn_mode_online_00 - Online
cmn_mode_online_01 - Smash
cmn_mode_online_02 - N/A
cmn_mode_online_03 - N/A
cmn_mode_online_04 - N/A
cmn_mode_online_05 - Spectate
cmn_mode_online_06 - N/A
cmn_mode_online_07 - N/A
cmn_mode_online_08 - Battle Arenas
cmn_mode_online_09 - Background Search

cmn_mode_option_00 - Options

cmn_mode_other_00 - Games & More
cmn_mode_other_01 - Classic Mode
cmn_mode_other_02 - amiibo
cmn_mode_other_03 - Training
cmn_mode_other_04 - Mob Smash
cmn_mode_other_05 - Cruel Smash
cmn_mode_other_06 - Century Smash
cmn_mode_other_07 - All-Star Smash
cmn_mode_other_08 - Mii Fighters
cmn_mode_other_09 - N/A
cmn_mode_other_10 - N/A
cmn_mode_other_11 - Techniques
cmn_mode_other_12 - Challenger's Approach

cmn_mode_spirits_00 - Spirits
cmn_mode_spirits_01 - Spirit Board
cmn_mode_spirits_02 - Adventure
cmn_mode_spirits_03 - Collection
cmn_mode_spirits_04 - Spirit List
cmn_mode_spirits_05 - Level Up
cmn_mode_spirits_06 - Summon
cmn_mode_spirits_07 - Dismiss
cmn_mode_spirits_08 - Team Setup
cmn_mode_spirits_09 - Activities
cmn_mode_spirits_10 - Dojo
cmn_mode_spirits_11 - Gym
cmn_mode_spirits_12 - Explore
You'll notice a fair amount of gaps there; one in Smash, two in Games & More and a whopping five in Online. Since Version 1.0.0, we've seen some new mode additions though. I'll comment on those and the remaining gaps below, with my speculation on what they are:

We haven't gotten anything new here yet, but we still have 07 as a gap. Since it falls right between Custom Smash and Smashdown, this is most likely a Special Smash mode of some kind (though, since the other modes aren't all that orderly, there's a chance it could be something else).

cmn_mode_online_04 is Shared Content
cmn_mode_online_07 is Online Tourney

and a new number was added;
cmn_mode_online_10 - Official Tourney Qualifiers

This still leaves 02, 03 and 06 as gaps; and since they skiped those to add 10, i'm sure they'll be filled in eventually. It's really hard to predict what they could be; but I feel like one of them will be user-created tournaments (possibly 06?)

A new number was added;
cmn_mode_spirits_13 - DLC Spirits

Nothing to say on this one. No gaps in this section, so everything is alright.

Games & More:
cmn_mode_other_09 is Stage Builder

and a new number was added;
cmn_mode_other_13 - VR

This still leaves 10 as a gap; and since it was datamined alongside Stage Builder, i'm 100% sure it'll be Home-Run Contest. That doesn't mean it will be the last Games & More mode though; since VR shows that they can just add more numbers.


This may be a lot to go over, but it could be fun for speculation. I'm free to answer questions if people have any.

EDIT: Wait, I only just realised this myself - 'Official Tourney Qualifiers' isn't a mode i've seen in-game before. Can anyone tell me what this is?
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