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Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction |OT| Where Castaways Attempt to Jump the Shark

Oct 25, 2017
About to be the ultimate gut punch when the person everyone has focused on the last 8 TCs loses fire making and then what game does anyone claim to have

Chris was gone for 27 days. No way I can vote for him.

Julie was Ron's good bud and her fortunes rose and fell with his. Was literally saved by Rick Devens about three votes ago by a bluff.

Gavin was part of a group that got a lot of that jury out but they might be bitter and not want to vote for the person who did that to them.

Hooray winner.
Nov 7, 2017
Hey we get a winner that got carried or a winner that didn't play the game for 27 days or a winner that didn't do anything from about final 7 on.

That's silly though. This season there was a very specific twist and Chris made the most out of it. He lived on the Edge without quitting for 27 days. And Rick was also voted out mind you.
Oct 27, 2017
The person I want to win never does so I’m not surprised Rick made it to the very end only to get eliminated at the last tribal. This season officially sucks now.

I like the idea of the edge of extinction but they waited too long to bring the second person back. I think they probably should have only had one person come back.

Hopefully we get a deserving winner next season.