The Black Culture Community [OT 4] - Melanin and Estrogen - The new Kryptonite


Oct 25, 2017
Beaverton, OR
well, bad news is the painters missed a couple spots. good news is that it’s supposed to be dry this week so it shouldn’t push back closing too much.



Aug 6, 2018
Another reason why there shouldn't be one guy being "the" Black Scientist in all mainstream media, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.
Kinda off topic, but if you're in the Philly area, Derek Pitts is chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute here and tends to be ALL OVER philly media for science related stuff.
I hear him way more than I actually do about Neil, and met him a couple times at the local bar talking science over beers and shit.


Oct 25, 2017
Okay, so y'all read the report from the Federal Reserve that finally, after like 10 years, figured out that millennials actually aren't that different from other consumers and that really, they're just broke, right?

I think it's starting another conversation about how this generation is gonna be poorer than previous generations, but how do you think that figures into poc? There are other numbers saying the financial crisis basically wiped out 50 years of black wealth and how the generational discrepancy is even worse, but whenever I have conversations with my dad and uncle about young kids being poorer today, they just chalk it up to a bunch of white kids complaining that they now have to live like black people.

My parents started out literally picking cotton but are really well-off today. My dad and uncle came up through the military. In the early 80's there were times my dad had to support the family (right after my older brother was born) on a McDonalds salary. Conversely, pretty much all the men of my generation of the family have had trouble staying employed and/or keeping a roof over their heads. My dad and uncle just say we should do the same work they were doing back then (sans military) and deal with those same living standards that these white kids can't stand, pointing to the immigrants who are now cutting their yards and who are picking fields because won't do that work. That's literally the same work my dad and uncle did as kids and back then they did it because white people wouldn't.



Oct 27, 2017
actually surprised the entire first page of images weren't white characters in the "Show us your RDR2 character" thread
I remember in my teen years I would create nothing but White characters with character creators.

Nowadays, I will never create another White character again unless it fits a particular role-play narrative I have in my head. I've been creating a lot of Black female characters in games as of late and I find it makes the experience better.

Urban Scholar

Oct 30, 2017
Miami, FL
RedSwirl I'm going to give you a detailed response later on.

So ya'll I'm done tolerating ignorant people on my friend list. Before I would just block them. Now? Nope I'll make an example of you, screenshots and everything
Sep 7, 2018
So is DeltaRune an official prequel to Undertale or a fan game? I ran into it a while back on a black girl's YouTube channel and then it's popped up a couple times on other places on the net.

Urban Scholar

Oct 30, 2017
Miami, FL
I asked on Twitter how much a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment was going for people in their cities

And the answers I got sucked :/

And I though 1000 here in North Miami Beach was bad...sigh.


Oct 29, 2017
Think I'm gonna uninstall Destiny 2. The guns and powers aren't interesting enough for all the "go here and shoot aliens, then go here and shoot reskins of those aliens" gameplay.
Oct 25, 2017
He’s Built an Empire, With Detained Migrant Children as the Bricks
Juan Sanchez grew up along the Mexican border in a two-bedroom house so crowded with children that he didn’t have a bed. But he fought his way to another life. He earned three degrees, including a doctorate in education from Harvard, before starting a nonprofit in his Texas hometown.

Mr. Sanchez has built an empire on the back of a crisis. His organization, Southwest Key Programs, now houses more migrant children than any other in the nation. Casting himself as a social-justice warrior, he calls himself El Presidente, a title inscribed outside his office and on the government contracts that helped make him rich.
Showing the ambition that brought him from the barrio to the Ivy League, Mr. Sanchez seized the chance to expand his nonprofit when thousands more unaccompanied children began crossing the border during the Obama era. When the Trump administration needed to house migrant children it had separated from their parents, Mr. Sanchez took them in.
Though Southwest Key is, on paper, a charity, no one has benefited more than Mr. Sanchez, now 71. Serving as chief executive, he was paid $1.5 million last year — more than twice what his counterpart at the far larger American Red Cross made.

The organization, sitting on $61 million in cash as of last fall, has lent millions of dollars to real estate developers, acting more like a bank than a traditional charity. It has opted to rent shelters rather than buy them, an unusual practice that has proved lucrative for shelter owners — who include Mr. Sanchez and the charity’s chief financial officer.

Marcus Owens, the former head of tax-exempt organizations for the Internal Revenue Service under both Republican and Democratic administrations, reviewed Southwest Key’s tax returns for The New York Times. Regulators, he said, seemed to be “asleep at the switch.” Describing the financial dealings of Mr. Sanchez and his colleagues, he said, “I think the word is ‘profiteering.’”

Mr. Sanchez defended his charity. It had to move fast at times, he said in an interview. But every act, he added, has been to help children.


You probably post about me on another board.
Oct 25, 2017
Man the similar thread feature will generate some shit for this one