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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review Thread

Super Smash Bros. only vaguely resembles a fighter by today's standards, it's 2D. A 2D fighter on the N64. In 1999.

A 2D fighter on the N64. In 1999.

In 1999.
Between this and that console warrior article going on about how Symphony of the Night was inherently inferior to shitty N64 Castlevania games for being 2D, the games media was slurping that 3D NEXT GEN Kool Aid with gluttonous glee.
Dec 12, 2017
Surprised the reviews are as low as they are. Was expecting 95-97 range.

Passing on this either way, Smash always felt more like a party game than a serious fighter.
Bait/joke post. You were going to pass on it no matter what I feel.

Any game in the 90s is not bad. This game is easy to learn, hard to master. You can play it as a party game, but you can also play it as a serious fighter. There’s a lot of depth in it. That’s the beauty of this game.

Loving the game so much right now. Enjoy everyone.
Oct 25, 2017
I laughed sincerely for this.

Seriously though Nintendo Life is great. They stand out with being somehow just a little extra caring, warm and heartfelt than many others. Dunno why that is. I just personally enjoy their articles a lot.
Oh, yeah totally. I always appreciate them covering just about anything that comes out on Switch (and other Nintendo platforms).