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The Good Place S3 |OT| Stick a Fork In It We're Ready - Thursdays 9:30/8:30c

Oct 27, 2017
I think the implications of how they handle the point system really don't work if you were to actually break it all down. That being said, they're handling it well, and I'm curious to see if we're going to get some kind of twist in the next episode that will set up season 4.

It seems like we could have more of Maya Rudolph next season, and that would definitely be a win in my book.
Oct 26, 2017
Last episode was amazing, the show is 100% back on form. Can't wait to see next episode. It's the series finale, so shit is crashing down.

I was expecting him to dab lol
The show is too on point to go back to an old trend lol

I'm so glad we're back to neighbourhood shenanigans. Hopefully the main cast won't get reset again ever and let them grow like Jason did this episode.
Seeing it being rebuilt gave me a real lump in my throat. I didn't object to the Earthbound stuff as much as some others did, but holy moly, it's good to be back, and I'm really excited now to see where this is going.

Last season it kind-of worked out that the finale was in the penultimate episode, pretty much, with the actual final episode really feeling more like establishing the new status quo going forwards. I wonder if we're going to be looking at that again this time around, with this being the narrative climax of this season, and the next episode will have some of the flavour of what's to come.

I was really amused by the fact that the episode title just refers to a throwaway gag that had little to do directly with the narrative.

Curious if Derek's now technically more advanced than her, hasn't he had more resets? Still, that came from a... lower base level!

I need to catch up with the podcast (I got a couple of episodes into the Season 3 breakdowns), but thanks to it I picked up on the Niednagel's name right away.
since he was probably 1% of what Janet is even his 500k resets doesn't touch Janet's 800~ resets. I'd say he's like 30% of Janet.
We have to assume Janet Prime wasn't perfect to begin with