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The Black Culture Community [OT 4] - Melanin and Estrogen - The new Kryptonite

Oct 30, 2017
Miami, FL
Good morning beautiful people.

I'm rocking the "Shave my hair down the the scalp" look.
Same. Wish i never put hair straightening shit in my hair making it mostly fall out.

So nowadays. I shave my head till it's smooth as a baby's bum (as the saying over here goes. LOL) Even though i fucking despise shaving my head. It takes forever, and is the most tedious thing EVER.
I just cut my hair ultra short. Like army cut short
Cuz i am too lazy to rock any ogher kind of haircut.
Honestly I have a legit talented barber but I'm too lazy to have him shape up.
The I haven't cut or combed my hair because I'm lazy look

Just curls up top and bald fade on the sides. Usually I have them slicked back at work.
Ayyyee that's what I'm talking about
Oct 27, 2017
Oct 27, 2017
Them rumors sound pretty meh to begin with.


I was wondering what kind of haircuts ya'll rocking??

I got the hightop thing going

Hey, I had a thread on this a while back.


Right now, skin fade on the sides with a good amount of hair on the top, basically like a Number 5 on top.

Wholesome content!!!

Kevin Hart is just keeps doubling down on that homophobia
β€œYou know how vampires have no reflections in the mirror? If you want to make a human being a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves,’” she wrote. β€œSocially, I’ve felt like a monster, Mr. Kaplan. I can only name three Black females that’ve been leads in a video game: Clementine from [The Walking Dead], Nilin from Remember Me, and Rochelle from Left 4 Dead. But worst was my acceptance of it.”
Damn, I'm stealing this.
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Oct 25, 2017
Someone said that if R. Kelly was abusing white women he'd be dead by now. That really fucked me up.
The whole "if R.Kelly was White/If the Women were White" narrative completely ignores everything we've seen in the news with criminal/abusive celebrities since O.J. Hell, just the past 2 years. If anything with this hypothetical scenario, there may have been less attention given to R.Kelly if his victims were White in addition to more conspiracy theorists/tin foil hat people protecting him.
Oct 26, 2017
So seventeen accounts I followed was defending Robert Sylvester Kelly, felt like four times that.

Them rumors sound pretty meh to begin with.


I was wondering what kind of haircuts ya'll rocking??

I got the hightop thing going

Yeah, don't give a donkeys fart for those rumors.
As for haircut. I'm going with the classic baldie. But I have a reversed top fade going on for my beard. Just came from the barbers actually. I needed this cut. Looks like I lost 40 pounds just by shaving. My beard like it's own lil fat fro.
Oct 26, 2017
Ooh! An OT just for me!

Hey guys!

Not sure if I'm allowed to ask this here, but was I the only one last year who went to see Widows? No spoilers, but I loved seeing Viola Davis again, W'Kabi (God I don't know why I keep forgetting his name irl) did a great job as one of the villians, and it even had great subtext on how racism and politics are intertwined.
Oct 26, 2017
The green book, that the one where Viggo said nigger and Mahershala got hurt? I have zero knowledge of this and if it wasn't for Viggo tryna be whatever I would literally have zero knowledge of this.

Regina Hall and Issa Rae comedy.
This seems fun and damn I'm fucked up. Talked about not spanking your kids and that yeah it might be love and fear induced it still isn't right but now laugh at the BMW, Black momma whopping joke. Smh

Swimming is a chore I'll tell you what. Shit gets heavy.
So what you telling me is that if you try to save me from drowning it'll be two dead instead of just me.
Oct 31, 2017
Hey Fam,

Speaking about hairstyles I've notice my hair is a lot easier to comb through ( the nappiness curse has been lifted). I guess my wife's hair product does work. I'm over due for a haircut.