The Dow is down AKA Stock Market Watch 2020. Update: Pump before the dump.


Oct 25, 2017
I know, I should be satisfied. Just hindsight is making me greedy seeing where it's at now. I've seen spikes like this in the past, and it eventually drops back down to sub $2. If the news starts to slow down, I could see it dropping down again... but this time feels different. Due to this virus, this may be this stock's chance to really climb now. Money aside, obviously I hope it does turn out to be an effective treatment for the virus.
curious if I should buy a handful more lol. got 30 bucks in my account left to spend.

limiting myself to 1000 outside my roth til I see how I do lol


Jul 25, 2018
Anyone thinking stocks will drop more? I wanna get more VTI for about $85 or so.
My expectation is a decline in the near term to the recent lows, so about 11% more down from here. I doubt we'll make new lows though. Italy and Spain are past the peak, and everyone is waiting for the US to reach the peak and that will be the catalyst to rally. There's just too much stimulus, an obscene amount of stimulus. There's also a ton of bad news coming though, and a test of the recent lows would be healthy imo.

The new 30 days guideline is optimistic though. If the US peak is two to three weeks from now, it'll take another three or four weeks before the whole country can open back up. Trump will probably push for it to be sooner though, which will lead to more outbreaks and more localized shutdowns, for which he'll hand-wave away as being the States problem and he takes no responsibility.


Oct 25, 2017
Great podcast with the Zoltan Poszar and Perry Mehrling discussing funding issues.

Perry has a free online course on Money and Banking if anyone is interested, they sure as shit didn't teach it this way a decade ago, he's a great listen. Not sure how the material is presented in today's classroom, but Eurodollar was never discussed in a traditional Money & Banking course when I was in school, you'd have to take an International Finance course to become familiar with it. Prof Mehrling does a good job blending the two together.