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Oh well, what the hell?
Oct 25, 2017
Official Staff Communication
While we do not usually entertain coordinated trolling campaigns, this one is egregious enough that we are happy to clarify things for the benefit of our members: This is an attempt at retaliation for a ban. The member who posted this material was permanently banned from ResetEra for repeatedly trolling topics related to bigotry:

Not long after their permanent ban, the member DM'd staff accusing people in a Discord server (which staff have no part in managing) with highly inflammatory accusations. The Discord server in question was created by community members to discuss video game sales that range from NPD numbers to Media Create sales results. At the time they presented only a few screenshots as proof, which did not seem to support the claims. After a review of the member's bans made it clear that this was likely a revenge troll attempt, communications were cut.

At least some of the new screenshots appear to have been conveniently cropped / dishonestly framed to make the intent of certain statements look completely different. For example one user was made to look like he was saying he loves Europe's lower age of consent, when he was actually replying to a conversation about the French dub of Metal Gear Solid. However, as the result of our own research and reports from members in good faith, we have issued some permanent bans for members who exhibited inappropriate off-site activity. This has always been our procedure.

The original screenshots now appear to have been taken down; we'd like to be clear that we did not request their removal. We do not know who took them down or for what reasons.

While it's more than a little upsetting that anyone would try to leverage a topic like this for petty revenge, we feel that any reasonable observer will recognize it as just that. We are not interested in lending it any more oxygen than it has already received.
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