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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cerium, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Creamium

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    Yeah thanks this helps, but I'll have to do it for every page.
  2. Exotoro

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    Just got a ad that redirected me to a shady site on mobile
  3. Ferny

    Ferny FutureERA Administrator

    We need more info in order to actually get what the ad was. What was the name of the site, or the URL.
  4. Exotoro

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  5. Ferny

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  6. Jason Frost

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    What is the size limit for ads?
  7. Lucky241

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  8. Ferny

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  9. Linkura

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    Same. I just pmed a mod about it, didn't realize this thread was open to posts. Don't have the link, but it was attached to an ad for Wayfair.
  10. HeadsUp7Up

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    More links. I’ll give you guys a few days to get this sorted before I come back.
  11. davepoobond

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  12. Vashetti

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    Why is the site running so badly right now?

    Sluggish as hell with frequent server errors.
  13. Hollywood Duo

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    I just got this one
  14. EloquentM

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  15. Ferny

    Ferny FutureERA Administrator

    Its been brought up to the team. I actually just got off a call with them a couple minutes ago. Its not a simple process to just remove all types of ads like that because new ones can appear using different methods. We’ve made an adjustment and it should reduce them as we try to catch all of them. That should hit by the end of the weekend. We’ll continue to monitor it as we go.
  16. XMonkey

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    Getting some pretty bad ads that basically take over Safari on iOS and make me reload the forum entirely :/

    Seems like every ad service is shady nowadays.
  17. Hollywood Duo

    Hollywood Duo Member

    Yeah that Amazon Rewards ad is pretty brutal gotten it like 5 times today.
  18. Ferny

    Ferny FutureERA Administrator

    It seems to be more of an issue with advertisors who slip in stuff with redirects than ad platforms. For example, these sites bid on being able to show an ad, are approved, and then change their coding to redirect off-site. It happens on almost all ad platforms these days. It makes it hard to catch since it happens after the fact.

    Thankfully our partner recognizes how frustrating that is for all you guys and they as well. The change I mentioned in my previous post will hopefully help weed those malicious ads out - and hopefully keep them out for the foreseeable future.

    We truly hate having those present and wish there was a way to block them 100% so we definitely apologize for that.
  19. Gripey

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  20. incognito

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    Had this happen to me too, sorry I can't provide more info, I panicked and only just now realized I should have gotten more info.

    It popped up on my phone, I didn't even know there were ads. I couldn't switch tabs or exit out. For anyone with a similar problem, I went into my phone settings and shut my internet down, put on airplane mode, cleared the cache, even then it was only luck I didn't have to uninstall chrome to get out of that tab.

    Now I need to look into different antivirus just to be sure, or just confine my browsing to my porn computer. Any good phone antivirus or antimalware suggestions?
  21. Jintor

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  24. Adam_Roman

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    I got that "Amazon rewards" one that everyone's been posting as well just now.
  25. Shao Kahn

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  27. MrRob

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    Came in here to post about the Amazon rewards hijack ad.

    Glad it's not a problem with my device. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  28. Until there’s a way to support the site financially, I’ll continue to use Adblock until that type of ad is gone.
  29. DiipuSurotu

    DiipuSurotu Member

    Maybe read the opening post
  30. Subxero

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    Ive got the Amazon coupon redirect that requires me to close chrome on mobile 4 or 5 times a day since Thursday.

    It seems to just randomly pop.
  31. Syriel

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    I've been getting an "ad" that is a broken script on desktop lately. It's most noticeable feature is that it keeps trying to call a DocumentWrite() command.

    It hasn't been able to do anything that I can tell, but if your ad supplier is serving up scripts that are trying to write to local storage rather than display ads, I would wonder about malicious actors.
  32. TheWickedSoul

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    I've been getting the amazon coupon one too.
  33. spatenfloot

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    The one that says "no hijacker ads"?
  34. SRG01

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    Ferny, I may have missed this from earlier, but has anything been done with the micro-sized ads? I've been getting them across several browsers and nothing seems to be wrong with the code when I inspected the code out of curiosity...

  35. Hollywood Duo

    Hollywood Duo Member

    It’s particularly bad for me tonight I’ve gotten it like 5 times in the last hour(Amazon one)
  36. Aarglefarg

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    "We have gone out of our way to partner with a premium ad service that guarantees manual, human screening of every advertisement that appears on our site. This is quality assurance by hand, not by algorithm. This should mean, at least in theory:
    • No Browser Hijacks
    • No Malware
    • No Pop-Ups
    • No Redirects
    • Always Safe For Work
    If you notice any of the above slipping due to human error, please do not hesitate to click on the option under the ad to report it. You should also send screenshots to Ferny, deltaplus, or myself (Cerium). We're very interested in making sure that the standards of quality we've been promised are upheld."
  37. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    Please don't get angry at each other guys. It's fine to be frustrated with us. We're frustrated too.
  38. Wulfric

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    I had one of the fake Amazon ads today on mobile, ERA was the only tab. Didn't think to grab a screenshot.
  39. Ferny

    Ferny FutureERA Administrator

    We gathered a good amount already from orher users links and reports so its much appreciated. It’s our top priority right now.
  40. GRW810

    GRW810 Member

    I haven't seen a single ad so far (using mobile Chrome). I didn't even realise ads were a thing until I checked out the announcements board for the first time in ages.

    I'm not necessarily complaining, just found it curious.
  41. Mark

    Mark Member

    This ad keeps autoplaying music for me:
  42. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    Thanks, we have reported it.
  43. Mephala

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    I'm just here to say the Melia vertical ad is still happening.

    I think there are parts of it where it snaps to a banner as it shuffles through its slides. This makes it even more annoying because it means my screen moves when this happens.
  44. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    ^ Thanks for those reports.

    The ad partners are reviewing this thread regularly and will address concerns as they arise. If the same problems continues to go unaddressed from here, let us know and we will emphasize them accordingly.
  45. Mudo

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    The full page redirect Amazon ad has gotten so intrusive, I get it within 30 seconds of loading Resetera now. It just happened before clicking to come into this thread to report it!! This is happening ALL the time and this ad can’t be backed out of - i have to close the page and reload Resetera. It’s the only ad Im getting and it’s absurd. I won’t turn on Adblock even though i bought it a few months ago - but please for the love of all that is holy stop this madness. I can’t report it since I’m being redirected to some shady site but here is the link from the one that just happened:

    Not sure if I need to give any more info please let me know!
  46. Cerium

    Cerium Project Lead Administrator Original Poster

    Are you getting this on mobile or desktop?
  47. Mudo

    Mudo Member

    Mobile I am on mobile 99% of the time. I can’t remember the last time i was on my PC with ERA. I just got another one but it wasn’t Amazon this time. I forgot to copy the link if you need more let me know and thanks for helping g. It’s seriously making the site nearly unusable unfortunately. I am on Iphone 8 if that matters, using Safari default browser.

    Edit: I came back to see if there were any posts since my last and got this one as soon as the page loaded: