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Ted Cruz says Space Force is necessary to prevent space pirates

Oct 25, 2017
See, this is what I'm talking about when I say the Space Force being created as a 6th branch of the military being a good idea supported for the worst fucking reasons.

Yes, we need to prevent bad actors from applying undo pressure to our assets in space, but that is already what the Air Force Space Command does. The reason creating a 6th distinct branch for space operations is a good idea is because it would decrease bureaucracy and increase specialization, while allowing our military assets in space to be controlled by one branch instead of 4 separate ones (not counting the Marines here). It has nothing to do with "bad actors" or piracy or anything that Trump spews on Twitter at 3 AM.

The sheer amount of ignorance towards basic space policy to understand the *actual* rational of a Space Force is astounding, especially when it would take 5 minutes of reading a Wikipedia page to figure out.
Oct 26, 2017
The space pirate pitch is stupid but far, far down the road there will be a need to protect commercial interests in space if resources are obtained from there. Right now instead of focusing on creating another branch of the military, we should be putting that money toward combating climate change.