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Survivor 37: David vs. Goliath |OT| Let's Get Biblical

Oct 29, 2017
If they had a season called Back to Basics and played with season 1 rules, letting the cast know that's what they were doing, would that be good?


Game Developer
Oct 25, 2017
If they had a season called Back to Basics and played with season 1 rules, letting the cast know that's what they were doing, would that be good?
Apart from toning down the survival aspect (for both safety and drama reasons) there have only been four lasting changes: The Hidden Immunity Idol, ending with Final 3, Exile (still not working, but they keep trying...) and I guess now the final 4 fire challenge.

The true difference is the social fabric - now virtually every player knows how survivor is played, and that has led in an evolution from ethical voting to tribe voting to alliance voting and now to voting blocks. I can't imagine we'll ever see another Vanuatu situation again.

If you want to see a new version of the original season, you should watch Australian Survivor (2016). It's 24 survivors over 55 days, and while they are aware of the US show, it plays out a lot like the original, with a strong emphasis on groups and survival, and the final challenge is as tough as any challenge you'll see. But it still definitely resembles modern survivor in some ways. There are idols, for example...
Oct 27, 2017
Fantasy is LIVE! Funny, two people figured this out already.

If you'd like to play again (or for your first time) follow the directions I copied from the OP and pasted below. I will roll this fantasy league into the Season 38 OP which I'm planning to drop by the end of this week, as the show starts next Wednesday, February 20th.

Join us! This season, you can claim the title of SOLE SurvivERA. Join our uncapped custom league by signing up for free (using your username so we know who’s who) at Tribal-Council.com. Click “Join Private League” when you first login and enter the league code: 74bc35a3965a750f

For those new to this - pick any 8 people right away and click save changes. Then on the next step, choose which 5 are starting (earning points) and which 3 are benched. You can keep changing your picks and who is starting until about an hour before the season starts. Better to have picks you don't like then forgetting to sign back in and pick no one at all. The website has a rules category so you can see how points are earned and lost, but honestly - no way to really know how anyone is going to do pre-season. You're mostly just picking faces/personalities that you vibe with.
Oct 25, 2017
I had to drop this season very early on thanks to issues with stupid DirecTV's DVR,
im craving some Survivor and can't wait for the upcoming season while I also have a lot of free time.
Should I go with this or the most recent Australian season?