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The Intercept: As Democratic Elites Reunite With Neocons, the Party’s Voters Are Becoming Far More Militaristic and Pro-War Than Republicans

Oct 25, 2017
Hillary too was against gay marriage until she changed her mind. Tulsi changed her mind. Its like politicians can change their minds.
There's a big difference between being wishy-washy about supporting gay marriage and actively leading a campaign to ban it after it became legal in 1999 in Hawaii while slamming those who disagree with her as members of a homosexual conspiracy.

This comment either reveals your ignorance of the topic or your fundamental dishonesty. Let me know which!
Oct 25, 2017
Nov 15, 2017
This comment either reveals your ignorance of the topic or your fundamental dishonesty. Let me know which!
Logically I would have to be ignoring the issue on purpose or willfully lying, since I'm not consciously doing either then the answer is No to both. But I think you've already decided for yourself so that's moot. Tulsi as a young politician is not going to be President in 2020, she does however have time to prove through experience if she has indeed 'changed' or not on these matters in the years to come, but that's up to Hawaii regardless.

As I seem to keep having to post, combining social programs with revoking civil rights for specific classes of individuals is not a progressive platform, it's a herrenvolk one.
I think what you trying to say that she is lying perhaps. I could see that stance, lots of politicians lie. I'm not sure where people think she revokes civil rights since at least 2012.
  • In 2012, when running for Congress, Gabbard apologized to LGBT activists in Hawaii for her past comments.
  • Since joining Congress in 2013, Gabbard has supported efforts to promote LGBT equality, including co-sponsoring pro-LGBT legislation like The Equality Act, a bill to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to protect LGBT individuals.
I haven't read of Mike Pence apologizing.
Oct 25, 2017
So you support American military who bombs innocent civillians on the daily?
Yes, that's a reasonable, logical conclusion to take away from my criticism of Tulsi Gabbard.


No, you reductive dolt, I believe that you can rightly criticize American military adventurism without the need to defend and apologize for tyrants like Bashar al Assad when they intentionally mass murder their citizens with nerve gas attacks. Just like Donald Trump, Tulsi Gabbard has a record of defending authoritarian war makers because those war makers are against the American military establishment. Just like Donald Trump (and apparently you), she has a zero-sum view of foreign policy. Your idiotic, reductive argument that I must either "support Tulsi Gabbard or be in favor of bombing innocent civilians" is the stupidest thing I've read all morning. But, then again, I haven't read Trump's tweets and or any of your other posts yet, so there's still plenty of opportunity to surpass that stupidity.