The Game Awards GOTY nominees revealed

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Ghost, Nov 14, 2017 at 10:02 AM.

  1. Conkerkid11

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  2. Phantom Thief

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    Just salty that Zelda didn’t get a pity win
  3. Maximo

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    Game Of The Year have always been like this.
  4. Ennsa

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    I don't really mind Nier Automata not being in more categories even though I feel it should.

    What does bother me is 9S/Kyle McCarley not being nominated for best performance. Most of the others on that list don't come close.
  5. Imp the Dimp

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    Skyrim beating Dark Souls legit hurt my feelings. You people were just wrong and you know it.
  6. These threads should be prefixed with a big "REMINDER: GOTY literally does not matter" in flashing letters at the top of every page.
  7. Tpallidum

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    Whether or not you consider it a fully fledged game is irrelevant. That will vary person to person and depend a lot on expectations before release.

    Yes, it is sold as service like all F2P but the entry fee is everything. Games as a service is not necessarily f2p but f2p is almost always games as a service when it comes to multiplayer games
  8. Hazz3r

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    Just because you think that a full priced release doesn't have enough content to justify the price tag doesn't make it a Free-To-Play game. Value is a completely subjective topic when it comes to Video Games.
  9. Heartskips

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    Would make more sense than some popular games getting in and others not for arbitrary reasons. Many mobile games have even more players than PUBG and probably make more money too if we're going by this metric.
  10. More_Badass

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    I’m surprised they have Wolfenstein and RE in a category for “innovation in game direction and design“. They’re great games, but they don’t do anything particularly new or innovative in their design
  11. Maximo

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    Im not touching this one...
  12. TheDarkKnight

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    I would have liked to see Yakuza 0 get a nomination somewhere

    Guilty Gear Rev 2 should have gotten a nomination. Even if it’s just another revision.
  13. RadioToxic

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    You know, I'd love to live in an alternate reality where that's actually a possibility. I really do.
  14. Flecko

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    the crown will be for Super Luigi´s Brother Odyssey
  15. Dr. Caroll

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    Or Alien: Isolation.
    Or Far Cry 4.
    Or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
    Or Wolfenstein: The New Order.
    Or Child of Light.
    Or The Evil Within.
    Or South Park: The Stick of Truth.
    Or any number of great games.

    I sometimes wonder whether people who say things like, "2012/13/14/15/16/17 was a bad year for games" actually, you know, play games. How do people... fail to remember the actual games that were released in a particular year?

    Also, Dragon: Age Inquisition is an open world third person RPG with strong writing and has an actual character creator. That isn't exactly common. It's overall a very decent game, and a decent GOTY contender. No matter how much some people hate it. It's basically like getting pissy at the notion of Final Fantasy XII being a GOTY candidate.
  16. henhowc

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    I actually recognized the fake mustache guy but from brief snippets I've seen of him he sounds like an asshole (guess maybe that's his gimmick tho?) so I automatically eliminated him. I'd hate for someone like that to win as he defended PewDiePie using the n- word.
  17. Aigis

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    Ya, I dont think it has much of a chance to be honest

    -aigis, imo
  18. Courage

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    RE7 VR is pretty innovative as a breakthrough horror game in VR.
  19. VaporSnake

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    I'd say RE being the first 'real' game developed with VR in mind counts for that. Haven't played it myself, but people make it sound like they really made it work.
  20. Dunban

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    I remember the odd prediction here and there towards the start-middle of the year that PUBG would win GotY. Definitely doesn't seem so implausible now.

    I'm backing BotW (although I haven't played Persona yet, so that's perhaps unfair) - but a PUBG win would be utterly hilarious. There will be much popcorn ahead either way.

    Also, no Divinity is a bummer.
  21. ViewtifulJC

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    Do you think any of those games would be voted consensus GOTY by the gaming press, which is what this conversation was about

    I mean Child of Light? Evil Within? The South Park RPG? A fuckin' Sledgehammer Game(the worst of the three CoD devs) annual CoD entry???
  22. Fair enough - I was sort of viewing P5 as taking up the possible spot for jRPGs, in which case I think Nier:A is notably better, but the more the merrier!
  23. SchrodingerC

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    So happy Hellblade got numerous nominations! Imo, it should win for best audio design, Performance and Impact.
  24. Hazz3r

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    I mean, Pokemon GO won both Family Game and Mobile/Handheld last year. If it didn't get GOTY nomination (which it didn't) it's because it didn't receive enough nominations.
  25. Derrick01

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    Don't remind me of that travesty of a year. What an embarrassment it was making those two games goty.

    I mean they kind of are? The games nominated, especially in the goty category, were all over 90 or hovering very close to 90 with the exception of the early access game. Given that the judges are all from the gaming press you can kind of see how there's a cycle at work here.
  26. Remapped88

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    No Yakuza 0 nominations is some serious bullshit.
  27. I can agree to that. It seems I may have over reached with the F2P angle.
  28. Aigis

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    huh, maybe its good I dont know them lol. Usually this category I dont do too bad with, most of the time its popular youtubers or journalists gone rogue. Even if I dont watch them I at least know who they are, this year im at a loss though lol.

    -aigis, imo
  29. Uno Venova

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    Mario is literally the only choice that wouldn't result in mountains of salt.

    So I'm rooting for literally anything but that
  30. Solid

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    How much do you actually know about PUBG?
  31. Dr. Caroll

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    They're all fair candidates.

    Fantastic game.

    One of the best licensed games ever made.

    Just because you don't like Advanced Warfare doesn't mean it wasn't an incredible game. Its campaign garnered significant praise for a reason. That's what a lot of this boils down to. "I don't like this game, so this game shouldn't be considered GOTY."
  32. Makes sense. I always didn't like the idea of the $40 entrance fee for Overwatch but with what you said, it now makes more sense to me. Thanks for clarifying it for me.
  33. ZeoVGM

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    Jesus. This is only the nomination thread and we're already having meltdowns.
  34. Solid

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    To be fair, that wasn't the question.
  35. sinonobu

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    Arena of Valor and FGO were robbed.
  36. FromAshesRise

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    Quite a lot since I have friends that stream it. I respect how big the game has grown, but I think the game is complete shit.
  37. samred

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    I'm really bummed that the other voters didn't put Statik into the running for Best VR Game. Solid noms list otherwise. Happy that Tooth & Tail and Pyre broke through, though I'd have loved to see Pyre in the "best sports" category, since it's one of the best three-on-three team video games of all freaking time.
  38. VZ_Blade

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    Zelda/Mario should win, but deep inside I want PUBG to take the title simply due to the amount of chaos that it will generate.
  39. Dr. Caroll

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    I'm saying they were fair candidates to be voted GOTY by the press. These games were a little divisive at times, but also garnered praise from the press. How do you think Dragon Age 3 won GOTY? Because enough people loved it despite its flaws. The same is true of many games that win GOTY.
  40. Aigis

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    Atua knows that it would have made my job for best sports game a lot easier :P

    -aigis, imo
  41. Amaterasu

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    None of the videos I've seen of pubg screams "quality" to me.
  42. Solid

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    You have absolutely no idea at all what you're talking about. The post you responded to had no logical fallacies. Your post, however, is built upon one. You can think that Nier is a better game than PUBG. Whether it's more important than PUBG isn't even up for debate. It's not. And if you believe otherwise, that doesn't make you just another person with an opinion. That makes you ignorant, period.

    You think Nier is more important in the greater context of the game industry than PUBG. There is not one angle from which you could successfully and convincingly make that argument. Simply calling it an opinion is a cop-out, and considering it a better game IS an opinion, nothing but, and has no bearing on whether the game is more important than PUBG at all.
  43. henhowc

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    No fighting games in the esports categories. Fighting games am cry ;(
  44. FromAshesRise

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    So when you can't respond to a post without hyperbole and strawman arguments and I call you on it - that's a meltdown now?
  45. Psychoward

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    Video games are an interactive medium...
  46. [​IMG]
  47. Aigis

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    Knack 2 was snubbed

    -aigis, imo
  48. Datajoy

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    Closing in on 50 pages? Ok I take back my prediction from that other thread, PUBG winning this GOTY would definitely cause the first ERA meltdown lol.
  49. go play it