The Jedi/Sith are boring.

Oct 25, 2017
This is my main gripe with Star Wars. Nothing trumps a Jedi. When a Jedi is on screen, all non Jedi combatants are rendered useless. There is no in universe being as powerful as the Jedi/Sith. Lucas had a fantastic opportunity to rectify this with Grievous, but her got nerfed before he even got to the movie (by a Jedi who didn't even fight him! Force crush. Yawn.)

When I watched the OT, I thought being a Jedi was about more that the sword. Yoda never even touches one in Empire, and all of his lessons to Luke have to do with the Force, not the Laser Sword. Conversely, Palpatine calls the Light Saber a "Jedi weapon" and seemingly has no use for it, as his force powers alone are far mightier than some stupid sword. Fast forward to the PT and both characters are swinging away. It's so boring.

How does the series fix this? I think it's simple - make Jedi/Sith characters who fight strictly with the Force. Not every Jedi needs a Light Saber. Also, it would be nice to see a non Jedi character who can hang with or even best a Jedi in battle.

*Starts countdown to somebody saying "well, in the expanded universe..."
Part of the problem with the PT onwards. The Jedi & Sith were actually extremely interesting in the OT and part of what made them interesting was that their powers were reasonably limited.

Obi-Wan & Vader's first fight was methodical and limited in movement ; partially because of age, and partially because it wasn't meant that the Jedi & Sith could necessarily use the Force to do absurdly fast, ridiculous movements & flips.

Despite being an ultra powerful Sith Lord, Vader merely was an exceptional pilot in his Tie Advanced, and he wasn't doing insane super-moves like PT Anakin or ST Poe.

Yoda got tired out while lifting Luke's X-wing out of the swamp --- it wasn't just age ; use of the Force took extreme focus & effort.

Countless other examples.

The mystique of the Jedi & Sith, as established in the OT and with the bounds on their strength limited, were extremely interesting. IMO, TPM started the downward trend, and AOTC significantly accelerated it, with the Arena battle, crazy-man Yoda vs. Dooku etc.

The Clone Wars, Rebels, and the ST have all taken those less interesting aspects of the PT and run with them ----- right off a cliff.