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Oct 25, 2017
Gotta have the whole thing, fam, lmao:

They released this full body render of the new Tekken character, Leroy Smith. C'mon bruh....look at how clean this brother is.

He's definitely somebody's grandmother's "friend"

You know he was a Kappa in school and was definitely on the step team too
He doesn't show up to the cookout, but always gets fed because SOMEHOW the aunts end up taking him plates
Legally blind, but always magically compliments your lady when she changes her hair or nails
He doesn't actually need that cane and only keeps it because it matches all his other accessories, and I bet he's got different canes for all occasions
You know he probably got a menu item/dinner named after him at the local soul food spots
You're curious why his locs and beard smell so good, admit it....
Nobody sits in his chair at the house. Who's house? Sit in that chair and you'll know
He made that R&B mixtape your mom cleaned the house to on Saturday mornings
Always wondered who that quart of frozen collards or squash was in the freezer for? Look no further
Your girl probably refers to him as her "uncle" but you're too scared to question it because he'd drop you
He had that top custom made by Ms. Chow at the dry cleaners and he's the reason they serve that special fried chicken at the Chinese restaurant next door in the shopping center
His shoes are 100% unscuffable. You don't believe me? Bet you won't go find out
Hey man I'm sorry about what's going on truly. I can't imagine what these feelings are evoking. I hope you're able to allow yourself moments of rest mentally and spiritually when you can.

In regards to running, as an avid runner as few thoughts. I never run outside. I run indoors & I know that's boring. But given the dynamics of reality nope.
Yeah, it's hella boring. lol Might have to change my habits, tho.


Oct 25, 2017
Alpha Protocol has to be the oddest and jankiest game I've ever played, and I am someone who is looking forward to experiencing Eurojank.
The stealth is borked, use ye olde early PS360 checkpoint system for saves, and there are forced gunfight sections at the end of a few stages (which is annoying when you specialize in stealth). Yet it has this endearing charm that makes you want to keep going through it.

Helps that PC ver. lets me smack SSGSS Anti Aliasing for cleaner textures, although in my case the clarity is about 99%, but still good.



The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Miami, FL
Casual Reminder: The Last Black Man In San Francisco comes out on home video on Tuesday.

Make plans. Best movie I've seen so far this year by some distance.
Nov 1, 2017
Good morning y'all. I need to find where that couple is going on their next plantation adventure and reenact a certain Key and Peele skit.


Apr 13, 2018
A flying beast (winged cockroach) managed to make it's way past my castles (home) defenses tonight and infiltrate my personal chambers. Luckily my bravest knight (little sister) was able to best this foul beast in my stead.


Oct 25, 2017
I've been in a stealth games mood lately and started Dishonored. Enemies detecting you is rather annoying on Normal as even being behind cover isn't a guarantee you won't be seen. I am taking things slow however and have been making note of enemy movements to avoid getting detected as best as possible.
Also knocking out enemies is a big no no for me going forward because there is a risk knocked out enemies could be killed by plague rats.

Finally this game has some ugly look people :V

Death of the Outsider has a black protagonist and I actually have not seen any screens or footage of it, but I sincerely hope the character models are improved.


Oct 25, 2017
That's some damn good cosplay of a character from the only Final Fantasy title I've ever liked (well, in this case, LOVED). FFXII just hit all the right notes for me. Except maybe in the character development department.

Also, Dishonored 1/2 has one of my favorite art directions. I like how most characters look like they were dragged through the mud while simultaneously hit with a +2 ugly stick.
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