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Tekken |OT| Dark Resurrection


Oct 25, 2017
Timeline Motion Comic:
Tekken | Tekken 2 | Tekken 3 | Tekken 4 | Tekken 5 | Tekken 6

Main Story Highlights:
Tekken | Kazuya
Tekken 2 | Devil | Heihachi | Kazuya
Tekken 3 | Heihachi | Jin | Enbu
Tekken 4 | Heihachi OP|ED | Jin OP|ED | Kazuya OP|ED | Enbu
Tekken 5 | Devil Jin OP|ED | Heihachi OP|ED | Jin OP|ED | Kazuya OP|ED
Tekken 6 | Devil Jin OP|ED | Heihachi OP|ED | Jin OP|ED | Kazuya OP|ED

Side Story Highlights:
Tekken 2 | Angel | Armor King | Jun | Nina
Tekken 3 | Eddy | Hwoarang
Tekken Tag Tournament | Angel | Devil | Heihachi | Hwoarang | Jin | Jun | Kazuya | Unknown
Tekken 4 | Bryan OP|ED | Hwoarang OP|ED | King OP|ED | Law OP|ED | Nina OP|ED | Paul OP|ED | Lei OP|ED | Steve OP|ED | Yoshimitsu OP|ED
Tekken 5 | Armor King OP|ED | Baek OP|ED | Bryan OP|ED | Feng OP|ED | Hwoarang OP|ED | Law OP|ED | Mokujin OP|ED | Steve OP|ED | Yoshimitsu OP|ED
Tekken 6 | Armor King OP|ED | Baek OP|ED | Hwoarang OP|ED | King OP|ED | Leo OP|ED | Marduk OP|ED | Miguel OP|ED
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 | Angel | Baek | Bryan | Combot | Devil Jin | Jin | Jinpachi | Jun | Kazuya | Leo | Lili | Steve | Violet | Yoshimitsu | Unknown

Ranking Guide | Rank List by LukeLive​

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Oct 25, 2017
I just got the Day One in the mail today for PS4, what's the cheapest way to get all the character/game mode DLC?


Oct 25, 2017
Disclaimer regarding the following tutorial
A lot of this information will be overwhelming at first. Take your time digesting this all in and actively practice along the way. Active learning, as opposed to passively sitting, reading or binge gaming, is a far better use of your time. You’ll grow at a much quicker rate as you know what you’re learning/practicing.​

As for the numerous mechanics at play, a lot of them complement each other in a streamlined manner.​

My goal with “The Art of The Iron Fist” and “Tekken Dojo” is to deconstruct the legacy combat of Tekken for newcomers and veterans alike. This is to ensure that no one’s in the dark when playing or watching Tekken.​

With that out of the way, let’s get started with the White Belt

Basic Controls | Special Movement
Special movement: crouch dash, wave dash, “Korean” back dash cancelling
Subsequent crouch dashes (f, n, d, d/f) canceling into one another forms a wave dash (f, n, d, d/f~f, n, d, d/f).

Back dashes (b,b) can be cancelled with a duck (d/b) or SS into another back dash. A series of back dash cancels is called back dash cancelling (b,b~d/b~b,b~d/b~b,b~...).

Stance Cancelling | Streamlining Movement
Most stances and all movement can cancel into other movement. Streamline all these concepts together to master the 3D realm.

4 Button Limb System | Hit Ranges
Each attack button corresponds to a limb. 1 for left punch, 2 for right punch, 3 for left kick and 4 for right kick.

There are 4 Hit Ranges:
(can be ducked)
Mid (catches crouch)
Low (catches standing)
Special Mid (can be blocked standing, crouching and low parried (hold d/f for a few frames).

Rage Art | Rage Drive *New to Tekken 7
Rage Arts act as “Supers” in traditional fighting games. They usually have 20 frames startup with armour properties but are launch punishable on block.
  • More on punishment under “Art of the Iron Fist: Intermediate - Defense Arts”.
Rage Drives are similar to “EX Moves” in traditional fighting games. They’re amped up moves/synthesized strings from a character’s move list. Both Arts and Drives have a myriad of uses. Like Rage Arts, Rage Drives tend to be unsafe on block. There are exceptions, such as Jin’s CD(“crouch dash”) 1+2 which is plus on block.

Since Jin’s Rage Drive gives massive frame advantage on block, he can perform a 50/50 mix up. Kazumi’s can launch her opponent for a juggle.
  • More on mix ups under “Art of the Iron Fist: Advanced - Okizeme”.
Power Crush *New to Tekken 7
Power Crush, also new to Tekken 7, allows the player to “crush” through their opponents moves. However, Power Crushes have a few caveats; some are punishable on block, all are beaten by lows, throws, Rage Art, Rage Drive and opposing Power Crushes. The Power Crush user still takes damage during the active “armour frames”. Similar to “Hyper Armour” moves in 2D fighting games.
Counters occur when an player interrupts their opponent’s move with a faster move of their own. They grant more damage and some grant different properties like Jin’s and Kazumi’s 4 (also known as “magic 4”). Counters are more commonly set up during “Frame Traps”.
  • More on Frame Traps under “Art of the Iron Fist: Advanced - Frame Data”.
Homing Attack | Tracking Properties (Realignment)
Homing Moves will always catch opponent’s side steps. They have trailing white particles.

Tracking properties are prominent in moves such as hooks, roundhouses and laterally rotating moves. They can usually be sidestepped in the same direction. Delaying a buffered “f” input will realign the player to their opponent. Special movements such as wave dashes will chase sidesteppers and grant tracking properties to otherwise linear moves since they buffer an “f” input into the crouch dash.
  • More on buffering under “Art of the Iron Fist: Intermediate - Buffer”.
Screw (S!) *New to Tekken 7
Replacing the old “bound” mechanic from T6/TTT2, Screw (S!) allows players to extend their juggles. Also known as “Tailspin”.

Combo System Case Study: Kazuya’s D/F+3>2>1 (Impaling Knee Twin Thrust)
A string, such as Kazuya’s D/F+3>2>1, is a series of moves. The first two hits, D/F+3>2, is a guaranteed Natural Combo(NC).

Note when Jin inputs “1” in command history, he gets countered by Kazuya’s CH (d/f+3),2,1, resulting in a NCc. Keep an eye on when the “Counter Hit” prompt appears on Kazuya’s side. Jin was trying to interrupt Kazuya’s string, but ate the following move, resulting in a counter. Experiment with this move in Practice Mode using the record function.

Natural Counter Combo (NCc) | Jail Strings
Natural Counter Combo(NCc) is a guaranteed combo on counter hit.

Jail Strings involves a high move that cannot be ducked due to frame advantage or being too fast from the previous move.

There are two types of throws; generic throws and command throws. Throws can be broken with either 1_2 on reaction (purple flare). Command throws require specific inputs to break. Throws cannot be blocked!
  • More on throw breaking under “Art of Iron Fist: Intermediate: Defense Arts - Throw Breaking”.
Generic Arts
Generic arts are your core fundamentals shared among the cast of Tekken. Use this to build a skeleton towards your arsenal.

Sidestepping | Ducking
Sidestepping is done by double tapping up or down (u,u_d,d). Sidewalking is done by holding the second up or down respectively (u,U_d,D).
  • More on sidestepping applications under “Art of Iron The Fist: Advanced”.
Ducking is done by holding D_D/B_D/F. Ducking evades highs and blocks/low parries (in the case of D/F) lows but are vulnerable to mids.

Punishing | Whiff Punishing
Block punishing is done by immediately responding with a correct move when your opponent has performed an “unsafe” move (moves that are at least -10 on block). Kazumi’s 1,2,2 is -12 on block, Jin responded with 2,4 which has 10 frames of startup. Kazumi required 12 frames to return back to guard yet Jin’s 2,4 was coming in at 10 frames, hence a punish occurs! You’ll know when you performed a punish correctly if a “Punish” icon appears on the mid left of your screen.
  • More on punishing under “Art of The Iron Fist: Advanced: Frame Data”.
Whiff punishing is performed by attacking right after your opponent has completely missed (“whiffed”) a move in the open. Control space with back dash cancelling and sidestepping to open up whiff opportunities.
  • More on sidestepping, whiff punishing and keep out game under “Art of The Iron Fist - Advanced: Frame Data”.
Low Parry | Throwbreaking
Low parry is done by holding down forward “D/F” for a few frames at incoming lows. After that window, you’re exposed. Low parry will put your opponent into a “bound” state where you can follow up with a juggle.

Throws can be broken on reaction with the correct input. Look at the corresponding limbs involved into order to break them.
Generic throws (1+3_2+4) are broken with either 1_2 for either.
Command throws require a specific input to the corresponding limb. Jin’s and Kazumi’s D/F+1+2 must be broken with 1+2 since 1+2 is involved. Jin’s qcb1+3 must be broken with 1 only, since 1 is the only arm involved and is a command throw.

Parry | Reversal | Power Reversal
Reversals are character specific actions that are usually performed by b+(1+3)_(2+4). They can reversal any incoming move provided they are timed correctly and are not knees and elbows.
Power reversals act similarly to power crush in that they can also reversal knees and elbows.

Reversals can be beaten by switching up your timing, knees/elbows, lows and throws.

Chicken | Stun Escape
A chicken occurs when a player escapes a reversal. Done by buffering your move with B+(1+3)_(2+4), depending on which limb you’re using. Devil Jin is buffering B+2+4 into the third hit of his Laser Cannon (b,f+2,1,2). Since the last hit is a 2, Devil Jin must buffer an additional b+2+4 into it, to escape potential reversal.

Gut stuns occur from certain counter hit moves. If not teched (by holding B_F), you’ll be wide open.
Hold Down (D) to fall to the floor during a nosebleed stun.

Note Command History. “2” is still held down when “1” is tapped, result in a “1+2” output.

A crouch dash already has an “f” buffered into it. By simply cancelling out of CD with another “F”, you’re in a dash state. This allows Jin’s to instantly execute “f,F+2” (Demon’s Paw) out of crouch dash (and wave dash), while grant tracking properties to an otherwise linear move.

Pre-buffering an “f” right before inputting “f,F” can bring about an “instant While Running” (iWR) state. As for the correct input rhythm, think of the boxing rhythm “babam-bam” instead of “bam-bam-bam”. So, instead of f,f,F, think of f, f~F. There’s a frame pause between the first two “f”s.

Jin can input “f” during Kazumi’s blockstun. This is why characters like Kazumi/Dragunov are able to chain multiple “iWR2”s together.
  • See “Art of The Iron Fist: Advanced: Pressure”.
Just Frame
Just frames are upgraded versions of certain moves, they usually have a flashy indicator upon correct execution. Jin’s “Electric Wind Hook Fist” (EWHF) is +5 on block (as noted by Kazumi’s pushback and blockstun) whereas regular “Wind God Fist” (WHF) is -10 (“jab punishable”) on block. EWHF S! launches on hit, whereas WHF simply flips Kazumi over. EWHF is an ideal pressure tool whereas WHF drops your momentum.

Juggle Concept: Air Control | Basic Juggle Structure
The longer the juggle, the more your aerial target is pushed back. Infinites are rare exceptions, not norms in Tekken, due to air control.

Basic juggle structure contains a launcher (moves that put your opponent into an aerial juggle state), S!, and ender.

Juggle System
Fillers are used to extend your combos or carry your opponent to the wall for more damage. Due to damage scaling (note the percentage on the mid left of screen), you’ll ideally want powerful launchers, fillers and S! early in your combo. Wall scaling works differently.
  • More on wall game under “Art of The Iron Fist: Advanced - Wall Game”.
Keep your juggles:
  • Consistently reliable
  • Optimize damage
  • While maintaining oki (keep your opponent close to you after your ender for ground game pressure)

  • More on okizeme/wakeup game under “Art of The Iron Fist: Advanced - Okizeme/wakeup Game”).
  • More on Yomi (mental game) under “Tekken Dojo - The King of Iron Fist”)
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Oct 25, 2017

Frame Data Concept | Pressure
Allowing Recovery Animation to display in Practice Mode lets you see Frame Data as a blue hue.

Staggers usually indicate someone under great disadvantage. Chaining multiple iWR3’s (“Slash Kick”), Kazumi iWR2, Dragunov iWR2 are all examples of keeping up pressure.

Seeable Lows / Fuzzy Guard
Seeable lows depend on the player. I’d argue the cut off point is at i23 frames (Jin’s Hellsweep) during offline lag free play. Slower moves like Lili’s d/b+4 (i30 frames) is much easier to see and should be stopped every time on reaction.
  • More on handling lows under “Tekken Dojo: Grand Master - Grand Master Defense”.
Fuzzy guard is the loosely 2D equivalent of “Option Select”. It’s a preemptive D/F low parry input straight to back into guard (D/F~b) to take quick lows, slower mids and mid throws into account. It’s particularly useful for tight mix ups. Note how Devil Jin escaped Dragunov’s mid throw and low parried his low. Devil Jin may have not gotten as much damage from punishing with his WS2 but he was free from the risk of getting caught by Dragunov’s mid throw.
Compromising for the best of both situations.

Crush System: High Crush | Low Crush | High & Low Crush
Crush frames are invincible frames embedded into moves that bypass other moves.

High Crush (“Tech Low”) moves “crush”:
  • Highs
  • Throws
but lose to:
  • Mids
  • Lows
  • Special mids.
Low Crush “Tech High”) “crush”:
  • Lows
  • Special mids
  • Throws
but lose to:
  • Highs
  • Mids
  • Air Throws like King’s and Lars’ f,f,F+2+4
High & Low Crush (“Tech Low & High”) “crush”:
  • Highs
  • Throws
  • Lows
  • Special Mids
but lose to:
  • Mids
  • Air Throws
Crush moves are typically unsafe on block. High & Low Crush moves are typically launch punishable.

Evasive moves and crush moves are not the same. Evasive moves can get caught if their animation is interrupted. Crush frames will completely “ghost through” the moves they’re crushing.

Wake Up Game (vs Okizeme)
Always vary your wake up against your opponent. Sometimes it’s better to stay grounded and take a low hit then tech safely away, as opposed to teching right into a 50/50 mix up. Use defensive wake up as your standard, with offensive against overly aggressive players. Be cautious of tech traps (such as Bryan’s Taunt Jet Upper) and wake up counter bait (such as Devil Jin’s b+4). The fastest defensive wake up options are standing up (“U”), and back slide/roll (“B”).

Okizeme (vs Wake Up)
There are two main types of oki: guaranteed and versus wake up mind games. The second option, albeit riskier, will result in more rewarding outcomes should you read your opponent correctly. In this case, Devil Jin scores a full launch with his CD3 (“f,n,d,d/f+3”) in some cases.
Running Game | Ultimate Tackle | Tackle Break

Wall Splat | Heavy Splat | High Splat
Wall juggles will vary depending on what kind of splat occurred. High wall splats allow for one additional move. Sidestepping during a splat can allow a S! to fit in. Such tactics alongside air control wall carry can re-splat your opponent for even more damage.

Wall Carry (Regular vs Grounded Scaling)
Devil Jin delayed his CD1~uf (“f,n,d,d/f+1~uf”) (Heaven’s Gate), resulting in a “grounded hit” scaling.

Wall Jump Attack | Wall Break | Balcony Break
Wall jump attacks are performed with b,b~ub with your back against the wall. This move is usually plus on block, netting you frame advantage but it’s linear.

Floor Break
Floor breaks are caused by “spike” moves.

Throw Game Oki
Ideally throw when you have large advantage, especially against passive opponents. If you find yourself turtling (i.e. being too passive) up, expect an incoming throw. Familiarise the position your opponent ends up after the throws and apply ground game pressure.

During tech roll recovery, watch out for:
  • Throws
  • Heavy seeable lows. Novice Law and Bryan players love using Dragon Tail and Snake Edge while you’re getting up.
Tech Traps | Oki
After you’ve dealt a juggle, keep a note on how your opponent’s wake up. If they overly rely on teching, punish them with a tech trap and potentially end the round. Apply the same concept to Okizeme.

Optimizing a combo, especially ones with EWGFs, can leave a lasting impression on your opponent.

Constantly applying pressure/ capitalization
Respond accordingly to your opponent’s answers and never give up.

Jin was heavily conditioned through lows and as a result, froze up. Kazumi literally walks circles around him, the match was already decided. Once you get into your opponent’s head, it’s game over. Devil Jin’s d/f+1>2 is an excellent Rage Art countermeasure. You’ll notice Devil Jin let the first whiff punish opportunity slip by, but immediately adapted to the following read.

Devil Jin is relying on his excellent wall carry tool b+2,3 to take Wall Breaks into account. Devil Jin had the life lead and no longer needed to make any unnecessary risks. Notice Devil Jin’s simple b+1 whiff punish in the first gif and d+4 in the second, had he used Hell Sweep, he would’ve lost.
Adapt, simplify and streamline.
Thank you for reading this far, I hope you found this guide helpful.
- Night_Knight
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Oct 25, 2017
United Kingdom
Started playing this a few days back, haven't played since TTT2 5 years ago. Man I am rusty but it feels so good. Enjoying Lucky Chloe but haven't touched the other new characters just yet.


Oct 25, 2017

Have played 7 a little bit. Still waiting/hoping for Julia and Armor King.


Oct 25, 2017
Coming back to the game after a few weeks is rough. My timing is all over the place. Dropped combos for days.


Oct 26, 2017
Sweet I got in. So I'll share the link to my stuff again. I've been doing in-depth character movelist runthrough streams and uploading it to my youtube. Also got tips up there on things like backdash canceling with sway characters. Currently working on Eddy, though moving slow because it's the middle of the Fall semester.

If anyone wants to check that stuff out: https://www.youtube.com/user/MannyBiggz/videos


Oct 25, 2017
New forums and still want to add people for tekken fights. I think I got like one person now on my friends list on PSN from here.

Add me, PSN: Rolento


Oct 26, 2017

Guys on PS4 add me.

PSN: GrayFoxPL

I'm in EU, decent connection with US is possible though varies.


Oct 26, 2017
Played quite a few matches with Dereck on PC yesterday and I must say that the connection was mostly decent and lag was tolerable. This means that I'll be able to get a decent connection with pretty much anyone from the US, so if anyone wants to play sometimes, add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sasuke91

I'm UchihaSasuke_91 on PSN if anyone wants to play on PS4.


Oct 25, 2017
Played quite a few matches with Dereck on PC yesterday and I must say that the connection was mostly decent and lag was tolerable. This means that I'll be able to get a decent connection with pretty much anyone from the US, so if anyone wants to play sometimes, add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sasuke91

I'm UchihaSasuke_91 on PSN if anyone wants to play on PS4.
Looks like i'm unlucky with NA people


Oct 26, 2017
Today I'm gonna try shave off the rust for the weekend but I'll play if anyone shows up.

Psn: GrayFoxPL

Say you're Resetera if I don't know you.
Oct 25, 2017
Ann Arbor, Mi
Early morning Tekken:

Got demoted from Juggernaut because of this Paul who kept using frame traps. I only found out that he couldn't break throws AFTER I was demoted.

I then proceeded to kick the snot out of a Kazumi and Dragunov in rage.