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Tesla Model Y to be unveiled March 14th, yes their model range now spells S3XY

Oct 28, 2017
The Model Y product page is up. It mentions 360 degree camera coverage. This is an improvement over previous models, right? I recall that being a limitation on current Teslas, which is why they couldn't support a 360 degree overhead parking view like other cars.


Oct 27, 2017
7 Seat/3rd Row Seating is an option, not a standard feature.

That 3rd row will be like having a backseat in a Porsche, it won't be very useable.
Oct 28, 2017
It's growing on me. I want an electric car with a hatch and seats that fold flat so I can sleep in it (don't @ me). The rear is frumpy but I expected that based on their current design language and the fact that it's built on the model 3 platform. And this isnt' intended to be a dig at Tesla, but generally I don't expect small SUV's or crossover SUV's, whatever you want to call them, to be attractive. haha. I won't put any money down now because I want to see how things work out as they're closer to production. But this Tesla fits my needs more than any other at this time..a refreshed Model S could change that though.

The configuration I'd likely go for would cost $63,500. That Full Self-Driving price is brutal (additional $8K).