The DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment attachment is available now


Oct 25, 2017
I will say I wish we could map the screenshot button to one of them.
I think I would be more inclined to agree if the share capture was instant like it is on PC. With PS4, the delay you get between tapping the button and the image saving means it is a more finicky process to get that exact shot you want usually. At least with Pro. So most times I am just standing still instead and holding the button to go straight to 'Share Image' to make sure I actually got what I wanted to get.


Apr 6, 2018
The buttons are slightly too bulky imo by extending too far out wide. I keep hitting the ends of them accidentally with my ring fingers positioned where I would naturally rest them.


Oct 27, 2017
Sure. I have both and the Strikeforce paddles just never got comfortable to me. Their placement just got in my way more than these. I like that on these paddles there is a very small area where you actually need to press. You can actually rest your hands on the middle of the paddles comfortably with these. That said, you won't have any turbo functionality on these like you do with Strikeforce paddles. So I still switched back to that for MH Steamworks during the latest Event there.
Thanks, SF paddles only felt akward the first 30 mins to me, I was like "really this is where they placed them?". But very quickly they became natural and I dont think I have ever accidentally hit them or anything. Main thing that has me intrested in the Sony ones, is that it is wireless, and I dnt have to do a whole process and order of plugging things in liek you do with the SF ones. But I am a bit worried the buttons might feel too bulky or be in an odd location or length.


Dec 16, 2017
Been using this on PC and I love it. I hope Steam or some hobbyist finds a way to map extra inputs onto them instead of mirroring the face buttons.
I seriously doubt it. Unless it's communicating with the system, which we have no reason to believe it is, it won't be possible to do this. It is literally just duplicating the inputs you assign.


Oct 27, 2017
I haven't play-tested mine yet, but that's how I feel the Scuf controllers are. I have to really practice to get used to NOT hitting those paddles, because of how I'm used to gripping the controller. I don't know if the Elite is any better/different, but I would imagine that's just an inherent characteristic of paddle-controllers.
My modded controller is similar to the Scuf regarding the paddles position, and i didn't have much trouble with them because they are on the back of the controller and not on the "horns" themselves (if i look at the controller i can see the paddles under each stick), so i can still grab the "horns" comfortably, or at least more than with the BBA.

But in the end is just practice and rewiring the brain a little bit.


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
Sony really fucked up with this. A controller attachment few asked for that gives a considerable advantage in competitive games, undershipped so it is only available at scalper pricing for weeks - released at the tail end of the generation.