Super Smash Bros. Ultimate |OT| Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

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Oct 25, 2017
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General Information

Director - Masahiro Sakurai
Developer - Sora LTD. / Nintendo / BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc.
Publisher - Nintendo
Release Date - December 7, 2018 (Worldwide Release)
# of Players - Up to 8 Players (Local) and Up to 4 Players (Online)
Price - $59.99 / ¥ 6,705 / £59.99 / 69,99€
Game Size - 13.6GB
Technical Talk - 720p/60fps (Portable Mode) 1080p/60fps (Console Mode)
# of Characters - 74
# of Stages - 103
Controllers - Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Con (Single and Both), GameCube Controller

A list of characters and stages that are featured in Ultimate can be found at

Stage Morph - In this mode, you select two different stages, and set a timer for the current stage to morph into the other stage! If you think battles with items are hectic enough, just wait till the stages transform in the midst of battle!


Normal Items - A wide variety of items appear in the game to help balance the playing field! You can adjust the frequency they appear at or even turn them off if you’d like. Fly with a jet pack, eat some food to heal up, or accidentally blow yourself up trying to nab a fake Smash Ball!

Assist Trophies - While not every character can make it to the playable roster, Assist Trophies allow for even more characters to join the fight! Using this item summons powerful allies to gain the upper hand in battle. Ultimate boasts 59 of these characters, and for the first time two can be summoned at a time!

Poké Ball - Of course, with a franchise with over 800 creatures at your disposal, the Pokémon series needed its own summon item! Use the iconic Poké Ball to bring forth a variety of creatures across all generations of Pokémon. The special Master Ball item exclusively summons the most powerful of them all, Legendary Pokémon!


Smash - Named after the game itself, "Smash" is the main mode of Super Smash Bros.; battle with friends in fun, frantic matches; duke it out with your bitter rivals; or hone your skills against the CPU. Ranging from two to eight players, Smash is an insanely customizable mode: 1-on-1s, team battles, free for all frenzies, items or not, stock, time, or stamina, it’s all up to you!

Squad Strike - Another brand new mode, Squad Strike allows you to fight on a team of three or five characters. There’s a few different options here.
  • Every time you lose a stock, seamlessly transition into the next character, in a normal stock match.
  • A character KO will result in that battle ending, with the loser starting with their next character in the next battle; eliminate all of your opponents' characters to win.
  • Once again a character going out of bounds will result in the battle ending; this time however, in the next battle both players will move onto their next chosen character, and the first to win a majority is the victor.

Special Smash:

Custom Smash - Custom Smash is a special version of Smash where you can play with rules exclusive to this mode, ranging from changing the gravity and speed to changing how big or small the characters are.

Smashdown - A brand new mode in Ultimate. After every round, the previously selected characters can’t be used again! A great way to discover all the characters on the roster.

Super Sudden Death - In this mode you start the battle with 300% damage! Watch out and play carefully or you will get launched out quickly!

Tourney - Create your own single elimination tournament brackets in Tourney mode with up to 32 entrants. You can even set CPUs to fill in extra slots.

Game Modes - Games & More

Classic Mode - Classic Mode returns to its usual pre-Wii U self, but more engaging than ever. Now, every fighter has their own unique classic modes with specific fighters and rulesets. For example, Ryu and Ken only have 1-on-1 stamina fights on Omega mode stages to retain the feel of Street Fighter. Additionally, the difficulty system has been reworked, with the challenge scaling to your performance, revealing a very cool mural with all the characters.

Training Mode - Hone your skills in Training. There’s even a special training stage that displays the trajectory a character is launched at in various conditions!

Mob Smash - Mob Smash has you fight many waves of enemies at once and comes in a variety of forms.
  • Century Smash: Take on a total of 100 Mii fighters.
  • Endless Smash: Mii Fighters keep coming at you non-stop until you finally ring out. Try to KO as many as possible!
  • All Star Smash: Like Endless Smash, but you take on the entire cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in endless waves!

Mii Customization - Customize your Mii Fighter with an assortment of options. Many costumes based on an array of Nintendo characters can be chosen from. Custom moves are now exclusive to the Mii Fighters, with one of three options for each directional special move. Additionally, you can even customize their voice.

Amiibo - Train up your amiibo Figure Player, special training partners that level up the more you play with them. You can even feed them spirits to boost their stats even further!

Game Modes - Spirits

World of Light - Returning from Melee and Brawl is an all-new Adventure Mode! The mysterious Galeem shoots off rays of lights all throughout the universe, destroying everyone... except for our hero Kirby! He manages to escape with his Warp Star. It’s now up to the pink puffball to save the the world! Unlike with previous Adventure Modes, you will find no platforming stages here. Instead, the core gameplay involves traversal of an overworld map, and facing off in special Spirit Battles!

Spirit Board - Trophies and event modes from previous titles have been replaced by the new **Spirits**. Engage in battles where Smash fighters are possessed by one of hundreds of possible video game characters, with each fight scenario custom built to represent that character or franchise in a fun and unique way! Winning the battle lets you collect the spirit, each of which allows you to increase your stats in World of Light. Special Spirits can even evolve into new forms.


Sound - There’s a huge range of iconic tracks from all of the historic franchises in Super Smash Bros. to listen to! You can even put your Nintendo Switch in sleep mode and listen to the soundtrack with headphones.

My Music - This feature allows you to set how often each track appears on individual stages. In Ultimate, instead of music being tied to specific stages, each stage can play any music from the entirety of its origin franchise. For example, every Zelda stage can play any Zelda music track!

Replays - Save videos of your best battles or most hilarious moments in Replays. Now you can even export replays to a video file format so you don’t lose these replays when the game updates.

Records - Check out all kinds of nerdy stats in Records! View how many times you’ve played with each character, wins and loss records, and all sorts of other neat stuff in here!

Challenges - Challenges are this game’s form of achievements. It’s laid out in a cute comic book style where every Challenge unlocks a new picture. Challenges are separated by mode.

Tips - Tips gives you hints and reveals many of the game’s secrets on loading screens. A giant compendium of every Tip in the game is now accessible separately and organized by character.

Movies - It's a section where you can watch the CGI trailers and cutscenes from World of Light

Shop - Here, with in-game currency, you can obtain new material such as songs, Mii costumes, Spirits, etc. If you happen to see a new item, you'd better buy it as soon as possible because there's no way to know when it will come back!


Battle Arena - An Online Lobby where you can host a room permitting entry to friends or strangers. Up to 8 players can join, and you can set up a rotation which swaps out players every battle. It also allows players to spectate the games by standing on Spectator Stands. Beware, only four players can get to battle it out in any one match, so make sure to put your token in a line!

Global Smash Power - The ranking system introduced in Smash for 3DS / Wii U makes its return in Ultimate. As before, the GSP is essentially a numeral to describe how many players than whom you rank higher. As a result, your GSP will increase as you perform better in online gameplay (GSP is no longer impacted by single player modes).

Elite Smash - Get a high enough Global Smash Power and you can enter Elite Smash battles! These battles have you take on the best players online, and will even be used as reference points for the development team in balancing.

Spectate - Watch other players battling it out in a spectator mode. It's a fantastic way to learn more about Smash Bros or just cheer your favorite characters to win


How do I unlock the fighters?

Like other Smash Bros games, there are several methods to unlock characters in Ultimate. You can unlock every character through the Adventure Mode: World of Light, which can be time-consuming if you just want to Smash! Classic Mode is a great way to unlock characters in single player, and it usually shouldn’t take that long to finish a couple classic mode runs. The last method is Versus Mode where you unlock the characters by simply playing a requisite number of matches. However, there is a time lock such that you can only get one new fighter per 10 minutes. However, if you are in a real hurry, you can reset the game after each unlock and it will reset the timer as well. In this manner it's possible to get all the fighters within a couple hours.

How to get the Piranha Plant DLC fighter?

In order to obtain Piranha Plant for free, you need to register your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before Jan 31, 2019. If you purchase the digital version of the game on or eShop, it will automatically be registered for you. If you opt to buy the physical retail version then you need to register the game card online with MyNintendo. You can do this from the Switch main menu when the game card is present within the Switch console. The Piranha Plant is expected to release in February but there is not yet a fixed date as of launch. You should receive an email in your inbox with the Piranha Plant promo code to redeem online. If you haven't received any then make sure to check your junk inbox or promotion inbox first before contacting Nintendo Support! If you are unable to register your copy before Jan 31, 2019, then you will be able to purchase Piranha Plant from the eShop as DLC. Note that Piranha Plant is not included in the Fighter Pass!

What is the Fighter Pass?

It's a season pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which will contain all five planned DLC packs. Those DLC packs each come with a fighter, a new stage and additional music tracks. You could save 5 dollars overall by purchasing the Fighter Pass, which costs $24.99 USD. However, if you aren't comfortable paying upfront, especially without knowing the details of the DLC contents, then each pack individually can be bought for $5.99. As an additional bonus, if you get the Fighter Pass then you will obtain a free Xenoblade 2's Rex Mii Costume.(edited)

Can I play online for free?

Nope, not anymore. You need to purchase Nintendo Switch Online in order to Smash over the Internet. If you want more details about pricing plans and the other features that comes with Online Membership, visit the official site:

Q: Is this just a deluxe port of Smash Wii U?



Oct 28, 2017
Wow! It's FINALLY here!

It's been a long time coming. With Smash 4, I hopped back on the bandwagon but I still don't have as much time for games as I'd like. That said, I feel like the Switch was MADE for Smash Bros. I anticipate dropping hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game.


Oct 25, 2017
Great OP. First Smash that I'm planning on really digging into. I think I'll try Lucas first, since I used to play Ness on 64.

Can't wait!


Oct 25, 2017
This game is the ultimate proof that education isn't worth it. Fucking finals week is the week after.


победитель победитель куриный ужин
Oct 25, 2017
I think the description for Training in the graphic might be wrong :P
But WOW this OT looks good and I cannot wait for this game


Oct 25, 2017
Finally. It's almost time to stop just talking about a video game and actually play it.


Oct 27, 2017
Friend picked up an early copy last Friday, so a bunch of us went and played at his house for a couple of hours. Fun, typical Smash. Stage morphing worked surprisingly well, even with four of us going nuts onscreen, but wasn't overall that interesting.

Also did like 30 minutes of World of Light, and that seemed kind of terrible honestly. Definitely won't be picking up a copy myself for single-player.


Oct 27, 2017
Grabing Gamecube adapter and controller tomorrowwwww. I'm so hype! Anyone know what else is co-op outside of Classic?


Nov 16, 2017
Nothing makes me want to live and want to die as much as the last few days before a new Smash game.
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Oct 27, 2017
Ottawa, Canada
is there an approximate number of challenges? Am I looking at 20? Or like 200 ( I mean the comic book achievement thing mentioned in OP)


Oct 25, 2017
Vancouver BC
3 days. I got Friday off. Looking forward to the Game Awards (looks like a good show and maybe Metroid!) followed by Ultimate!!

Can't wait!!
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