Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido possibly leaked for Nintendo Switch by Rakuten - June 8th

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Serebii, Mar 8, 2018.

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    I always knew. They all laughed at me, but now who is laughing.
  5. Grapezard

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    The 2018 system seller we've been waiting for.
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    watch them ask $40 for the 3DS version and $60 on the switch :P
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    I just want the song.
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    Switch version is still 40 going by that listing.
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    Awesome, I was looking forward to the 3ds version, but switch will do just fine too. The gameplay speed seems to suit a stylus or at v least touch though so it'll be interesting to see how they present it as a switch game.
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    Smart move by indieszero. This game was DOA with a 3DS only release.
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    They should have made a follow-up to Tokyo Crash Mob if they wanted to make another Actionloop clone. Matching and destroying humans sounds more fun than matching and destroying sushi.
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    I prefer sushi personally
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    I ain't a cannibal.
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    Good move from Nintendo to release this on Switch as well. A 2018 3DS exclusive release could only be pulled off by the most popular of IP, and even then it would be risky. A new IP would be dead in the water, as evidenced by Ever Oasis last year (RIP).

    This has the potential to be at least a moderate success as a Switch/3DS release.
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    Isn't the way of Sushi-do redundant? Cuz do means way right? Any experts that can weigh in?
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    Wow, everything is leaking lol Tomorrow we'll see nothing if this continues haha
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    I don't actually understand how this would work on Switch? Like, a great move if true, but yeah, this seemed pretty touch/dual screen dependent.

    EDIT: Looking through the footage, I suppose it would work fine with a d-pad since links are just vertical and horizontal.
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    Hope Ever Oasis gets the same treatment. Seemed like a solid game.
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    Aww shit, I actually quite enjoyed their E3 trailer last year. The fact that it's potentially on switch is a big pull
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    Yeah, I just went back to watch the gameplay and... I'm pretty sure I would prefer to play this on 3DS. Still good to have options though.
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    How will it work without using the touch screen?
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    My shameless 3ds port begging will begin imminently.
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    It'll only use the touch screen, I think.
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    Please don't show this on tonight's Direct beyond a sizzle reel for 3DS.
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    Please never get into marketing.
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    What. The game is even coming to switch so why this sentiment? Jesus.
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    Game look cute, don't get me wrong, but it's hardly the type of content we've been clamouring for to get us pumped for the rest of the year (that's all I mean).

    Edit: My post is being taken as if I think the game is bad. Not at all, seems like a nice time-killer for handheld mode, if it has a story it could be like Battlechef Brigade which I enjoyed. I just don't think it brings excitement for the year, putting it in the sizzle reel for Switch would be good too!
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    Looks cool. Hopefully the Switch version isn't going for the full price, but a price similar to the 3DS version ($40 or so).
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    Seriously, I like the concept when it was shown in the direct. May pick it up.
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    I actually think this is great news. One of the most promising aspects of the Switch when it was revealed was all of Nintendo's first party production finally under one roof, which means the quirky, niche, one-off experiments that permeated their handhelds can fill in the gaps between a big AAA first party release, thus allowing Nintendo to pump out just as many, if not more games on a regular basis. If Sushi Striker is moving to the Switch, then it could be a sign of things to come.
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    Totally wanted to play this, and really didn't want to have dig my 3DS out. Net gains for all.
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    Ever Oasis is probably next. I hope, because I didn't get the 3DS version.
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    This game is coming in the same month of Mario Tennis. It isn't the big game of it.
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    Ever Oasis and Monster Hunter Stories would probably be the games that would benefit most from the transfer. Not sure we'll get either of them, though.
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    Thankfully Nintendo doesn't dedicate 100% of their ad time for the 3-4 blockbusters of the year, and you will surely not have a meltdown when they will use two or three minutes to talk about it, right ?

    You also don't get to decide what release is exciting people or not.
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    Yes, this is correct.
  39. lolilolailo

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    It's a pun with the way of the bushido.
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    which is also redundant
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    Alright, I'm sorry if you are excited about the release and I'm killing the hype. Didn't mean that at all, I'd never heard of the game and it's not on my personal wishlist for the direct. But if you are into it, I hope it gets shown and looks great in HD. If it's a good price, I might get it in the future too.
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    This means an ever oasis port can happen, yes! I have a 3DS, and can buy ever Oasis for 20 bucks used, but that and Sushi Strikers in HD? Give it to me, give me all the 3DS Ports.
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    I'm not personally anticipating the game but there's surely people that are and would be in contradiction to your previous post, that's all I wanted to say.
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    Looks like Detective Pikachu wil be my last 3ds game.
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    Crazy to think this was announced at E3 and is coming out nearly a year later.

    I like sushi, so my expectations are astronomical. Please be the Breath of the Wild of Japanese cuisine.
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    Smart move, the game would be mostly ignored if it was 3DS only. Especially since it would release a few days before E3.
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    Expect that on Switch too
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    Is anybody truly excited for this game or are you all ironically excited?.
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    I wish they had done the same thing for Samus Returns and Detective Pikachu.