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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker T-Shirts coming to Travis Strikes Again


Dec 28, 2017
Between this, the Zelda 2 shirt and the two Majora's Mask shirts, I'm seriously starting to question how much clout Suda has over at Nintendo

Oct 25, 2017
no more heroes 3 taking place in NCL's headquarters and you have to rip your way through the boss and force him to fund the sequel


Alt account
Jan 7, 2019
Is this game worth buying? The physical edition can be had for under £20 at the moment.


Oct 28, 2017
You mind if I consolidate everything into a single thread ? Just so the focus is on the trailer of DLC2 that was on stream


Oct 25, 2017
well it was one of the first games Nintendo announced for Switch, they like it for some reason
it's not too hard to see why. it's a rare M-rated series that started on and gained popularity on Nintendo systems. it's also why they gave the Senran Kagura series stage presence at the switch reveal (fat lot of good that did).

it really wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo has intentions of heavily pushing No More Heroes 3 if they aren't already funding it themselves, Bayonetta style