The Bachelor - ChampagneGate


Oct 22, 2018
a sunken pirate ship
I heard this was dumber than even typical seasons of this show. But I did not realize the depths of this dumbness. This is so dumb it's setting olympic records.

I'm not sure I will be able to watch this show without my head exploding
Oct 27, 2017

Sort of explains it? I knew something stupid and petty happened in the video but it looks like the blond one brought a sentimental bottle to share and she accidentally picked up the wrong one and was so shocked she literally did a spit-take.

All I know is it was something stupid and petty.

Listen, Kelsey had every right to be upset. But she did not, and I repeat, she did NOT have any right to go after Hannah Ann in the manner that she did. There are consequences for acting like that, and I assure you, those consequences are coming. Her bullying will not be tolerated, champagne cuckoldry or no. And Victoria needs to distance herself from Kelsey. A girl as beautiful as her doesn’t need Kelsey around as a shoulder to cry on when she is upset. She needs to find her confidence and realize she has what it takes to win Peter’s heart. We can only hope he is able to see it.
Oct 25, 2017
Shit was hilarious

I disliked her so I laughed at it exploding in her face on a "coming up"
Started to feel bad as she explained why she saved it
Got annoyed when she didn't want to go look
back to disliking her the way she handled it, laughed when it exploded on her.