The best selling Switch games of 2017

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by CSSD, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. maximumzero

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    And I bought....*counts*...10 of 'em.

    Regret picking up Issac and Puyo though. That was money best spent else where.
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    I think it's safe to say that the 6 "eshop only" games sales are most probably the biggest selling games on eshop. I like to believe that because, like I said, Stardew Valley being above Pokken (physical+digital) says good things about the eshop.

    So an eshop only list would probably look like this:
    1. Minecraft
    2. Stardew Valley
    3. Snipperclips
    4. Sonic Mania
    5. Shovel Knight
    6. Overcooked
    7. (Possibly Zelda or possibly even something like Golf Story/Rocket League)
  3. Theswweet

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    I bought 11 of those. What a fantastic year for the Switch!
  4. jariw

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    I believe all the top 20 might be above 500,000. Or very close. We had some estimates on this some weeks ago.

    CSSD - can you page a mod to change the title?
  5. Maintenance

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    M+R was a smash hit, goddamn.

    I'm just happy Stardew made the list, even top 10. Shame about USFII though, ugh.
  6. Braaier

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    Really? I have only ever heard of the game in passing. Can't believe it would have outsold Rocket League or Doom, both huge series atm.
  7. Nemesis162

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    I already did. It changed for me... still not for you?
  8. NinjaCoachZ

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    If these are worldwide figures...

    We know ARMS and 1-2 Switch are 1m+ and Super Bomberman R and USF2 were last reported at 500k+. So the following games are between 500k and a million:

    Stardew Valley
    Sonic Mania

    And the following games are ~500k:

    Binding of Isaac
    Xenoblade 2
    Puyo Puyo Tetris
    Shovel Knight

    Skyrim would have to be around at least 500k if it's between Bomberman and USF2. Again, this is assuming these are indeed worldwide physical + digital sales.
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    Still need to finish grinding MARIO for moons.
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    Oh! I have 17 games on that list :D
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    Overcooked has always been in the top eshop charts since release. Rocket League will pass it though (especially when it gets a discount, it hasnt unlike Overcooked).

    Doom isn't doing too well. It did make the eshop charts at release but it didn't hang in there for more than a few weeks. Not too surprising considering it costs almost 5 times less on other consoles at least in the UK. Having said that though it still done decently.
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    Thanks - got the title change now!
  14. Zalman

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    Assuming this is worldwide physical + digital sales, we can say Mario + Rabbids sold more than 1.35 million (ARMS sales as of September 30th).

    We also know USF2 crossed 500k so everything above it would have sold at least that. Those are some great numbers for, say, Skyrim, and Sonic Mania (which makes me wonder what LTD is across all platforms).
  15. DigitalOp

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    Launch software is really inflating this list TBH IMO
  16. jariw

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    Rocket League (just like Overcooked) has a Holiday discount on both NoE and NoA now.
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    This is definitely physical+digital and what happened to Johnny Bravo?
  18. Russell

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    All the images are broken for me on mobile
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    Oh I missed that somehow!
  20. Zedark

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    Is there a reason to assume this is worldwide rather than US only? My news section doesn't have this list, so it seems to me that it could be a US only list (Netherlands here btw).
  21. Clay

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    What an insane launch year. No way 2018 can keep up, but the Switch easily justified its purchase. Glad they went with this strategy, in the past with systems like the 3DS I’ve regretted not waiting for a hardware upgrade or price drop since the first early months or year were so bare, but the Switch’s first-year lineup is just ridiculous.
  22. Starviper

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    Kinda surprised Rocket League didn't make the list. I'm really enjoying playing that on my switch @ worklunch
  23. Argot

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    Are we even 100% sure this is a ranked list rather than just a selection of highlights.
  24. GDGF

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    I hope Skyrim's position means we'll be getting Fallout soon.
  25. Pooroomoo

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    Rocket League and Doom came out only 5 weeks ago though.
  26. BordyDogue

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    How did Doom not make the list but Skyrim did? Did people just double dip on Skyrim because it's portable or were they scared off by Doom's performance?

    EDIT: Using modern Sonic on that artwork is good bait
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    I own these from the list:
    Mario Kart
    Stardew Valley
    Splatoon 2
    Binding of Isaac (ordered the physical version as a early christmas gift it comes tommorow)
    Sonic Mania
    Xenoblade 2
    Shovel Knight

    So 11 of em.

    Enjoyed em all so far well i played isaac on pc and vita so will experience that tommorow on Switch :P

    Awesome launch year! Best honestly imo.
  28. jariw

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    IIRC, a couple of weeks ago, I think Steamworld Dig 2 was estimated to be around 250,000-300,000 and Golf Story a bit higher than that. And I think Rocket League has passed both those titles by now.
  29. Braaier

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    Skyrim is a much, much, much bigger series than Doom. It's not puzzling why Skyrim would make the list and Doom wouldn't.
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    The order of the 9 first party games would suggest so.
  31. Zalman

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    He's on vacation.

    It's not surprising Skyrim is selling more considering how much it has been marketed. It was even in the Switch reveal video. Skyrim is also generally much bigger than Doom.
  32. Nemesis162

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    It seems so. The order is the same of what we know that are the best selling games for the switch in the first party case. BOTW, MK8DX, Splatoon 2, 1-2 Switch and Arms but now with Odyssey being in 2nd and Arms surpassing 1,2 Switch
  33. Shahadan

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    Overcooked has basically never left the top 15 since its release in july, worldwide no less. Released in japan only recently though
  34. GDGF

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    Skyrim is still on the best selling eshop chart in the US (unless things changed since I checked last night)

    It did well.
  35. spekkeh

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    FIFA bomba I guess. On the plus side, it's the only platform where the good games actually sell the most.
  36. CaviarMeths

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    Wow I only bought one game in that top 10 (Zelda).

    Bought four from the bottom half of that list though.
  37. CopperPuppy

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    Pleasantly surprised that ARMS did as good as it did. Great game.
  38. jariw

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    So: Mario+Rabbids is above 2 millions?
  39. Zalman

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    Also worth noting Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sold 400k retail + digital and it didn't chart.
  40. Zedark

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    If this is the best seller list for the Switch on a worldwide basis, then SMO is doing gangbusters, surpassing MK8D already. That's kinda bonkers.

    Also, it suggests that Skyrim is over 500k sales, which is quite good. Would be great if it passed 1 million in the end.
  41. Tsukinopio

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    Fire Emblem Warriors is the only first-party game not on the list. Sad! Considering that the special edition is still in stock on Amazon, I'm not surprised that the game bombed hard.
  42. Pooroomoo

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    Not only that, but the order of the eshop only titles is also in line with what we saw on the eshop
  43. Braaier

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    I haven't paid attention. Well now it's on my radar. I'll check it out on the eshop when I get home.
  44. Zedark

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    That's a good one! That would suggest that XBC2 sold over 400k, and more generally all games from the 20th rank up to SFII sold 400k-500k.
  45. DeuceGamer

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    I’m pretty sure Skyrim did outsell Doom. It was higher on the Switch NPD charts.

    Does seem like a shame it’s not higher though. Hopefully, it will continue to sell over the next few months. I’ve already beat it but plan on picking it up on Switch at some point.
  46. Mory Dunz

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    Wait, This is WW LTD w/ Digital?

    well, eff, we have vague ranges for numbers then right?

    EDIT: Ultra Street Fighter II sold 500k by the End of September

    If Skyrim is above it right now in December. Skyrim has likely easily cleared 500k

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse sold 400k WW by November

    If Dragonball Ball has not even made the list, All the games are at least above 400k, but likely more.

    Bodes decently for Xeno2 as well.
    Let me know if my estimates are wrong anywhere.

    Bomberman R crossed 500k by April. That was a long time ago, so it's likely done a bit more since then.
    Mario + Rabbids Surpassing ARMS is no surprise. That game is likely closer to 2m than 1m.
    ARMS has passed up 1-2 Switch. This may be old news...
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    Only recommended if you play local multi.
  48. NinjaCoachZ

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    Pretty much everything out there suggests Forces bombed hard. I really wish I could know what Sega have to be thinking right now.
  49. Zalman

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    Character picks coupled with release timing hurt that game quite a bit.
  50. Sceptre

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    the only ones I have on that list are the top 5