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Oct 25, 2017
Video Games
Naw, that was the original release date. It's delayed to late November now iirc
Ah okay that makes sense. Figured there would be more hype if it was that soon.
Ah thanks for pointing that out.

Shenmue III(PS4/PC) by IrishNinja (April 20th, 2019)
August 27th,2019

It would be lovely if you would update these when games get delayed, otherwise I'll delete your claim when the date passes or if I bother to check, it creates unnecessary work. It's part of the deal. Not bothering to update it implies you don't really care about the OT anyway and don't mind if you lose the claim.

from the guidelines

2) You'll update us if you change your mind or when a release date changes! Do so through DM or a post with the new date! If you don't update a claim's release date and the entered post/release date passes, the claim gets deleted. This is solely your responsibility.