Switch smashes 800k target in France, 911k units sold in 2017

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  1. ggx2ac

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    References: http://www.lefigaro.fr/secteur/high...un-des-champions-de-noel.php?redirect_premium


    Credit to toutoune134 and Figaro for the information.

    How it compares to other platforms lifetime sales, credit to wrowa

    More software numbers:

  2. TimeFire

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    Wow. Almost one million in Frace only. I know France is one of Nintendo's strongest euro markets but it's still impressive.

    Switch is slaying.
  3. Martin

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    Smash and switch in a title made me happy for a few secondes :(

    But wow that is awesome! Switch deserved it
  4. Mory Dunz

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    Ody and Mk8d over 500k is something else.

    Mario + Rabbids shooting for that 3m (and eventually 4m). I've been telling you guys.
  5. Zalman

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    It's great to see it do so well in European countries as well.
  6. bananas

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    switch did 911

  7. Oregano

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    God damn.

    That's actually impressive.
  8. Kelanflyter

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    Clearly a better market than UK for Nintendo Europe.
    Reminder that WiiU sold quit good here, probably the Only country with relatively good WiiU sales with Japan.
  9. wrowa

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    For comparison's sake, these are French sales numbers for other platforms as of the end of 2016 according to Gameblog/GfK

    1. Wii : 6,293 millions
    2. PS3 : 5,235 millions
    3. Xbox 360 : 3,379 millions
    4. PS4 : 3,221 millions
    5. Xbox One : 1,026 millions
    6. Wii U : 832.000
    1. DS : 10,596 millions
    2. 3DS : 4,765 millions
    3. PSP : 3,582 millions
    4. PS Vita : 535.000
    So, Switch already outsold Wii U and is probably relatively close to Xbox One's total sales as well.
  10. Jon Carter

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    911, I’m reporting a slaying.
  11. spekkeh

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    Zut alors
  12. Datajoy

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    Dock rails cant scratch plastic screens.
  13. Lelouch0612

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    Fantastic results !

    Software has been doing very well here and multiple titles have faced severe shortages (Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade etc).
  14. spekkeh

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    Ay lmao
  15. Mory Dunz

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    So it likely passed Wii U, and will probably pass the XB1 before next holiday season I assume.
  16. MORJ

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    Glad that Nintendo has turned the ship around, after the wiiu. Heres hoping the 2018 lineup can keep momentum. Afterall theres a direct comming soon, riiiiighhhhht guys?????
  17. Starmud

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    amazing on switch; not awful for 3DS given its placement in the market?

    if we could get an idea on germany, it seems itay/france have held a strong turn around so far
  18. jariw

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    Are there any countries left that didn't sell more Switches during 2017 than LTD Wii Us?
  19. Puroresu_kid

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    Nice. Another example of not looking at the UK as whole of Europe.

    3DS numbers seem to very good for a dying platform.
  20. MORJ

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    Im 100% sure Denmark is one of those.
  21. Hoshigumi

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    I really want to see Nintendo crack the UK more so than they have in the past, I feel out-numbered over here!

    Glad to see them doing well over in EU though :)
  22. Limabean01

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    That’s crazy good. It’s always good to see the industry healthy.

    Almost 1/3 of PS4 and 1/5 of 3DS LTD after 10 months?!
  23. Mazzle

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    Earlier reports suggested this trend.
    France was always big for Nintendo. It's their love
    for japanese Culture in media in general.

    That's why don't get it why NoE focuses so hard on the
    UK market. They are weak there since... ever
  24. ZhugeEX

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    Strong hardware and software sales for Nintendo Switch in France. The attach rates on first party software are extremely impressive. This also shows that there is quite a big gap between France and the UK with the former being the larger of the two.
  25. Mediking

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    Hecka nice
  26. pld

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    Yep, UK seems more and more like an outlier. Still I wish we would get more concrete numbers for other European countries.
  27. Oregano

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    Those are LTD are only up to March 2017 so it's probably more like 1/4 and 1/5 respectively.
  28. Mr. Pointy

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    I remember Nintendo France saying they thought the Switch would beat the Wii U's LTD in year 1 and no one believed them.
  29. Ephonk

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    I don't think Xbox had a huge uptick in sales since that march '17 number, it's selling quite low in FR and mainland Europe.
    If they sell about ~60.000 switches a month they should jump over xbox by summer.
  30. chromatic9

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    France Wii U 742k
    UK Wii U over 700k

    Lets stop with the myths

    2016 numbers
  31. Ex-Actarus

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    So in 10 months, the Switch did the 3rd of what the PS4 did in more than 4 years ? Jesus-Christ !!!
  32. Mazzle

    Mazzle Member

    Europe never was XBox Land. Always PlayStation.
    UK was the only market during the 360 era, where the XBox could hold
    one on its own.
  33. Mory Dunz

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    I was going to put summer, but then I thought, eh it got christmas and the X since march 2017, so maybe it got a boost.
    But yeah, summer is likely
  34. Limabean01

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    Yeah, speaking of which I wonder how well PS4 did this year in France.

    Either way, a great result :p
  35. Lelouch0612

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  36. Datajoy

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    So mainland Europe loves Sony and Nintendo, UK loves Sony and likes MS, Japan loves Nintendo and likes Sony, and USA loves everybody?
  37. Mory Dunz

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    France is bigger overall or...?
  38. Paradox House

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    So thats where all the switches are going!
  39. silva1991

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    Very impressive. I wonder what's the latest PS4 number by the end of last year?
  40. marc^o^

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    Switch will pass XBox One LTD in coming months in France, telling quite a story for Nintendo and Microsoft performances there.
  41. Arkert

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    26% of sales third party and

  42. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    For the Nintendo Switch I mean.

    Apologies for not being clear there.
  43. KingSnake

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    These are some impressive numbers. Good attach rates for the game too.

    That's not bad at all.
  44. Kane

    Kane Member

    France is the best country <3
  45. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz Member

    Love the smell of salvage numbers

    Too bad we don't get ARMS.

    Not sure what to make of FIFA. I assume France is one of the Switch's highest FIFA SKUs. Maybe the highest in Europe. But it's only a little higher than Japan's SKU.
    Is Japan's FIFA performing exceptionally well, mainland Europe's FIFA performing poorly, or both?

    I feel like both. But then again it was never going to be higher than games like M+R...

    no problem
  46. Ephonk

    Ephonk Member

    BTW: For Fifa, the numbers we know (Japan + FR) put fifa at 135k without digital. It's not selling super well but is keeping some legs and certainly isn't a complete flop for the effort they put in.

    It's having decent legs after bad/mediocre first week sales. I'd assume the trend everywhere is similar.
    It's not the first game a switch owner buys, but it's a game the pick up because it's fifa on the go.
  47. Nightbird

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    Seems about right

    MANUELF Member

    The best part is that Switch owners are buying A LOT of software
  49. Arkert

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    And that's without eShop games.
  50. Sgt. Demblant

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    Wow, above the Wii and PS4. And I was happy to contribute.
    Still, I'm surprised because I didn't notice the same kind of frenzy at retail that there was for the Wii. But that's purely anecdotal of course, and I assume that plenty of people bought it online like I did.

    And while it's true to an extent that France is "Nintendo territory", I believe the country is just friendlier to Japanese games (and pop culture) in general, certainly much more than the UK or even America. Sony has always done gangbusters here.