The Jimquisition: Credit Where Credit's Due


Oct 25, 2017
User warned: modwhining
Watching this thread as am super intrigued if all the folks who said its a bad take will end up explaining why it is a bad take and/or share more constructive ideas in how can people get more credits outside the movie/ music/ game industry
Dogpiling has to be the single most annoying thing that happens on Era. You just have to let everyone else know that you're on the right side on this issue, even if you have nothing meaningful to add to the discussion. It's especially annoying when it happens after a poster was already banned. But in this case it wasn't even anything against the rules.

God forbid someone challenges your preconceived notions and makes you think for a second about them, even if at the end you continue holding the same beliefs, which is exactly what happened in my case.

EDIT: Damn, first post in a new page. Yikes. Not a good look. smh dude


Dec 3, 2018
I legitimately don't understand why creatives get credit, no matter the medium. When you park your car you don't get to read a list of all the engineers who were involved in designing, engineering, manufacturing, etc. it.... Your jeans don't have a long sign in the back listing all the children's hands that helped sew it together...

everyone is entitlted to the fruits of their labour, not just people working in Film/TV & Video Games.
It’s how you build you resume in the industry.


Nov 3, 2017
Would this not be just as applicable to all other industries?
I’m telling you why it’s important in this industry for people to have their names in the credit since you don’t know it’s practical use and value and thought it’s just something to make people feel happy.

What “other industry” do has no bearing on this and doesn’t somehow invalidate it.