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    Woah, woah, woah. Hold the phone here. I was mostly nodding along to your post and then you put person in quotation marks. That is more than a little troubling.
  2. Falcon511


    Thats cute.

    I have known people who have gotten fired for some shady shit outside of work. I work at a college and could get fired for calling a student an asshat even during the weekend off hours.
  3. Vela


    And if you step out of line with being mean, you deserve to be fired and have a hate mob going after you while onlookers chastise you for using the terrible word ‘asshat’ against a fellow man
  4. Sabin


    If he thinks you can't get fired in germany for telling dumb stuff on social media oh boy i have some bad news.
  5. Nairume


    It's an astounding leap to say that being moderately unkind about the recently deceased by noting their past actions would make them look as bad as somebody who spent a very significant part of their final years supporting a hate group.
  6. Kinthey


    Considering that Dreoir was being super polite I'm not sure how it's an insane request to expect similar civility from her.

    This whole situation would be different if she had dealt with someone who was actually harassing her, she didn't though and so here we are.
  7. nemoral

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    Personally, I think devs should just stop talking to gamers. Gamers have shown repeatedly that they can't be civil or reasonable and that the second they get their feelings hurt they start massive campaigns to harass and target people. Very few other mediums put up with allowing their employees to be treated like this routinely. And watching people in here defend this sort of stuff is just depressing, but not unexpected. Gamer entitlement in the guise of consumer rights continues to be one of the worst things that has happened to the industry. No one owes you an explanation. No one owes you a conversation. Buy the game or don't, but the idea that your purchase gives you the right to hound and terrorize developers is one of the most deeply fucked up notions held by a lot of otherwise reasonable people.
  8. Kumquat


    You have a choice. You can create a public facing Twitter account for work and keep your private twitter to yourself and not use it for your work. You can also not tee off on a content creator who asked a question and has praised you in the past and praised you in the tweet as well.
  9. Zefah


    Of course it can be fireable. Don't wear your uniform or represent your company and tell people to fuck off, especially in relation to someone's opinion about your company's product.

    Also, what about the exchange in question made it "mansplaining" in your mind, rather than just objecting and suggesting? Was it merely the gender of the two parties involved?
  10. Eatin' Olives

    Eatin' Olives

    While Price is responsible for her own actions, ArenaNet are responsible for theirs. Their handling of the situation was outright horrible and the fact that GG shitcocks are rallying around this isn't surprising. Either they knew this and didn't give a shit, or they didn't even think it through. Either way, it's not a good look.

    I don't know if you're implying that Gators aren't around anymore, but they absolutely are.

    The topic of rampant sexism in the industry is very much alive.

    I suppose if you really think "GamerGate" is a thing that's not a "thing" anymore, this really just looks like a rude lady on Twitter. I'd point out the fact that this a controversy for a reason.
  11. Heckler456


    People can make impassioned speeches to their defense without calling other people names. She would have been able to defend herself without being absolutely vile towards the person she was responding to for no reason. Why are people so quick to defend what is by all accounts an asshole? It's like some of you people are starting off with the viewpoint "firing her is wrong", and are pulling every straw imaginable to justify this point of view.
  12. ChrisJSY


    So you've never had a job that has policies like this? My one has that right now, it's a real thing.
    Some of you are so naive when it comes to PR and Public Perception.
  13. newmoneytrash


    Yeah, have you never been shouted at through a megaphone against your will? I’m going to assume no considering you think it’s the same as looking at a tweet

    He did give polite criticism, but it was unasked for criticism that was explaining her job to her from someone with no experience in that field. All she did was dismiss it, and not even *that* rudely. If you read this thread without seeing the tweets you would assume she told this dude to kill himself
  14. The ability for this to happen is part for the course with regard to private property.

    That it doesn't always happen is circumstantial. Every day, someone may have the abiltity to murder you without consequence, and they often choose not to.

    The point is rather that the ability for this to happen at all shouldn't exist. At the very least, the ability to deprive someone of a secure existence should reside within a much greater community than a group of owners of private property.

    This argument is much closer to an argument about whether a slave owner should or should not have beaten or killed a slave. It's on that same moral and structural level.

    On a completely disregarded level would be a conversation about whether the master-slave relationship is one that should continue to exist.

    I don't see that level of argument about this case. There's room for it, though.
  15. Vela


    Your concern trolling is very cute
  16. PhazonBlonde

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    The nerve of that woman. Using the word asshat! She totally deserves gator scum going after her and her family.
  17. newmoneytrash


    She wasn’t representing her company, she was just exisiting

    The part where an unqualified man told a qualified woman how her job works after she just explained it

    That’s like the dictionary definition of mansplaining lmao
  18. Gasoline


    There are layers my dude, Heiling on twitter will probably get you fired

    "asshat" will not
  19. DerpHause


    And purely using that reasoning ignores any possible agency on the part of Anet to manage and, if they determine it's needed, terminate its employees.

    Saying she was her own undoing isn't ignoring that gamergate was trying t influence the situation, but I'm willing to bet any actual influence is overstated on both the part of this firing as well as the landscape of game devs as a whole and female devs specifically.

    Mainly because as everyone notes, this harassment is not even remotely new.

    No, you're conflating at will contracts entered into willingly by both parties albiet with a lopsided power structure to literal slavery in which one side has no option to terminate that contract without consequence or retaliation. Those are not comparable.

    I also take issue with the statement that a violation of policy becomes more viable should the ability to terminate become crowdsourced, which would be the real end game here. Ownership doesn't matter as much as the power of immediate supervision.
  20. Khamsinvera


    Exhibit A: Trump's twitter account

  21. BeeKaine

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    I agree, but if it isn't surprising, why is everyone acting like somehow this is going to ruin the lives of countless women and employees.

    No, let's think of this: in response to a morally ambiguous, definitely bad-looking PR movie, GG is going to... intentionally antagonize women, as they've always been doing, to justify them being mean to them on the internet? Is this how this works?

    Yeah, they're called racists, sexists, bigots, alt-righters, etc.

    Fucking bigotry didn't begin in 2015.

    I call it an obsession because you like every game-related act of bigotry specifically to this movement.

    If it looks like a duck...

    That's because the first few articles ran with "Brave lady fired for fighting against mansplaining" when that wasn't at all the case.[/QUOTE]
  22. Heckler456


    You know, I agree with you, but I don't think it really applies here. First and foremost, a guy was fired too. But aside from that, there is still a line where women should be held accountable for their actions. And that line was crossed with the behavior exhibited by Jessica in this particular case.
  23. So the solution is to create a fake twitter profile or have your real name and profile kidnapped by the company you work for? I know that's how it is, but I'm kinda hoping people realizes how bullshit it is and because "it is how it is" makes it totally ok
  24. Jimnymebob


    Deserves to be fired. Definitely doesn't deserve a hate mob.
    It's honestly that simple.
  25. PhazonBlonde

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    Hey if you'd had things mansplained to you your whole life you'd probably be on edge too. Not saying it was right, but this isn't where the focus should be clearly. I guess it's about ethics in asshats now or something.
  26. Who is saying she deserves the hateful scum being thrown her way?

    This thread..
  27. kyorii


    Chiming in as someone here that also works in Labor Relations and in fact for unions. While this could have been reduced to a final warning or something, based off the facts and merits of the case, it could have gone either way. But ultimately, the employer really did have Just Cause here and I would have declined Hope's case if she tried to appeal.

    As someone said, this is the reality of HR/Corporations.
  28. Dynheart


    Right when you think I think I have the world figured out at age 40, all I have to do is come into one of these threads.

    Mansplaining. I honestly had no idea what the fuck this was. I asked my wife, and she looked like I was from another planet; so we looked it up (gave her some examples from this thread).

    (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

    This is what I get from the dictionary. However, going through this thread, there seems to be hundreds of different meanings that make absolutely no sense. The definition from the dictionary is pretty straight forward, and makes sense. No hidden meanings. No weird context to worry about. Just when a man, addresses/explains in a condescending/patronizing manner to a person/female.

    With that said, I did not detect any of those qualities in the streamers tweets. However, people are going to read text and interrupt the message their own way no matter how articulate the person may write, as 2/3 of the way we communicate is missing. Body language/eye contact, and voice. These factors can make an offensive message, innocent, which is why I still prefer to communicate face to face.
  29. Draconis


    I’m getting the feeling that a lot of comments trending towards that view that repurcussions should not be faced have not worked in the states or other countries that have policies like this amongst the companies therein.

    Either that, or it is possible they work in environments that are not corporate in nature and have little experience with Company Social Media policies.

    I mean, those policies exist because companies can get into a crap ton of Legal Trouble just from a single employee flying off the handle in a bad way on social media or even in public. One reason amongst many.

    It sucks yes in many ways, but that is our world in the social media environment we are in.
  30. newmoneytrash


    are you really comparing a game developer to the fucking president?

    like what purpose does this post serve
  31. The Deep End

    The Deep End
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    I did that because when I read her tweet about Total Biscuit around the time of his death... when many in the industry, twitch and in gaming in general were mourning his passing. She and a few others were relishing the passing of man who has struggled these last few years along. Seeing a close member of my family go through cancer treatment and still struggling makes me think this woman is a not even human for tweeting something like that. Like who does that ?
    With this firing she still hasn't apologized to Deroir who did nothing wrong , most likely the same with the TB tweet.
  32. take_marsh


    Sure, you can do that.
  33. Kinthey


    lol, sure.
  34. AuthenticM


    fantastic post
  35. PhazonBlonde

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    It's telling where people's focus is at. Like if the first reaction a person has after reading the story is "well it was her fault!" that kinda is sad
  36. Opto


    Women need to thank me for my non-expert opinion on game narratives. Do women even play video games?
  37. Branduil

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    "Person" huh. Might want to be careful, your whistle is becoming fairly audible.
  38. Trump is the GODDAMN president of a country. That's why he can't block people on his account.

  39. Deleted member 15326

    Deleted member 15326
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    I guess people think th only reason she was disciplined was because of gamergate pressure and not because she very publicly insulted a customer
  40. Vela


    “The influence of a hate mob is overstated”

    Have you seen what is going on *right now*? People are getting targeted in social media by this hate mob. And what lead to Price getting called in by her shitty cowardly boss? Targeted campaigns.

    Why did you think it “blew up”? And what about Arenanet at the very least considering the fucking ramifications of emboldening a hate mob who hate and targets outspoken women in games?
  41. Janna OP

    Janna OP

    Price did not act professionally on a public platform that is linked to ArenaNet by her own choice. It's extremely similar to the Tyler1/RiotSanjuro drama from a while back, except that the role of Sanjuro has been taken by Price. The inability for people to look past Price's gender and think of her as a victim when they wouldn't bat an eye if the roles were reversed, as they haven't in the past, is pure schadenfreude.
  42. bad_carbs


    or you know, just try not be an asshole in general.
  43. Heckler456


    Before the age of 18, I had been bullied literally my whole life. Me being a sourpuss to everyone would certainly be explained by my history, but it sure doesn't excuse it. Same with this case. There was objectively no reason for her to be that mean. And from the way she's coming at this after getting fired, it sure doesn't seem like she was all that amenable in any way either.
  44. Kinthey


    If it's that's easy to throw you off then you probably shouldn't interact publicly with customers. That's something that goes for all genders
  45. BeeKaine

    Banned Member

    People being harassed would have never ever, in the history of the internet, happen without this specific event.

    Insulting a content creator?

    Y'know, the event that happened first?
  46. HellofaMouse


    "asshat" in context can be pretty bad, like unprovoked, and in response to a polite comment for example.
  47. Dennis8K


  48. Gotdatmoney


    Can you point me to what is happening to her since the firing? I've read the Eurogamer and PC Gamer articles in the opening and I largely am unsure what the major controversy is. Has something else occurred?
  49. Parvaati


    Wow. Seeing a few of you post back-to-back is like looking through the house of mirrors at a carnival. Absolutely insane.

    That isn’t what happened.
  50. Kumquat


    That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.