The best selling Switch games of 2017

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  1. Nemesis162

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    While I was playing in my Switch, I saw this and thought that it could be a interesting thread. Either way, you guys probably can see it in the console but here are the best selling games.

    Edit: The list refers to the americas since it's not appearing in Japan or Europe newsletter and only in the newsletter of that region.

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    Switch owners have good taste ;)
    1. Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    2. Super Mario Odyssey
    3. Mario Kart 8 DX
    4. Splatoon 2 (yay!)
    5. Mario + Rabbids
    6. Arms
    7. 1, 2 Switch
    8. Minecraft
    9. Stardew Valley
    10. Snipperclips
    11. Sonic Mania
    12. Pokken DX
    13. Super Bomberman
    14. Skyrim
    15. Ultra Street Fighter II
    16. Binding of Isaac Afterlife +
    17. Xenoblade 2 (yes!)
    18. Puyo Tetris
    19. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
    20. Overcooked Special Edition.
    Edit: I got ya fams. Heres a list for mobile users.

    Where is Steamworld Dig 2 tho :o?
  3. DecoReturns

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    3 Mario games this year on Switch.

    Didn't even realized that, all different genres too.
  4. OrbitalBeard

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    Ultra Street Fighter II is on the list. Man, that's pretty incredible to me.

    Tons of really deserving software on there overall. It's been a great year.
  5. IceDoesntHelp

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    Congrats to the devs for being a success on the Switch! Keep it up!
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    Aw, no Doom?
  7. Zalman

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    Stardew Valley is surprisingly high. Good for them. Skyrim seems to have done well too.
  8. Maxina

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    Surprised Zelda is still no1. Glad to see the Zelda IP is still strong.
  9. Braaier

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    I'm at work and images don't load. Anyone mind listing the games? Thanks!
  10. HeRinger

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    Yay Xenoblade 2.
  11. DecoReturns

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    The slow and steady approach worked well for Nintendo.

    Few titles in the first half of the year but made sure to have a big title almost every month during the year.
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    Does it actually say eshop anywhere? This looks like best selling games physical and eshop combined. There's no way for example that 1-2 Switch has outsold Minecraft on the eshop. Or Overcooked being behind PPT.

    If I'm right, then Stardew Valley being above Pokken for example says good thing about eshop sales.
  13. UmbriaPauly

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    What an incredible year for Nintendo and switch gamers
  14. Bandage

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    Very surprised Xenoblade is there but not Golf Story.
  15. ghibli99

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    I contributed to 11 of those. :)
  16. NinjaCoachZ

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    Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Splatoon 2
    Mario + Rabbids
    1, 2, Switch
    Stardew Valley
    Sonic Mania
    Super Bomberman R
    Ultra Street Fighter II
    Binding of Isaac
    Xenoblade 2
    Puyo Puyo Tetris
    Shovel Knight

    For those who can't see the pics.
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    Contributed with most of them.
  18. Zedark

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    Couple of conspicuous games are missing: Steamworld Dig 2 sold about 300k worldwide (as of a couple of weeks ago), so probably over 100k in US, meaning that titles in this list should all be over that number, unless there's some hidden catch I'm missing.

    Seems quite high, though, especially for Xenoblade Chronicles 2: if that did over 100k, then either digital share is really high for that game or it did gangbusters (well, relative to the game's status) in the US.

    Edit: Seems like it is not eShop only, so the parameter should be slightly different. At least we know that all games in the list did over 100k as per Steamworld Dig 2's absence, but the barrier could be higher.
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    Quoting images realy sucks for people on mobile. This isn't gaf, the forum formats images correctly.
  20. Toni Codrea

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    All of Nintendo's first party games are there, damn.
  21. Nemesis162

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    They don't say that but I could be wrong since I'm not completely sure about it.
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    Mario + Rabbids and Xenoblade 2 :')
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    Yeah I think you are.
  24. Nemesis162

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    Sorry, forgot about this! I changed it now.
  25. Bob Beat

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    I was wondering. The first pic suggests all games. Op, does it say eshop in the actual news item?
  26. shaneo632

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    Pretty surprised Rocket League isn't on there. Pretty much everyone I know with a Switch has it even though it's only been out 5 weeks.
  27. NSESN

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    The list in a better form
    1. Zelda BOTW
    2. Mario Odyssey
    3. Mario Kart 8
    4. Spaltoon 2
    5. Mario & Rabbids
    6. Arms
    7. 1-2-Switch
    8. Minecraft
    9. Stardew Valley
    10. Snipperclisp
    11. Sonic Mania
    12. Pokken
    13. Super Bomberman R
    14. Skyrim
    15. USF2
    16. The Binding of Isaac
    17. Xenoblade 2
    18. Puyo Puyo Tetris
    19. Shovel Knight
    20. Overcooked
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    Good shout. This proves this isn't eshop only.
  29. NinjaCoachZ

    NinjaCoachZ Member

    My takeaways:

    - Surprised by no Rocket League.
    - No surprise Minecraft and Stardew are the top digital-only games.
    - Sega left sooooo much money on the table not doing a physical for Sonic Mania.
    - Xenoblade 2's fans are probably hardcore enough that they'd prefer the physical copy. (EDIT: Unless this really isn't eShop-only rankings. If it isn't then this is a solid show for it.)
    - I wish Puyo Puyo Tetris was higher but I'm happy it's on the list.
    - RIP Fire Emblem Warriors.
  30. Skies

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    Assuming this is only digital, I'm kinda shocked at Super Bomberman R and Ultra Street Fighter 2 being so high. I seem to remember those games falling off the eShop charts pretty quickly, while something like Overcooked has charted consistently since release.

    Also, I expected to see Golf Story on there.
  31. Bob Beat

    Bob Beat Member

    Is this true? Even for large images? I still quote them because of old habits.
  32. Nemesis162

    Nemesis162 Member

    No, it was an assumption. I'll change it.
  33. RailWays

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    Stardew made bank.
    I've been finding Gungeon since I bought it 2 days ago. Hope the game did well.
  34. Zippo

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    So many good fucking games on there.

    All of those first party games and Sonic Mania bring joy to my heart.
  35. Braaier

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    If not eshop only, why is Overcooked so high?
  36. pld

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    1-2 Switch got robbed in all the GOTY awards
  37. Xavi

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    Xenoblade 2 baby!
  38. NSESN

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    Anyway the biggest thing is that most titles are published by 3rd parties, and even if you discount Rabbids it is exactly half.
  39. Regiruler

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    Had no idea bomberman listed that high.
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    Because it sold very well. 20th isn't very high. If it was eshop only I suspect Overcooked would be top 10.
  41. Gamer @ Heart

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    Xeno got on there before golf story? That means it sold at least 200k on the eShop alone in 2 weeks?
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    1, 2, Switch, which also had a physical release, outselling Minecraft, which hasn't yet, is super surprising to me.
  43. Deku

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    It doesn't say anything about the eshop (or the US for that matter, though it probably is considering the source). Do we have any numbers for the games involved?
  44. jariw

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    I agree. This list must be both retail+eshop.
  45. srtrestre

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    that's one attractive list
  46. Sub Boss

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    FEWarriors is such a bomb
  47. Zalman

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    If this is retail + eShop, this list just got more interesting.
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    Considering there's a *rough* estimate that digital is 10% of sales, that would put Xenoblade on 2mil lol
  49. Vadara

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    Sonic Mania is five spots too low. Still good to see it on there.
  50. RockmanBN

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    RIP Sonic Forces. Well deserved.