Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Downloadable Contents Discussion Thread 6 | Hungry Like The Wolf

Where do you think Challenger #5 would be revealed at?

  • During Terry's Promo Video

    Votes: 79 23.5%
  • During the Game Award

    Votes: 194 57.7%
  • During the next Nintendo Direct

    Votes: 44 13.1%
  • During a special stand-alone live stream

    Votes: 19 5.7%

  • Total voters
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Oct 25, 2017
Sabi was backing the Jonesy leak right?
Sabi said they didn't want to "discount" it since they heard whispers about Fortnite. But yeah pretty much.

I feel like if they knew what character it was - or if it at least was a prominent mention on theirs or some others behalf - they wouldn't have any qualms saying it. Even some of the people "in the know" had said that they could talk about characters like Hayabusa and Geno because of previous hand accounts.


Oct 25, 2017
What I understood is that a Sabi gang member said "I know the dude who supposedly has an IGN source, he's less than 20 years old, and really wants Popeye in Smash, so don't believe this dude". That's what I understood but since there were 3 rumors we were discussing, I might be mistaking. But other people here have understood it like me from what I have seen.
Yeah, he "supposedly made up" Mii Costume list and Crash.

You really think that’s my “defensive mode”?

You ain’t seen nothing.
To be fair, it just seems that way but it's definitely not neutral stance. Now you got my attention so I'm curious about your defensive mode so hopefully it would happens someday.


Oct 27, 2017
Oh, you missed that? There was a 4chan "leak" that had Hayabusa as Fighter Pass #5 and Claire Redfield, Jonesy and Maxwell as Season 2 characters. Sabi thought it had a shot at being real (and later said she thinks Maxwell is likely regardless of the "leak".)
I was occupied with business travel all last week and completely missed this nonsense. Good gravy.


Oct 25, 2017
The more I think about the Mii costume leak the more I find holes in it. Unless we get concrete proof that it was posted in July I should be more skeptical.


Oct 17, 2018
I wish I had enough free time to get caught up in discord Smash leaker drama. I seriously can't understand how these people do this shit day in day out over a stupid fighting game.

(he says while browsing a Smash thread at work)


Dec 28, 2017
Nobody said shit about Terry until that website fuck up.
Even with Banjo, everyone else piggy backed Shinobi after he leaked.

Also, mostly everyone got "Erdrick" wrong. The content surrounding the DQ character was all wrong