The 2018 DLC for Mario+Rabbids features a new character

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Which hero should it be?

  1. Rosalina

    120 vote(s)
  2. Waluigi

    122 vote(s)
  3. Wario

    90 vote(s)
  4. Rayman

    142 vote(s)
  5. Rabbid Waluigi

    116 vote(s)
  1. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator Original Poster

    From the eShop listing for Mario+Rabbids "Gold Edition"
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  3. Dyle

    Dyle Member

    Rabid Wario and Waluigi please, even though they would be identical to their normal counterparts
  4. Charamiwa

    Charamiwa Member

    If it's not Rayman they're straight up trolling.

    Please give me Rayman.
  5. shnurgleton

    shnurgleton Member

  6. Jumpman84

    Jumpman84 Member

    That's pretty cool. I need to go back and finish the game and buy the season pass, lol.

    Maybe it'll be a crossover with Odyssey? New Donk City and Pauline is my prediction.

    Okay, that would be cool as well.
  7. cyba89

    cyba89 Member

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  9. Bandage

    Bandage Member

  10. Harpoon

    Harpoon Member

    There only being one makes me think it might not even be a Mario character, or else there'd also be a Rabbid version.

    So.. Rayman?
  11. Birdie

    Birdie Member

    What if it's Rayman?
  12. yuoke

    yuoke Member

  13. Avalon

    Avalon Member

    Assasin's Creed or Ariana Grande.
  14. neufel

    neufel Member

    Just came to this thread to refurbish my Waluigi pic folder.
    Not disappointed in you, team.
  15. Platy

    Platy Member

    Mario enters a dark tavern ... in the back, a hunter complains about how he hates Rabbids because they took over his world

    suddenly he sees mario and a thunder lights his face

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    Haha is this from the end of the game? Got semi burned out at the start of world 4
  17. Mobu

    Mobu Member

    Dark Pit
  18. panecasio

    panecasio Member

    The only real choice:
  19. EightBitNate

    EightBitNate Member

    I have a feeling it will be.
  20. Gartooth

    Gartooth Member

    Yeah I think its Rayman too. If it was a Mario character there should be a Rabbid counterpart.
  21. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    Oooh! I beat the main story but saved World 4 challenges for later since other Switch games are releasing fast right now. Very curious to see all that the full DLC has to offer before I decide to make that extra purchase...
  22. Bashful Trey

    Bashful Trey Member

  23. Anteo

    Anteo Member

    bwario and bwaluigui are mini bosses on the last part of the 4th world. you fight against them a couple of times. No wario or waluigi to be seen, just these corrupt caricatures
  24. CurseVox

    CurseVox Member

    My girl and I love playing this game in Co-Op. Hopefully they put a lot more of those maps in. I think this feature is so underrated. Mario+Rabbids is one of the best Co-Op games on the switch right now.
  25. Papercuts

    Papercuts Member


  26. Khanimus

    Khanimus Member

    Rayman or Rosalina
  27. Enforced

    Enforced Member

    I'm expecting Rosalina.
  28. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

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    Can I have a DLC that takes Rabbid Peach out of the game? I'd buy that for a dollar.
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    So is everything in the Gold Edition the same as if you just buy the retail game, then buy the Season Pass?
  31. Jonneh

    Jonneh Ready for adventure! Moderator Original Poster

    Yep it seems to be a bundle of the game and all DLC
  32. Mr. Nice_Guy

    Mr. Nice_Guy Member

    I'm assuming Rayman, I would love Waluigi or Wario.
  33. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member


    But because it’s one, I’m leaning toward Rayman. It’d be weird to put a Mario character in without a Rabbid counterpart.
  34. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Would be glad if it's Rayman.

    RROCKMAN Member

    Either would get me to buy the game and its dlc as soon as its announced who it is.
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    Thanks, I assumed as much.
  37. Munti

    Munti Member

    Nabbit: Nintendo & Rabbit in one
  38. Piscus

    Piscus Member

    Who's to say it won't be a Rabbid character without its corresponding Mushroom Kingdom counterpart?
  39. LoyalPhoenix

    LoyalPhoenix Banned Member

    Insert Fire Emblem character here
  40. Medalion

    Medalion Member

    Gotta be Aiden Pearce

    RROCKMAN Member

    This would make me not buy the game
  42. Weltall Zero

    Weltall Zero Member

    I was going to post "Just one, no Rabbid counterpart?" but if it's Rayman I guess that makes sense.
  43. Harpoon

    Harpoon Member

    It being a Mario character without a Rabbid counterpart or a Rabbid counterpart without the Mario character would be weird. At least if it's Rayman there's not as much of an imbalance, as he's neither a Mario character nor a Rabbid.
  44. Piscus

    Piscus Member

    You couldn't just buy the game and not get the DLC? It would be that upsetting, eh?

    The main game
    already had a rabbid DK, Wario, and Waluigi without the real versions to be seen anywhere.
    I didn't mind it.
  45. StarPhlox

    StarPhlox Member

    Two very obvious options
  46. Coricus

    Coricus Member

    To be honest I'm not really invested in either Mario or Rabbids IP wise but these would actually get me to drive out and buy the game and DLC in a heartbeat. Sakurai has good taste.

    Just imagining the flustered reactions these characters would have to the Rabbids is golden.

    RROCKMAN Member

    I dislike all of those guys but to have access a treasure trove of Mario characters and be like "lol rabbid" just feels stupid. I personally think the "new hero" is the girl who is never shown and while that is arbuably fair I still want Rayman in more.

    Would probably never happen due to square but if it did I would go back in time and preorder this game
  48. PerfectFlaw

    PerfectFlaw Member

    I'm ready for Pauline.

    Or Altair.
  49. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator

    I vote Rosalina.
  50. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose Member


    Rabbid wario