The Black Culture Community [OT 4] - Melanin and Estrogen - The new Kryptonite


Oct 26, 2017
Hey fam

Okay, so y'all read the report from the Federal Reserve that finally, after like 10 years, figured out that millennials actually aren't that different from other consumers and that really, they're just broke, right?

I think it's starting another conversation about how this generation is gonna be poorer than previous generations, but how do you think that figures into poc? There are other numbers saying the financial crisis basically wiped out 50 years of black wealth and how the generational discrepancy is even worse, but whenever I have conversations with my dad and uncle about young kids being poorer today, they just chalk it up to a bunch of white kids complaining that they now have to live like black people.

My parents started out literally picking cotton but are really well-off today. My dad and uncle came up through the military. In the early 80's there were times my dad had to support the family (right after my older brother was born) on a McDonalds salary. Conversely, pretty much all the men of my generation of the family have had trouble staying employed and/or keeping a roof over their heads. My dad and uncle just say we should do the same work they were doing back then (sans military) and deal with those same living standards that these white kids can't stand, pointing to the immigrants who are now cutting their yards and who are picking fields because won't do that work. That's literally the same work my dad and uncle did as kids and back then they did it because white people wouldn't.

Been thinking about this, not this specific but the scenario, how older black men in their 50+ have this mentally where they don't see why they should give a fuck.
No one gave a fuck about them so why the fuck should they care now? Especially when no one gave a fuck about them, still don't.
Had this discussion with my uncles and nearly smacked one of them silly from time to time. It always defaults to him being, understandably, bitter and probably jealous on how "easy" kids have it today. Just that people are trying to make it easier for some people when no one gives a fuck about them kinda sets them off I reckon. Even thou it's gotten better for them as well even if they refuse to see that.


Oct 25, 2017
The only thing I don't like about the new update is ban and warning coloring.

It makes it really difficult to spot ban messages.


Oct 27, 2017
So apparently, some of my coworkers said I think I'm white behind my back the other day. Why, I have no idea, but I had another coworker who came to my defense and shut that shit down, which I appreciate.

The fact that this shit happens befuddles me. Portably because I use befuddle in sentences.


Oct 25, 2017
Ok they need to do something better with the similar threads, it's literally just looking for the words Black and culture.


Oct 25, 2017
The similar threads aren't just other BCTs... I'm also getting a thread about the Sam Harris being racist against black people....


Oct 25, 2017
Mornin' frequent flyers.
Morning diz. 👋
That's how i look at it. That said, I can't with Era 2.0. I'm not used to it :( i need my Legacy Dark Skin
This 2.0 dark theme is ok. Have you toggled the post width (it's the little arrow button beside the theme button)

Okay, I do like this ability to embed Instagram.

Pass. And nice.
Oct 25, 2017
hmm going to have to figure out what's going on my chrome set up that no embeds are working correctly except instagram which i know what b/c i block it in host files


Oct 27, 2017
Why did that BP thread have to be locked? What can't we just have some fun mocking the shit out of the OP and that video?