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The New Zealand shooter’s manifesto shows how white nationalist rhetoric spreads

Nov 16, 2017
How is religion destruction for humanity ?
You see the thing is when bad people have religion believes the act they do always sticks with the religion and people almost always blame the whole religion for few people terrorism That's why people like you think they figured out "HuMAn dEsTRucTioN" code and can "InSPire tTH NeXt geNeRATion".
Religion gives bad people an excuse to do bad things.

I am aware that man is violent by nature but we now live in a modern world where we can all coexist.

Religion divides, you are right, they are wrong. It same thing in politics but your god will give you eternal life if you follow is guidance, it’s more important than human laws.

It’s a topic that is too deep to answer in a post like this.
My English level will be too limited too.

I don’t pretend to have THE answer, to be a messiah that will inspire a next generation.

And this thread is about a fucking monster that killed innocents.
Oct 29, 2017
They aren't your lands, New Zealand was literally invaded and conquered by force.
A concept many people – in many different countries – who claim "their" land don't understand. I worked abroad in the very south of Africa and know firsthand the misconceptions about "land rights by blood". Many cultures, tribes, and people tend to leave out that part where there ancestors came and took by force (not only Europeans were good at that). The main thing is, for these people, you can call it "your" land. Sickening.

Those extremist people only line up the arguments that are in their favor. Gross.
Dec 18, 2017
I started reading it quickly turned into self-important crap and I just stopped reading.

"Am I a racist?" "Do I hate Muslim people?" "Do I want to survive this shooting?" Holy crap who cares.
Oct 28, 2017
You're giving Trump too much credit.
The thing about trump that is absolutely relevant is how he has eliminated accountability. Or at least emboldened racism sexism and bigotry. (Both sides comment)

I really don’t think racist people went anywhere. They have been here all along. KNOWING they have racial issues but understanding society doesn’t accept it.

When he is the president and there is absolutely no accountability it rolls downhill. Trump deserves a huge piece of the blame. The racists are seeing how easy it really is to unite and just plead ignorance to the masses and have their behavior swept under the rug more and more as more racists unite.