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Oct 26, 2017

I've always been fascinated with how some unlikely games can be rumored for months, then be totally forgotten, only for the game to be eventually announced. Games like L.A. Noire and Dark Souls were rumored since last year, and came true. So, I've always wanted to have a central place where you can keep up with the current accepted leaks/rumors, and also look back at when/who/where leaked something, and when or if it came true.

Here are some ground rules for posting in the thread:

-Do not post new leaks/rumors here. This is an archive. Please post new leaks on their own thread like it has always been done. After they have been posted on their relevant thread and a moderator has allowed it, then it can be archived here.
-Absolutely do not post any Nintendo Direct rumor, or ask for updates about them, or hype / "reset the clock" posts. If you have a credible Direct rumor, then make a new thread.
-When contributing current or old leaks, please provide a SOURCE.
-Only Switch leaks will be accepted so far. It might spill into 3DS too if the rumors are related.
-Only leaks from credible people/websites will be posted. In the case of unknown/regular users or sites, the leak will be added after a moderator has verified the user is in a position to get insider knowledge, or after the general community has vetted if it's plausible.
-No 4chan rumor will be posted until it has been verified after-the-fact.
-For old leaks, I will also accept the ones that are now known to be incorrect or fake, as long as the source is someone that has/had a good reputation or from a credible website. So yes, any Emily Rogers, Laura Dale, 10k, Supermetaldave, Liam rumor that turned out to be incorrect will be posted.

-[11th] Nintendo hopes to remove region locking starting with the NX (Switch). (Source) *Confirmed

-[16th] VentureBeat claims AMD will supply the NX CPU. (Source) *Incorrect
-[28th] During the "Dragon Quest New Title Presentation", SquareEnix's Yosuke Saito announced that Dragon Quest 10 and 11 are coming to the NX. A week later SquareEnix's PR denies the games are planned, instead they are just being "considered" (Source). --> DQ10 is confirmed August 2016 on Famitsu, DQ11 is confirmed by Yuji Horii June 2016 on a Nintendo Dream interview. *Confirmed

-[16th] Eurogamer claims Nintendo is handing out NX dev kits to companies. (Source) *No way to verify this

-[28th] Serkan Toto claims Bandai Namco is working on a NX Smash Bros game, ready for launch. (Source) *Partially Incorrect (no launch Smash) OP Note: we'll see who is the dev once the game is announced.


-[3rd] EmilyRogers claims Mother 3 will release outside Japan in 2016 (Source). Eurogamer confirmed her claims (Source). *Incorrect so far (no 2016 release) OP Note: This is an old Wii U rumor, I'm only posting this because too many insiders confirmed it, and the game could have very well been moved to Switch's eventual VC-like service.
-[28th] Destructoid reports a lot of NX details leaked by Geno. (Source) *Incorrect


-[3rd] Destructoid reports that Geno claims Beyond Good & Evil 2 is coming exclusively to the NX. (Source) *Incorrect
-[3rd] DualPixels claims Activision will bring Skylanders for launch. (Source) *Confirmed
-[3rd] DualPixels claims Activision will bring Call of Duty Bloodlines, a Platinum Games developed Spiderman, and Beyond Destiny (Destiny 2). (Source) *Incorrect
-[14th] DualPixels claims Luigi's Mansion 3 will be a launch title, will show off the NX's haptic analog sticks, and AR multiplayer. (Source) *Incorrect
-[17th] DualPixels leaks the NX controller. It features a screen that covers the entire controller. The visuals being displayed on the screen was photoshopped in. (Source) *Fake
-[23rd] Another set of NX controllers leak "confirming" a controller made entirely of a screen. Due to a tree's reflection in the photo, people managed to "track" the leak to UbiSoft Milan. It ended up being a 3D printed fake based on the DualPixels leak days before. (Source) *Fake


-Reddit user verified by moderators claims the NX will "use x86 architecture, backup data to Nintendo server, support for additional screen, will be able to interact with smartdevice apps, can handle ports of current-gen games, using NX software will unlock My Nintendo reward points". (Source) *Incorrect in most parts, correct in others
-[8th] EmilyRogers claims that Zelda Wii U will also be released on the NX (Source). --> Two weeks later Nintendo confirms it on their Twitter account. (Source) *Confirmed
-[8th] EmilyRogers claims Zelda NX will have voice acting for most of the characters, except Link (Source). --> Voice acting is confirmed at Nintendo's June E3 presentation. *Mostly Accurate
-[8th] EmilyRogers claims Zelda NX will let you pick between a male or female Link (Source). Destructoid claims it's Linkle (Source). *Incorrect
-[13th] GAF 10k claims the NX will be more powerful than the PS4, and lists ports/remasters for several Wii U games. (Source) *Incorrect
-[16th] GAF 10k claims the NX will have a screen controller like the Wii U, Luigi's Mansion 3 is in development, will use Polaris GPU, MercurySteam is making a NX game, Final Fantasy 15 will come to NX, the NX will not launch simultaneously worldwide, and more. (Source) *Incorrect

-[5th] Wired reports that the NX might use cartridges (Source) *Confirmed
-[13th] EmilyRogers claims that the NX (Switch) will not use x86 architecture. (Source) *Confirmed
-[14th] SemiAccurate claims the NX will use Nvidia Tegra (Source), EmilyRogers claims the same. (Source) *Confirmed


-[2nd] Digitime claims the NX was delayed to 2017 to add VR functionality. (Source) *Incorrect
-[2nd] Digitime claims the NX will be a portable that will connect to the TV. (Source) *Correct
-[10th] GameXplain claims that Zelda NX will only have 4 dungeons and over 100 mini dungeons. Emily Rogers and Nintendo World Report Neal claim they have heard the same. (Source) *Confirmed
-[12th] Amazon leaks Zelda Wii NX art two days before Nintendo's 2016 E3 presentation. (Source) *Confirmed


-[26th] Eurogamer claims the NX will be a portable system with detachable controllers, will connect to the TV, will use cartridges. (Source) *Confirmed
-[29th] DirectFeedGames claims the NX will use a Pascal Tegra chip. (Source) *Incorrect

-[26th] LPVG (LauraKDale) claims the NX controller will have motion controls and an advanced force feedback. (Source) *Confirmed
-[26th] EmilyRogers claims the NX's screen is 6.2'', 720P, multi-touch. Prototype dock has 2 USB ports. (Source) *Confirmed
-[30th] LPVG (LauraKDale) claims the NX controller will have a split D-Pad and share button. (Source) *Confirmed

-[2nd] EmilyRogers notes numerous NX features such as Nvidia GPU, 32GB storage, region free, no camera/microphone, USB 3.0 support, SD Card support, and more. (Source) *Confirmed
-[13th] EmilyRogers claims the NX will be revealed in October. (Source) *Confirmed

-[13th] Gameblog claims lots of remasters are planned. Skyward Sword, MK8, Splatoon, Smash, N64 and Wii games (Source). --> Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released, Splatoon turned out to be a sequel. *Correct in some parts, incorrect in others.
-[13th] Gameblog claims Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake are coming. (Source)
-[13th] Gameblog claims Splinter Cell and a Yoshi/Rabbids are being discussed at UbiSoft. (Source) *Partially Confirmed (Mario + Rabbids)
-[18th-19th] EmilyRogers and LauraKDale, claim the NX will be revealed Oct 20th (Source). --> Hours later, Nintendo themselves make the announcement *Confirmed
-[20th] The Switch is revealed in a trailer announcement. Hybrid system, detachable controllers, uses cartridges.
-[20th] Blizzard's twitter teases something about Hearthstone. (Source)
-[26th] 4chan user claims a new Monster Hunter Portable is coming. (Source) (Source) OP Note: This rumor is only here because the user correctly leaked other MH games.
-[27th] Eurogamer: Switch's screen is capacitive. (Source) *Confirmed
-[28th] GAF ShockingAlberto claims MonolithSoft is working on something as ambitious as what Xenoblade X was (Source). --> Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is announced on the January 2017 Switch presentation. *Confirmed
-[31st] EmilyRogers claims the Switch has 4GB RAM. (Source) *Confirmed

-[14th] Eurogamer, EmilyRogers, LPVG claim Zelda BotW will miss the Switch's launch. (Source 1) (Source 2) (Source 3) *Incorrect
-[16th] EmilyRogers claims Mario Kart 8 will come to Switch with all the Wii U DLC included, will have a new Battle Mode, new characters, and will release within the first 3 months of the Switch's release. (Source) *Confirmed
-[18th] LPVG (LauraKDale) claims UbiSoft is developing an RPG with the Mario & Rabbids series, tentatively called Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids. Liam Robertson claims the game is more Tactical/RPG, like X-Com. (Source) *Confirmed
-[18th] Eurogamer claims the Switch will get a Pokemon Sun & Moon version, dubbed Pokemon Stars. (Source). --> A new Pokemon "core-RPG" game was announced for Switch at the 2017 June E3 Direct. *Incorrect as a Sun/Moon version.
-[20th] LauraKDale posts a list of 1st-year Switch titles she knows about. (Source) *Incorrect in many parts, correct in others.

-[6th] LPVG (LauraKDale) says From Software has Dark Souls 3 running, considering trilogy. (Source) *Partially Confirmed
-[7th] Eurogamer claims Switch will have Gamecube Virtual Console, developed by NERD. (Source)
-[7th] SourceGaming claims Switch is getting Smash Bros. Melee through a Virtual Console, and a Smash Bros. 3DS+Wii U combined version. (Source)
-[23rd] Twitter Doctor_Cupcakes claims the Switch Smash Bros. will not have a Miiverse stage (Source). Later on, the Switch is confirmed to not have the Miiverse service, and Miiverse is eventually shut down in Nov 2017.
-[31st] LauraKDale claims Grant Kirkhope is composing the soundtrack for Rabbids Mario RPG. (Source) *Confirmed

-[2nd] Twitter Jose_Strife claims that an Animal Crossing, a Fire Emblem, and a Metroid will come to the Switch before Fall 2018, and the Metroid will be "Prime-style" (Source). Tweet is in Spanish, but here's a page with an English recount of most of his leaks (Source). --> Fire Emblem Warriors is announced on the 13th Switch Presentation and released Oct 2017, the next Fire Emblem is announced on the FE Direct on the 18th, and Metroid Prime 4 is announced on the Jun 2017 E3 presentation *Mostly Confirmed
-[3rd] LauraKDale claims that a Rayman Legends port will be announced on the Switch's event on Jan 13th. (Source) *Confirmed
-[3rd] LauraKDale claims that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be exclusive for 12 months, and that a teaser will be shown on the Switch's presentation. (Source) *Incorrect
-[3rd] LauraKDale claims the Mario Rabbids RPG will be called Rabbids Kingdom Battle. (Source) *Confirmed
-[11th] Kotaku reports of a 4chan user that posted a list of games to be shown at the Switch's presentation. (Source) *Confirmed
-[12th] EmilyRogers claims the Switch Mario Kart 8 will have 16 new race tracks. (Source) *Incorrect
-[13th] When asked about a new Metroid game, Reggie told Gamespot to "talk to me in a year". (Source) *Confirmed
-[15th] Twitter user Yan2295 says L.A. Noire is coming. DirectFeedGames said the same on the 25th (Source). --> L.A. Noire Remastered is announced in September. *Confirmed


-[13th] South Park's official Twitter account teases something about South Park coming to Switch, but a representative from the studio denied Fractured But Whole for the Switch. (Source)

-[29th] EmilyRogers claims the Mario Rabbids RPG is going to be called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Will have 4 characters from the Mario series and 4 unknown characters. Will have sci-fi weapons. Characters will be moved indirectly though a floating dish called "Tuttorio". (Source) *Confirmed

-[1st] Youtuber PlayerEssence claims Mario + Rabbids uses the Snowdrop Engine (Source). --> Confirmed by UbiSoft a month later. *Confirmed
-[23rd] Mario Rabbids RPG art assets are leaked by ComicBook (Source), with even more art assets leaked by NWR (Source). --> Art confirms name as Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, game is announced at the June E3. *Confirmed

-[13th] Reddit cssad claims to have footage of a new Yoshi game. (Source) --> A few hours later, a new Yoshi game is announced during the E3 Direct. *Confirmed
-[13th] GAF NimbusCub claims "people might be getting double what they asked for from the return of a long awaited franchise" hours before the E3 Metroid reveals. Also teases something by HAL (Source). *Confirmed
-[13th] GAF NimbusCub teases something by Blizzard, later specifies it's Overwatch. (Source) (Source)

-[2nd] PlatinumGames teases a Bayonetta game by tweeting a double image of Bayo designs from the 1st and 2nd game using the Joycon's colors (Blue/Red) (Source). --> Bayonetta 1, 2, & 3 are announced on the December Game Awards. *Confirmed
-[6th] PlatinumGames teases a Wonderful 101 game by tweeting an image of some of the W101 characters playing Wonderful 101 on the Switch. (Source)

-[22nd] SquareEnix teases something Final Fantasy 15 related during a Gamescom stream. (Source)

-[10th] Lichtspeer devs claim during an AMA that Nintendo is working on an achievement system for the Switch. (Source)
-[18th] GoNintendo claims Netflix is coming, waiting for approval. (Source)
-[20th] SquareEnix' Tabata is performing tests to see if they can port Final Fantasy 15 (Source). On the 25th, during a Famitsu interview, Tabata claims the previous info was confusing and that there are no plans to port FF15. (Source)
-[26th] GAF Vern implies Gran Theft Auto 5 is coming. (Source)

-[29th] ERA Ehoavash claims Dark Souls Remastered is coming(Source). --> Dark Souls Remastered is announced on the January Direct. *Confirmed

-[7th] Namco's president said three big games will be announced in Spring-Summer 2018 (Source), this prompted ERA ZhugeEX to tease that Bandai Namco is working on a first party game related to the number 4, but it is not Smash Bros. (Source 1) (Source 2) (Source 3) (Source 4)
-[12th] Reddit DasVergeben claims Dragon Ball Fighter Z is coming. (Source)
-[12th] DasVergeben claims Soul Calibur 6 will be revealed at the December Game Awards, or at the January Direct. Also, Link or a Fire Emblem character would guest star. Metroid Prime 4 will be shown early 2018, maybe at the January Direct. (Source) *Incorrect
-[12th] DasVergeben claims Namco is developing Metroid Prime 4. (Source)
-[12th] DasVergeben claims there's some kind of Animal Crossing coming in 2018. (Source)
-[12th] DasVergeben claims the Virtual Console will be a subscription-based service. (Source)
-[12th] DasVergeben claims Mother 3 has been localized, but it has been held back for unknown reasons. (Source)
-[12th] DasVergeben claims a new World Ends With You is coming. (Source) *Confirmed
-[12th] DasVergeben claims Blizzard is making Hearthstone. (Source)
-[13th] In lieu of Capcom's Takashi Mochizuki's tweet confirming there is a Phoenix Wright in development (Source), Kotaku UK (LauraKDale) claims Capcom has plans to bring three Phoenix Wright titles. Two compilations between April 2018 and October 2018, and one original title later. (Source)
-[30th] Leaked EA document says there's a Nintendo Direct in January. (Source) *Confirmed


-[6th] NintendoEverything claims Scribblenauts Shodown is coming. (Source) --> Warner announce the game Jan 16th 2018. *Confirmed
-[11th] ERA mocolostrocolos claims there's a new 2D Metroid in development (Source). Same user said in April and June 2016, a year before the game was announced, that there was a Metroid 2 remake coming to 3DS. Also claimed in January 2017 the 3DS game is not being made internally at Nintendo.
-[14th] Brazil's Ministry of Justice provides a rating for Burnout Paradise for Switch, then removes the listing. (Source) *Incorrect
-[23rd] Bravely Default's official twitter account posts a Christmas card with a drawing of Edea holding Switch controllers. (Source)
-[31st] PEGI seemingly confirms Hello Neighbor will come by giving it a rating. (Source) *Confirmed

*Thanks to ERA Tim Aza for the awesome thread graphics! And thanks to everyone that has contributed to the thread.
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Oct 26, 2017

-[1st] ERA John Harker claims the January Direct will be on the 11th. (Source) *Confirmed
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims the Virtual Console, Metroid Prime 4, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Dragon Quest 11, Undertale and GTA5, will have some presence on the January Direct. (Source) *Incorrect
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims Rockstart is working on another game other than GTA5, probably Red Dead Redemption. (Source)
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims Killing Floor 2 is coming in 2018. (Source)
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims Injustice 2 is coming. (Source)
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims Call of Duty is coming with HD Rumble. (Source)
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims Undertale is coming. (Source)
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims Fortnite is coming. (Source)
-[2nd] Reddit DasVergeben claims tinyBuild is porting a few of their older titles, along with Hello Neighbour. (Source) *Confirmed
-[3rd] EmilyRogers claims SNK has a new game planned with a possible reveal during the rumored January Direct (Source). --> SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy is announced on the Jan 11th Direct. *Confirmed
-[4th] Verified reddit user claims Bayonetta 3 will release in 2018, possibly a Summer release. (Source)
-[5th] Switch OS 5.0 video leaks (Source) *Fake
-[5th] Nintendo's Norway distributor claims Bayonetta 3 and Prime 4 will release in 2018. Statement was deleted afterwards. (Source)
-[7th] Twitter MysticDistance claims Final Fantasy 15 is in development and there might be an announcement about it this year. (Source)
-[9th] Nintendo posts a series of cryptic tweets, seemingly in response to Resetera's January Direct speculation thread (good recount of the events here). Gamestop also tweets about the Nintendo Direct, but deletes it right away.
-[11th] ERA King Zell hints a "World Ends With You" game right before the rumored Mini Direct (Source). --> TWEWY Final Remix is is announced on the Jan 11th Direct. *Confirmed
-[11th] ERA Jonneh hints at Mario Tennis Aces right before the rumored Jan 11th Mini Direct. (Source) *Confirmed
-[11th] ERA ZhugeEX teases something about Funky and Donkey Kong ten minutes before the Direct (Source). --> Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is announced on the Jan 11th Direct. *Confirmed
-[11th] Nintendo releases a Mini Direct without prior announcement.
-[11th] Kotaku UK claims Bandai Namco plans to eventually bring all three Dark Souls. (Source)
-[11th] Reddit user claims their store Switch will get a huge demo and video update on the 22nd. (Source) *Fake
-[12th] Australian retailer Sanity lists South Park The Fractured but Whole for release on March 13th. (Source)
-[14th] ERA Chrom claims that there's a small Direct (or announcement video) happening on the week of Jan 15th-19th (Thursday most likely) (Source 1) (Source 2). UbiSoft employee tweeted on the 16th that something Nintendo related will happen in a few days. (Source) ->> Wed 17th: Nintendo Japan tweets announcement of a "New Play" presentation for the 17th (Thursday 18th in Japan), other regions see similar tweets from Nintendo. Nintendo Labo is announced. *Confirmed
-[14th] ERA Chrom claims there is going to be a Direct in February (Source). Same info from Twitter MysticDistance (Source). The Direct will show a new Fire Emblem and "a green dinosaur and an RPG involving slimes". (Source) *Incorrect
-[15th] ERA Emily claims more rumored Ubi, Square Enix, Namco games will be announced later this year. (Source)
-[15th] ERA King Zell claims there's a SquareEnix game coming that has never been on a Nintendo system before. (Source). Claim amended, the SquareEnix IP has been on a Nintendo system before. (Source)
-[16th] ERA Plankton2 found a south African retailer listing Project Cars 2. It is unknown when the retailer added the Switch entry. (Source)
-[16th] Reddit user posted images of a Nintendo of Europe survey that lists Bayonetta 3 and Pokemon RPG for a 2018 release. (Source)
-[18th] Russian reddit user claims to work on a store that has received a Nintendo mailing list that shows Little Nightmares coming. (Source)
-[18th] Gematsu reports Wild Guns Reloaded has been rated (Source). --> Game is announced on the 25th for all regions. *Confirmed
-[18th] Max Arguile from GB Eye claims on the Licensing Source Book Europe that Crash N.Sane Trilogy will come (Source)
-[19th] Gadgets reports made-in-India games could come to Switch based on a Facebook post from Indian developer Holy Cow Productions which was visited by Nintendo. (Source)
-[24th] ERA Ehoavash claims a port of the Wii U Smash Bros will come in 2018. (Source)
-[24th] ERA Ehoavash claims New Super Mario Bros. U Plus port is coming too. (Source)
-[28th] Nintendosoup reports of a reddit user that claims French retailer Micromania listed Danganronpa V3 coming to Switch. (Source) *Fake

-[3rd] Twitter Marcus_Sellars claims Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming with HD Rumble, and Motion Controls. (Source)
-[3rd] Twitter Marcus_Sellars claims Nd Cube is making Mario Party 11 for 2019 (Source). He released more specific details about the game here (Source). Tweets have been deleted since then.
-[6th] Youtube Doctre81 found a Namco Singapore LinkedIn profile listing a 1st Person Adventure, and Ridge Racer 8 coming exclusively (Source). Eurogamer confirms it's Prime 4 a few days later. (Source)
-[13th] Finland's Gamestop lists De Blob 1 & 2, then removes the listing. (Source) *Confirmed
-[17th] Germany's USK has given Yesterday Origins a classification. (Source)
-[18th] Amazon Mexico now lists South Park The Stick of Truth. (Source)
-[19th] Neoseeker claims Diablo 3 is coming with local co-op (Source). A few days later Blizzard's twitter posts a Diablo lamp switching off and on. Then denied the game was coming. (Source)
-[22nd] ShonenGamez claims Naruto: Ultimate Storm Trilogy is coming. (Source) *Confirmed
-[23rd] Reddit DasVergeben claims a single player JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is in production. (Source)

-[6th] DirectFeedGames claims a Call of Duty will come in 2018. (Source)

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Oct 25, 2017
This is nice to have instead of having to go through pages and pages of that Mini Direct thread :p


Oct 27, 2017
I think this is a great idea.

I love the idea of knowing who was actually right with their teases / leaks, and I hate the idea of people getting away with talking nonsense and never being called out on it.


Oct 25, 2017
Love this thread idea OP. It’s always such a hassle to go around and remember who said what, who is reliable etc.


Oct 27, 2017
This is a neat idea for a thread - just hope this doesnt result in less teases from insiders because many of them try to stay in the background as much as possible. Having constant spotlight on them might affect their willingness to share details.

But in general its a good idea.
Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, 3
Deus Ex: HR/MD
Tomb Raider
All 3 were on Nintendo systems before. Come on lol.

Also king zell already said that the IP was in fact already on a Nintendo system.


Oct 27, 2017
Are all these leakers and insiders related since they all must have the same uncle that works at Nintendo?


Editor at Nintendo Wire
Oct 27, 2017
Would you consider linking back to even older rumors, like Laura Kate Dale's Mario + Rabbids stuff and maybe even pre-NX? It'd be nice to have a resource of reliable past leakers so it's easier to gauge the likelihood of future rumors being true.


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Nov 9, 2017
Why just Nintendo and not other companies? Hasn't a lot of Microsoft stuff been rumoured lately?


Jan 1, 2018
Very nice thread, and great initiative!

I have thought about a similar thread myself, but that was more about all rumors concerning the Nintendo NX and the Switch itself, along with all the crazy reactions of every rumor and official announcement.
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