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  1. Didn't know where to ask this question about leaks.

    Do people drop leaks when they feel it's appropriate? or when the source wants them to drop a leak? I'm always curious at the circumstances of leaks
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    Can't believe it's 2018 now.

    Looking at those old 2015/1016 rumors and feels like yesterday when I was reading them on GAF. It's great to see how some rumored games almost seemed like an impossibility and now that they are announced I'm like "of course that game is coming to Switch".
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    Oh ok I'm on the same page then, pretty sure that's all he ever had, everything after that never turned out right. No surprise considering he fucked the one legit source he had lol.
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    What are you guys expecting from Nintendo in 2019 for Smash's 20th Anniversary?
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    I've explored this question in several of the articles I've written on Source Gaming. I also have the experience of reporting rumors/ leaks personally, and I've been avid reader of them since the N64 days.

    Basically it's a mixture of a lot of factors, some that you already mentioned. What I found is people leak for different reasons. Some people leak because they are genuinely excited for the project, and want to share information they heard / working on. Others do it so they can raise their profile, and try to get access to other information / leaks. Sometimes sources will ask things to be leaked because of company politics: maybe they want to test the public's reaction to an idea, or there were major disagreements/ drama within the company. Lastly, there might be a train of passing information: a friend heard from their buddy who has a friend that is working on something. As we know from that song: Everybody Talks.

    As a reporter of leaks/ rumors you have to really consider where the source is coming from, and their rational for leaking the information BEFORE reporting on it.

    The most important job is to try to validate the authenticity of the information outside of the source. I feel a lot of new reporters/ journalists kind of jump the gun with reporting leaks because they feel "special" and don't actually investigate the rumor/ leak before releasing it to the public. I've had instances where people have told me information that I've almost released, but after taking a step back and thinking critically about it, I decided it was counter intuitive to what I expected or the proof just wasn't there. I'm glad I did as some of the information was straight up false.

    So if you are reading this and are interested in getting into the business or rumors/ leaks (or already in it), I'd offer this piece of advice: patience is a virtue. And always protect your source, or else people will get fired for your negligence and you will be out of the rumor reporting business because no one will trust you.

    This is why I'm far more likely to trust leaks/ rumors from people who have significant experience in the field because they generally have a good track record of being able to separate the truth from fiction.

    I think this thread is a fantastic idea and sorry for derailing the talk a bit. I thought adding my two cents on why people leak might be a worthwhile contribution to what is already an amazing thread.
  7. Still remember SMD64 and 10k pushing the AMD rumors.
    There's also another guy, Cheerful Nintendo or something, that was pushing the DMP rumors.
    Fun times.
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    No, thank you for sharing! I found all of that fascinating and enlightening. Plus I think it’s helpful and relevant to the thread.
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    So much for that, lol.
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    The next big direct better have something Smash related on it. I miss Smash so much after selling my Wii U in 2016.
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    Damn, that was a great read OP. I had forgotten a few of those! Can’t wait to follow this, cuz the track record there isn’t looking too bad!
  12. Kingdom Hearts, let's go! :P
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    I agree. I've been trying to play more on my 3ds but it's just not the same. I need Smash 4 or a new Smash now.
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    Based on my own intuition I don't think we will see Smash until E3 and I've been saying this since the last one.

    Nintendo needs a big crowd pleaser like what Zelda and Mario were for the last two E3s. Smash can perfectly fill that gap, and has a wide appeal to gamers. It makes perfect sense to announce it at E3 as it will push the Switch even more. Plus every Smash has been announced at E3.

    For the record, I do believe Smash Switch did start off as a port of Smash Wii U as Toto and I previously reported.

    Brawl was ported to the 3DS and Wii U when they were developing the 4th (3DS) and 5th (Wii U) versions of Smash so it makes sense that they would build the next Smash off Smash Wii U.

    I think it's been too long for a simple DX version though. Sakurai doesn't like to sit on his hands, and most likely would have been adding more and more. There are comments by Sakurai which indicates he's still working on the same project as when he announced his "breather". How much new content we see will all depend on the team size and how much time they had. Sakurai indicated in one of his columns that he enjoyed working with the smaller team during DLC period (which probably suits his directing style more).

    (sorry for my lengthy replies, I have a lot to say on the subject :P)
  15. I do agree its' been way too long for it to be simply Smash 4 deluxe. Smash 4 will be 4 years old by year's end. 5 years if they wait till next year to release it.
    I've mentioned it before, I imagine Smash Switch is going to a bit a bit similar to Smash for Wii U visually and all that but they'll sell it as its own game.
    Kind of like Mario Tennis Aces, it's based on Ultra Smash but has a lot more going for it and is being sold as a brand new game. Probably some more modes, single player content, all the DLC from the first game, 5 or so new characters exclusive to this version, etc.
    I'm hoping they manage to improve the visuals. Was already 1080p 60fps on Wii U of all systems, not sure if they have higher quality character models they can use like with the 3DS version swapping for higher detailed characters when you pause. Some improvements to the lighting would be appreciated, maybe some added effects.
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    Please continue. I want to know what's going on with Smash. I don't want to see the last one lost on the Wii U.

    I remember back when the Wii U version was close to being released some info about a 3rd (and maybe 4th? I can't remember) version of Smash being developed by Bandai Namco. Could those versions be related to the Nintendo Switch somehow?
    Also, what is Sakurai currently working on? He always says that he doesn't want to work on a new Smash title because it's too taxing on him, but he keeps coming back saying that he can't envision another person as a director for the series. We also don't know if his calcific tendinitis has improved.
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    ReyVGM not sure how many rumors you’re still missing from every year but if it’s not too much work, do you think you could add a disclaimer and a red (*) to every rumor that has been added to the list recently? Something like this

    RUMORS WITH (*) added XX/XX/2018

    -Rumor 1
    -Rumor 2
    * - Rumor 3
    -Rumor 4

    -Rumor 1
    *-Rumor 2
    -Rumor 3
    I think that way it’d easier to see what rumors were recently added instead of reading all of it again just to see 2/3 new rumors added.
  18. Because I've not given up hope, I'm hoping that the rumors for Mother 3 are accurate. I don't remember when or who (or where), but I recall seeing a post recently claiming that the work is done (much like the rumor that Mario Odyssey was done as of Switch launch, but held onto to spread out launch window), and Nintendo just can't "find a good time to release".

    Am I crazy or did other people see that rumor somewhere?
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    Namco is making metroid prime 4 and smash 4 switch ( Wii u and 3ds game combined maybe who knows ) what is Sakurai doin
  20. Thanks Push dustin!
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    I understand, and it would be ideal, but it would be too much work. If I were to add rumors in sets, then it would be easier. But I add the rumors as I remember them, or as people post them here, one by one. I'm constantly adding, shifting, removing, changing entries and if I were to also add a mark for each new rumor and delete marks for old ones, it would be too much.

    Eventually old rumors will run out, and current 2018 rumors will be posted chronologically, so it won't be a permanent issue.
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    Any talk about this Ubisoft dev?
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    Edit: I did read the OT a few days ago, but totally forgot about it.
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    probably best to start a new thread for this or post in one of the switch threads, these one isn't for new rumors ( read the OP)
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    Yes, my mistake. I did remove that information.
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    Here it is.

    What seems odd is that the ad said that this supposed game would launch in 2015.
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    It also says that Smash 6 would release both on the Wii U and 3DS in 2015. It might be the case that they counted the DLC as 6, but Sakurai has never referred to the DLC as Smash 6 in any of his columns.

    Sakurai HAS referred to Smash 3DS as Smash 4 and Smash Wii U as Smash 5 multiple times in the past (the author of the article was misinformed about that).
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    your posts are more useful than the n-th "i wonder when the next direct is" post^^
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    I’m breaking my lurker silence (first post, hi ERA) just to say that this thread is amazing. Keep up the good work!
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    "Square franchises that are not new to nintendo but some people think they might be new" it is either Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy Tactics =P
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    ^^^^^^ PUHLEAAASSSEEEEE be FFT!!! My all time fav FFT was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance...wasted so many hours on that!
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    Actualy if you count stuff like specific final fantasys as franchises, FF12 had a DS game and the new game can be the remaster
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    Surely can't be FFT. Most games in that franchise (2 out of 3) were exclusive to Nintendo systems, and they are the most recent too!

    I'm betting on Kingdom Hearts, if the rumor is true.
  34. So the rumors were true, again. There is a small Nintendo "event" this week.
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    I'm interested in the wording used. "Kids and kids at heart"?

    What do they have in mind?
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    The wording seems to change on some regions. They are using Kids and adults equally in Spain.
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    Thanks Garlic Man, I use you every day when cooking ^_^
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    Nah, I appreciate that you take time to write these messages. It gives, in my humble opinion, some sorely needed background/substance to this whole leaking/rumouring/reporting thing. Some people jump the gun, like you said, and usually those rumours are the most damaging/causind the most outrage.

    Really like the thread, and it is nice to have one thread for all the rumours to keep count, so to speak.

    I am happy that the rumour flow has been slowed down, though. Makes things more exciting. Around Switch launch people were so "bored" after every Direct and presentation because way too much of the content were already known. The same can bee seen after the Mini Direct, DS leaking and all. It they'd kept that as a secret, the general response would've been helluva more positive...

    But OP, PushDustin and rest of you nice folks, keep being rad and neat-o!
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    I think everone wants leaks but once we get them we regret it, like Dark Souls Remastered not being leaked would of been great.
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    Best part is everyone knows exactly it will be announced in a day or so and then just leaks it to basically have something to point to "see, we got sauces!" (the Dark Souls thing specifically)
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    With yesterday thread about the nintendo announcement (pre labo itself) I was thinking about doing a thread like this but for 4chan leaks that did NOT pan out because it would be both hilarious and educative about how little are they right
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    Don't wanna raise expectations without a reason, but for what it's worth the Nintendo Direct japan desktop page has still one blank spot.

    This would back up Chrome's rumor about the February Direct.
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    do you have infinite free time? :D
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    Man, *nobody* leaked anything even resembling Labo.
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    I am already hyped!
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    not in here. don't.
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    Technically Dark Souls was leaked over a year ago by LKD, and then 2 months ago insiders were teasing Dark Souls Remastered for Switch. DSR just was not a well kept secret.
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    Has to go down as the least expected announcement ever probably. Probably even Shenmue 3 had more believers than a "cardboard add-on" for the Switch.
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    Yeah, It's insane that Labo wasn't leaked at all. Usually someone would of leaked it but then again it was said that NL had a super strict NDA.