Supergiant Games announce Hades (EPIC games store)

Oct 30, 2017
At this point, I know it is not fair because it is early access..but to go with my earlier post.

The more I play this the less I like it. This is NOT what most well made rogue like games do for me.
Oct 25, 2017
Finished the available content in the early access version of the game (so far), by completing the boss in the second area. Felt good to finally put a nail in that coffin, since all of my attempts had failed previously for seemingly unending amounts of small, stupid reasons. Not enough HP, or perhaps I didn't get enough attack damage bonuses -- whatever the case may be, even on my successful attempt I did feel a slight sting that came with the satisfaction of the victory that my win was a function of time rather than skill. Or perhaps, it was more that what this early version of the game prioritizes is "the god run" -- a run where items are selected strategically, but you see more epic and rare mods than common. I like to feel like I have a little more control in my wins and losses, but right now, the game isn't built that way, in my opinion.

The game slyly recognizes that you've rubbed up against the final piece of content and rewards you with a bit of content that I suspect *won't* be in the final game (it
unceremoniously kills you and an accompanying voice-over hilariously says "Lets pretend you didn't get much further" before sending the player back to the start
). It's a nice way of softening the blow of an underwhelming boss fight, through and through. There are two bosses in this version of the game, and one of them is a more-or-less expertly crafted fight, while the latter just kind of sucks: it suffers from being an "everything and the kitchen sink" fight, where I felt more like I was playing a bullet hell game and spamming all my available abilities rather than thinking and strategically planning my movement and attacks. It doesn't help that things can get so out of control on screen that you'll sometimes find yourself losing the position of your character, your mouse cursor, or simply be unable in the moment to size-up the enemies and where the weak points of the mobs are (or will be). There's a particularly dumb attack used frequently in the later areas that obscures your vision. This is... not helpful when these other problems exist.

More than anything, Hades seems like it's going to be a fantastic game if and when they iron out a steep difficulty curve, introduce new areas and encounters, and especially produce a more meaningful and meaty story to go along with everything. As is, the game runs on the fumes of inertia and promise. There are cool unlocks and weapons ... for a little while. There's a nice, interesting story beat at some point that promises a beating heart underneath the action -- with more hopefully in a new released version. There's some cool weapons, until you pick the one that works and forget the others because they just aren't as good. It's a staggeringly promising game. It also doesn't *quite* work yet, in this current form. It all feels a little more than a ridiculously polished demo, rather than an early access title. There's surprisingly little dust where the work is, but when I jump into an EA title, I'm used to -- and kind of want to see -- that dust, so I can get a better idea of how the game will "fit" together.

I suspect there will be more to chew on here in the coming months, and I'll definitely be checking it out as it comes.
Oct 25, 2017
How many types of enemies and weapons did you see, Spoo?
There's a fair number of enemies in the game right now across the two areas, with a few being color swaps, but there's just a few weapons. There's a
sword, spear, bow and shield
that are available. I am sure they plan to have plenty more of both, and time their introductions with the "big" content releases. They have a counter in the game saying when the next big content drop is, which is a pretty nice feature, and when the number is 0 I'll probably be jumping right back in to check it out.
Nov 14, 2017
I was so hyped until they said early access

I really thought Supergiant would be above that garbage
Whether or not the practice is "garbage" isn't something I'll pass judgement on...

But one of the things I love about Supergiant's games is their polish and narrative. Both of those things suffer in early access. So while I'm excited to play another Supergiant game, I'll wait until an actual release.
Oct 29, 2017
Bought this last night and loved it over about two or three hours. I've unlocked weapons available right now and got to the second area once which basically became me playing Geometry Wars. As other have said, I feel like to get through this but you need to get just the right drops and have plenty of stats upgraded.
Oct 29, 2017
That last boss seems a bit too much. It was hard just to know what was happening. I lost Zagreus at least a couple of times (before dying badly, that is).
Yeah, I got to it for the first time yesterday and once it moved to the second stage I felt like there wasn't enough room and they were ramping it up for the sake of it. It also felt especially hard for the second boss.
Oct 26, 2017
Yeah, I got to it for the first time yesterday and once it moved to the second stage I felt like there wasn't enough room and they were ramping it up for the sake of it. It also felt especially hard for the second boss.
Exactly, as soon as you pass the first part there's no space to stand and attack. And if you find a spot to stand, you get shot at by the main boss.
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