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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2020 [US/Europe; later in Japan]


Nov 11, 2018
This most likely means Ys IX is coming over and NISA will make a Switch version of that as well.

Ys VIII did really well on Switch, I heard.


Oct 25, 2017
So what all games provide context then?
The only place to play all of them in English is on PC.

Actually the series is more connected that the MCU so basically all of them.
Trails in the Sky FC (PSP, PC for English ) , SC and the 3rd (PC for English release)
Zero and Ao no Kiseki (Fan translation for English on PC)
CS1 and 2 (Vita , PS3 , PC and PS4 for English)

I played half of them in Chinese (Official localization) and half of them in English on various platforms (PC, PSP, Vita, PS4)
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Oct 25, 2017
What did they do?
I know Falcom always had that issue of "no localization allowed until it's out in Japan" because of spoiler-phobia but how bad has things gotten?
The spoiler phobia argument doesn't hold water when Falcom openly posts spoilers on their twitter account. They work on the games very close up to the release with all devs on board, so they can't also work on the ports.

Kondo decided he wanted to sell his games to his buddy at NIS.


Oct 30, 2017
Hopefully new Nintendo fans will jump on even if this Is the 3rd title of cold steel saga.
Because new fans Is always good, even if most online falcom fans di not think about It lol.
Also yes playing every title of trails pays off, but It people want to jump onwards why not? More fans Is always better, always


Nov 7, 2018
Definitely a Day 1 pre-order for me. Played Cold Steel 1 & 2 on Steam and I want these games to be more succesful so I'll definitely be showing my support. See the light Falcom!


Oct 25, 2017
Honestly, the only ports we need are Cold Steel 1 and 2 and maybe, just maybe, a passing knowledge of some of the plot points of the other games (2 of which never seen the light outside Japan beyond a fan-translation)

LIke, Cold Steel 1 and 2 are perfectly enjoyable games on their own and if you do like them then they would make you want to play the other games of the series.


Oct 27, 2017
Another thread were people seem convinced that Switch owners couldn't possibly own other system or have had access to play past games in the series already.

There are plenty of people that prefer to play these kind of games in a portable esp. coming from PSP/Vita.

Would 1+2 on Switch be great sure - same way KH 1+2 and other Collections on Xbox would have been nice there before KH3.....this doesn't mean that no one playing the game on Xbox hasn't had the chance to play previous titles in the series before.

Switch is just one of multiple gaming systems people interested in these games night likely own....it's the most recent and popular one right now, so it's a target.


Oct 25, 2017
The Netherlands
Love this news! It's weird they aren't bringing 1 and 2 first, though, but as something who played them already, I can live with it personally.

Definitely a strange business decision not to bring the first two. Do hope this also makes YS IX likely for a day and date release on Switch!


Oct 27, 2017
Well, whoever makes the OT for this port better write down all the stuff needed to know from at least Cold Steel 1 and 2. ^^

You know what? Better start writing right now, good luck! ^^


Oct 25, 2017
NISA better have different UI sizes for handheld and docked. Some of that shit is barely visible on a TV screen, and it's gonna be straight up illegible on the handheld screen.


Oct 27, 2017
I played the first two CS games on Vita, so this seems like a natural jump forwards to me as a portable-only player. Still, I wasn’t that impressed with CS2 so I’ll check out some reviews for CS3 first. At first glance I’m not overly fond of losing the original cast I grew to (mostly) like over two games either, but I suppose at least a largely new main cast provides something of a jumping-on point, so I don’t blame them.


Jan 27, 2019
This came out of nowhere. I'm really hoping the other games get ported as well, especially the Sky trilogy (Crossbell localization too please)

Can you play this one without playing the others?
You can if you really want to, but there's a lot you'll be missing out on, especially since characters from all across the series appear in the game.

Though, it can be fun to start making those connections when playing the other games, but I personally don't recommend it.
Oct 25, 2017
It isnt like this port will change anything about the existence of a PC port. Switch getting a port isnt a middle finger to anyone. Honestly it seems some people are just bitter that this game is available on more platforms.
I'm OK with the game being on more platforms, I'm not OK as someone who has all the games of the series on PC not having a port announced for it, if it's ever happening at this point.

A lot of people feared NISA would skip PC release and it's proving to be true.


Oct 30, 2017
... Why Cold Steel 3 instead of Sky? I was just waiting for the series to come to the Switch so I could start it lol
Because new titles have better grapichs and gameplay which could capture the interest of new fans and the ps4 market Is fading with ps5 news already.
Old fans already follow falcom on the platform they release the game on (most of them) and so releasing Sky would only make happy few fans. Nisa(not falcom) aims for a bigger new crowd

Arcana Wiz

Oct 26, 2017
EDIT: this was a reply to someone asking if you can start with this one. But my cellphone really don't want to let me quote it.

Some fans will say that you absolutely HAVE to play everything, I can understand since Trails it's unique in it connected storyline across all games. (Kinda like the MCU)

BUT, to ask to everyone to play all games is kinda unreasonable... And the first one was released in 2000, so it's like almost 18 years if games to play the newest one. (But I have to defend that the Sky arc is the best one and Estelle is one of the best MCs in JRPGs ever)

YOU CAN start with the first game of all arcs and not be lost, just don't mash the skip button and read the text and you will be fine... since the story of trails series it's it main drawn it's what you would probably do.

The arcs on trails series are the following:

Sky - Sky 2 (picks just after Sky 1 ends) - Sky 3 (this one it's a epilogue kinda of game that set some plot points that are being resolved in Cold Steel 3)

Zero no Kiseki - Ao no Kiseki (sequel)
(these are PSP games that were never released in the west, a good fan translation is close to be released and a serviceable of Ao is already available)

Cold Steel 1 - Cold Steel 2 (direct sequel)- Cold Steel 3 (sequel with a timeskip) - Cold Steel 4 (direct sequel).

So you can start with CS1, Zero or Sky 1. If you start with a newer arc you just will lose some references. And don't think you will be lost about older characters because they always do some recap when reintroducing them (Hey it's X he is famous for Y and fights with W combat style and is from Z country).

Lastly, there is a small problem with CS3 that becomes bigger with CS4. These final two games want to close story points from Zero+Ao AND CS1 + CS2. And a lesser extent from Sky 2+3.
So you can play CS3 with just CS1 and CS2. But it's just like watching Avengers Endgame just watching the bigger avengers movies. For example I watched it without seeing Ant-Man, but I wasn't completely lost because they explained many times about the technology and why Antman was in another dimension, I just lost some jokes with him and didn't completely understand his last scene reunited with his companions. CS3 and CS4 without Ao+Zero will be something like that.

Starting with CS3 is like watching Endgame for your first avengers movie. Paying attention makes you able to understand the movie main story... but you will lose every reference about what people love in these characters. So I can't recommended to start with this one. Like I said early, at least you have to play CS1 and CS2.
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Oct 25, 2017
Cool for those who don't have another means of playing this. Just beat this last night and it was fantastic, though playing through all the previous games is almost a must imo.
Oct 27, 2017
Honestly? Shout out to NISA for actually having a video of the gameplay along with this announcement, unlike with Ys VIII where it took forever to get Switch gameplay and they kept showing off PS4 footage when marketing the Switch version.


Nov 26, 2017
Because NISA is handling this and not XSeed
ask the people who has the rights to that, XSeed
Sky trilogy and Cold Steel 1&2 is XSEED. NISA only has the rights to CS3 and Ys VIII, concerning Falcom games.
Ah. I see. That's a shame. I'll be waiting for some more time then, as I really want to experience this the right way, this seems to be a very special franchise.


Oct 27, 2017
I remember hoping that they would bring the first two and this one to Switch a while back. Looks like they can't do the first two because of xseed.

Anyway, 720p docked kind of sucks but handheld is the real star. Game was never a looker so I'm sure it will look great on Switch.


Oct 28, 2017
If there are no performance issues, I'd rather get it on the Switch. Portability for these kind of games are a godsend for me.
Oct 27, 2017
For those who haven't picked up the PS4 version, which would you go for? I'm having trouble deciding personally.

The PS4 version has 1080p resolution and is 60 frames per second.

And while the Switch version is 720p resolution and 30 frames per second, it has all the DLC for free which if you wanted it on PS4 would be about $45 altogether on PS4, and the portability would be nice for those segments where it's just dialogue, and nothing but.

Would love to hear y'all's opinions.