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The Marvel Cinematic Universe | Far From Home Is Phase 4

Oct 25, 2017
Endgame is less than a week away but I want to post my (likely incorrect) hypothesis for who JB Smoove and Remy Hii are playing in Far From Home--I think they're Hydro-Man and Molten Man, respectively, and are in on whatever Mysterio's conspiracy is. I'm guessing they're school employees who are hired by Mysterio to keep track of Spider-man for whatever reason and he has them transformed into their elemental forms by special effects or experiments or something.

Watch this almost certainly be wrong.

EDIT: Meant Far From Home, not Homecoming...
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KInd of a shame. The Phase 3 announcement was the greatest hype moment of all time. I still rewatch it for nostalgia sometimes because I'm weird that way.
But the problem with that is things can change the further out the movies are and it sounds like they don't want to get roped into announcing something for 2023 or 2024 that's going to end up changing like last time.
Does anyone know when the critics screenings are and when review embargo goes up?
All critic screenings are on Tuesday. Some trade writers might get into the premiere as guests of people going, but the press screenings are all on Tuesday with the embargo lifting at 3pm PST.

Normally (like with CM) they'll do press screenings on the same day as the premiere (and at the same time). With Endgame they're all on Tuesday. Even the people covering the red carpet on Monday night need to wait until Tuesday to see it.
Nov 25, 2017
i rewatched infinity war today.

the only action scenes I liked were hulk vs thanos and the one on titan.

My hope for endgame is that it has more scenes where characters are just talking with one another. It might sound odd but I legit enjoy the non-action scenes in marvel movies over the spectacle.