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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Downloadable Contents Discussion Thread 7 | King of Fighters: Dream Match Never Ends - (ERA, ARE YOU OKAY!?)

Regulus Tera

Oct 25, 2017
You abandoned your children.

According to Discord, if anyone actually cares.

- Sabi's source most likely knows who fighter 5 is and is sitting on it in order to protect the identities and jobs of those involved in leaking that information.

- Sabi's source said that the mii costume leak is most likely fake due to their not having seen or heard of the cacodemon and mallow costumes before. Sabi is currently seeking clarification on this comment.

- Sabi did not anywhere imply or soft confirm doomslayer, just simply stated that doomslayer's chances are not affected by this leak being fake.

Sabi’s back and forths are more of a pretzel motion than Terry’s Power Geyser


Mar 16, 2018
I might have to further bump up Esaka Continues and KDD-0063, and perhaps others as well. 50 tracks was kind of ridiculous, some songs I haven't even given a fair listen to yet.