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Oct 25, 2017
I’m pretty sure they’ve said more than a few times that the Medium Place is real.

What we’ll probably find out is that the accountants said she earned enough points, but the stuck up snobs in the good place didn’t want a coke head so they schemed up the Medium place to get rid of her. In fact, I bet there are other medium places.
Oct 25, 2017
Took an extra week to watch this episode, but it was pretty great!

I feel like the problem with the point system may not even be intentional manipulation, or at least not continued manipulation. The way their point system works is that every act, possibly (probably?) regardless of context, will always get the same points it got the first time. This means that if, say, a single now extremely common act was given ridiculously negative points the first time it was done - when it was uncommon and unexpected to the rest of society - that score would be given to every single person even once it became common and totally normal, dooming everyone. Or if that one act’s grading was rigged, obviously.

I do wonder about Mindy’s charity starting because that would probably be a thing that’s not so uncommon that only she would get the tons of points. And I guess you’d expect a lot of kids to get in, especially like... terminally ill kids who start charities...? Hmm.
Oct 30, 2017
Just caught up.

I wish the episodes were longer and the season had more episodes/

Possibly the best thing on TV.

Stellar stuff. Was particularly moved by the Tahani and her sister episode