The Overwatch League |OT| So Long, and Thanks for All the GOATS! (LIVE)


Nov 17, 2017

It's finally time for a new season of the Overwatch League! Will Jam reign supreme again with the London Spitfires? Well we'll just have to find out!

For those who are new, welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay! But I guess many of you are curious as to what the Overwatch League is! Well:
The Overwatch League, or OWL for short, is the premier Professional E-sports League for Overwatch, organized by Blizzard. The league is known as the first 'truly global professional esports league', featuring franchised teams representing cities from all around the world.

Here are some of the changes!
  • The Atlanta Reign, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, and Washington Justice will join the Atlantic Division.
  • The Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, and Vancouver Titans will join the Pacific Division
  • All teams will play a 28-match schedule this season, down from 40 from the 2018 season.
  • The All-Star Game and other skills competitions will be held between Stages 2 and 3.
  • Stage Finals will be held after Stages 1, 2, and 3. Eight teams will qualify, including the two division leaders in that stage, along with the next six teams in the stage standings regardless of division.
  • For the postseason, the two division winners along with the next best four teams by record, regardless of division, will automatically qualify. Two additional teams will qualify through a play-in tournament between the seventh- through 12th-place teams. Those final eight teams will compete for the league championship in a double-elimination bracket.
  • The prize pool for the 2019 season is $5 million, up from $3.5 million in 2018.
    • Stage Playoffs Prize Pool (for each of Stage 1, 2, and 3):
      • Winner gets $200K
      • Runner-up gets $100K
      • 3rd and 4th place teams get $50K each
      • 5th through 8th place teams get $25K each
    • Season Playoffs Prize Pool:
      • Champion gets $1.1M
      • Runner-up gets $600K
      • 3rd place team gets $450K
      • 4th place team gets $350K
      • 5th and 6th place teams get $300K each
      • 7th and 8th place teams get $200K each
  • The map pool for each stage has been expanded to 12 maps. Here’s the map pool for Stage 1:
What patch?
Season Schedule! (From Liquipedia)
  • Regular Season - Begins February 14th
    • Matches will play out live from the Blizzard Arena each week. All 20 teams will play 28 matches over four five-week stages, for a total of seven matches per stage. Though the season is divided into four stages, wins and losses will count towards teams' full-season records and all-important seeding for the postseason.
      • Stage 1 - February 14th - March 17th, 2019
      • Stage 2 - April 4th - May 5th, 2019
      • Stage 3 - June 6th - July 7th, 2019
      • Stage 4 - July 25th - August 25th, 2019
    • All matches in the Regular Season will consist of four-map sets
    • Each Stage of the Regular Season will have its own 12 map pool.
  • Postseason (Playoffs)
    • After Stage 4 finishes, the top Atlantic and Pacific division teams, along with the next four teams in the standings regardless of division, will automatically qualify for playoffs.
    • The seventh- through twelfth-place teams in the overall standings will also have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. These teams will be pitted against each other in a sudden death tournament, with the top two teams being able to join the playoffs for a total of eight teams.
  • All-Star
    • The 2019 All-Star Weekend will take place in the middle of the Overwatch League Regular Season, during a larger break between Stages 2 and 3. Basically TBA.
The Opening Week schedule!
But AlexFlame116! What about a person like me who wants to watch it on TV?
Way ahead of you! If you have Disney XD, here is the opening week schedule for that channel!

Introducing the Homestand Weekend Series!

Three Overwatch League teams will host games in their home cities: Dallas Fuel, Atlanta Reign, and Los Angeles Valiant!

Dallas Fuel will host matches first on April 27-28, 2019. The location will be Allen Event Center in North Texas, and will include the Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, Paris Eternal, Los Angeles Valiant, and Seoul Dynasty!
The Atlanta Reign will follow afterwards by hosting matches on July 6-7, with the Florida Mayhem, Guangzhou Charge, New York Excelsior, Philadelphia Fusion, Shanghai Dragons, Toronto Defiant, and Washington Justice joining them!
Last but certainly not least, on August 24 to the 25 at The Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Live, we have the Los Angeles Valiant who will be hosting along with the Atlanta Reign, Boston Uprising, Dallas Fuel, Hangzhou Spark, Los Angeles Gladiators, New York Excelsior, Vancouver Titans, San Francisco Shock, and Shanghai Dragons!

The Broadcast Team! (From Liquipedia)

English Broadcast
  • Host:
    • Puckett (Chris Puckett)
  • Interviewers:
    • Mica (Mica Burton)
    • Danny Lim (Danny Lim)
    • Emily (Emily Tang)
  • Analysts:
    • Bren (Brennon Hook)
    • Sideshow (Josh Wilkinson)
    • Soe (Salome Soe Gschwind-Penski)
    • Malik (Malik Forté)
  • Commentators:
    • MonteCristo (Christopher Mykles)
    • DoA (Erik Lonnquist)
    • Uber (Mitch Leslie)
    • Mr X (Matthew Morello)
    • Semmler (Auguste Massonnat)
    • Hexagrams (Robert Kirkbride)
    • Achilios (Seth King)
    • Wolf (Wolf Schröder)
Portuguese Broadcast
  • Commentators:
    • Nevestudão (Thauê Neves)
    • Vecet (Arthur Rage Nogueira)
    • Tonello (Felipe Souza)
    • Ana Xisde (Ana Paula Cardoso)
    • PetarTV (Petar Neto)
    • Demo (Guilherme Ono)
Stream Links!
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Nov 17, 2017
The Teams!
Atlantic Division

Atlanta Reign
EMT0 said:

The Atlanta Reign is a team you really can't go wrong with; memes, talent, heart, they've got it all in spades for a newcomer's team and you can make a case for them being a set of standout rookies in just about any role. Atlanta's provided us with this handy dandy roster reveal(missing Dogman) but in case you want more info, let's start with the most famous of the bunch, the DPS.

Dafran is legendary in the Overwatch community for his aim which has been compared to an aimbot. Controversy, memes, drama, a comeback story, raw talent, an entertaining stream, McDonald's for life; the man's got it all and he could easily make or break this team with how he pans out. As far as the preseason goes? We've been hearing good things about him and it seems like pro play is exactly where he needed to be. Nlaaer is a former CS:Go player who distinguished himself on Last Night's Leftovers(now known as Atlanta Academy) on hitscan heroes, notably Widowmaker and McCree. Dafran's most famous for his tracking on heroes like Soldier and Tracer, and both of these players have their roles on the team to play despite both being listed as 'hitscan'. Finally, we come to Erster, one of the scariest newcomers in the League. Erster has been crushing the opposition in China on Lucky Future Zenith as a flex DPS player and will almost certainly be starting in most metas.

Next, the tanks. Pokpo and Daco are the former tankline of Element Mystic and were hailed as some of the brightest and most consistent players on the team. The duo have preexisting synergy in their favor and have both been taking English classes as part of EM. These two will offer Atlanta a clear edge in teamwork and coordination compared to their fellow newcomer squads starring hybrid roster that will be vital in distinguishing Atlanta on the stage. Next we have Gator, a two way player on Atlanta Academy hailing formerly from GOATS. Yes, he helped create the Great Evil. Aren't you glad he's on your side? Noted for his talents on Reinhart, he's an upcoming talent who'll most likely be called upon as a sub.

And then we get to the supports. Massa is a Gigantti alumni and one of the players many were confused to not see picked up in Season 1; the Mercy Meta did a lot to kill the careers of Lucio mains but that ain't stoppin Massa! It helps that he's got a solid Mercy too. Next we have Kodak, a German player who's the prime candidate for Most Attractive Player that you didn't know you needed and has the OW talent to match. Formerly of 123 and 6nakes, he wowed many on Team Germany in World Cup 2018 and is one of the few players who was signed off their exemplary play then. Finally we have Dogman. Kicked off Last Night's Leftovers for being too memey, half dog half man, and having a smelly bed, our man has come a long way after an astounding run in Contenders Season 3 on Flex Support and has one of the best comeback stories in the Overwatch League. If you needed inspiration in your life, this is your man.
Boston Uprising
Florida Mayhem
Houston Outlaws
Parenegade said:
2018 was a rough year for Optic but it had struck gold in the Overwatch League. Optic’s Houston Outlaws became one of the most popular teams in the league second only to their in state and streamer filled rival the Dallas Fuel. But despite that popularity, they couldn’t match it with on-stage performances. Inconsistency and an inability to play in flanker based metas led to the Outlaws just barely missing out on the Season 1 playoffs. Instead of reshaping the roster like some other teams the Outlaws moved Mendokusaii to a streaming role and Clockwork to an assistant coaching one. Their sole offseason move was trading Smurf from their Academy team to the San Francisco Shock for Danteh, a player long theorized to be a perfect fit for the Outlaws.

With Danteh’s flanker expertise and a leaner more focused roster, the Outlaws are going into Season 2 as major underdogs. Now they’ll have to prove themselves once again in a league that is even tougher than before. But I believe the Outlaws will surprise a lot of people this season.
London Spitfire
Jam said:


The most electrifying franchise in the history of sports entertainment returns for season two as the reigning champions. From their humble beginnings as a fusion of two of the best teams Pre-Overwatch League, including GC Busan after their Royal Road victory at Apex, they were always set to be a force. Though success is far from a formality and takes grit and determination as the team has faced issues with form and injuries but when they get it right they are class above any other team in the League. The front line of Profit and Birdring is one of the deadliest DPS duos in the game's history, matched by their tank team of Fury and Gesture who are the most complimentary tank pairing all being supported by the ever reliable Nus and surprisingly deadly Bdosin. This season sees them joined by Contenders DPS star Guard and Tier 3 player Krillin who is set to show his worth. Previous General Manager Lil Susie has seen herself promoted within Cloud 9 and has been replaced by former Team Manager Robin.

The future looks bright for the boys in blue as they look set to defend their title and continue a dynasty cementing themselves in history as the undisputed Champions of Esports.

New York Excelsior
JayCB said:
Representing the Big Apple itself, NYXL was an Overwatch League season one powerhouse, plowing through teams in the leagues initial stages and ending with an unmatched 39 - 11 win to loss ratio. With a fully stacked crew, including jack of all trades, Libero, the wild-card Widowmaker, Pine, and the leader of the bunch, and best Tracer in the world, Saebyeolbe, they were thought unstoppable - Until tragedy struck. Despite being on top of the league, and the world, NYXL were hit with a deadly case of Sandbagitis after choking on a plate of well grilled Carpe, and it cost them the very thing they worked so hard to achieve, the very thing they deserved above all others. The Overwatch Grand Championship.

But the boys have trained hard and bounced back, and though other teams have made huge sweeping changes, with almost entire rosters being traded out, NYXL have stayed true to it's core roster, only adding two XL2 DPS players, Nenne and Fl0w3r. Pundits and casters have all asked "How will NYXL possibly contend against these brand new, fully stacked teams?"

The NYXL reply? "We have a JJoNak". Ever Upward.
Paris Eternal
Philadelphia Fusion
BDS said:

Everyone counted them out. But after a rocky start to their inaugural season, the Philadelphia Fusion quickly proved themselves to be the scrappiest and most unpredictable team in the Overwatch League. Fighting tooth and nail for every victory, Philly didn't take any game for granted, and slowly people took notice. Yes, they went to map 5 on a regular basis, but they remained committed to keeping their rivals on their toes, and soon became a force to be reckoned with. Every game was a nailbiter, but that just makes their matches more fun to watch and their victories more deserved. They blasted their way straight through to the biggest stage in the league, the underdogs, the number 6 seed that nobody expected to make it the grand finals, and yes, they fell. But that loss will not be forgotten and the boys in orange have returned to remind everyone how they do it in Philly -- starting with London.

Who are the Philadelphia Fusion? While other teams have swapped around their rosters, Philly has a tried-and-true team that doesn't require new blood. You've got Eqo, shotcaller and jack-of-all-trades DPS; Boombox, a flexible support and Zenyatta champ; Poko, a man whose D.Va bombs are so dangerous that he's in violation of nuclear arms treaties; Fragi, the Reinmaster and the only tank in the league who actually looks like one in real life; Snillo, the lovable DPS pillow who is now a two-way player; Neptuno, the main support and vicious battle Mercy; Sado, the tank who will always give Philly a boost when they need it most; Elk, a new support and two-way player for season 2; and...are we forgetting someone? Oops, your head just got splattered all over the pavement by Carpe, the living aimbot who will make sure the last thing you see is his Widow farming your entire team on Lijiang Tower. Of course, Philly's true secret weapon is Chef Heidi, the world-class cook with a mysterious resemblance to Moira who keeps the boys in fighting shape.

This season, Philly is out for blood. They don't dominate every game. They don't even pdomjnate every game. But there's no fun in complete annihilation. Philly works hard for every fight, every map, every game, and every win, and there is no team whose victories are more fulfilling. They're back, and they're coming for the throne that was stolen from them. #IonThePrize
Toronto Defiant
dr.rocktopus said:
The Toronto sports scene is undergoing a culture shift. Longstanding teams such as the NHL's Maple Leafs, the MLB's Blue Jays, and the NBA's Raptors have grown to understand the usefulness of growing from within through scouting and drafting. Developing a strong coaching and support system. Developing talent. Seeing beyond the hype. With few exceptions, Toronto is not really a destination for top-billing free agents. We instead #RiseTogether, as a unit.

It's with this angle that the Defiant were built.

It starts at the top: like with other Toronto sports teams, the Defiant are guided by strong leadership in Bishop. Former coach of the London Spitfire, he notably coached the team during their successful Stage 1 last year.

The Defiant roster doesn't have a ton of flashy names. Neko, an excellent Zen from Boston Uprising, is probably the most well known. The rest of the OWL-experienced talent has potential: Envy is a former off-tank on the Valiant released partway through last season, and Asher, former Tracer-focused DPS for the Gladiators, got pushed aside for other players with a changing meta that required some more flexibility. However, there's value in experience, and these experienced players can help to guide the wildcards on this roster.

Going back to other Toronto sports, remember the sense of unknown of how skilled players like Marner would fare in the NHL? The appearance of Siakam? How we are currently waiting to see if Vladdy can tear up the majors like he's tearing up the minors? How far can these players go?

This is the perspective one needs with the Defiant.

A ton of players are from Korean Contenders team O2 Ardeont. Ivy and Stellar shore up the DPS positions, particularly Ivy with his outstanding Pharah play. Stellar brings depth to the Tracer position. Yakpung is Defiant's main tank, showing proficiency and consistency in Rein and Winston. RoKy, Defiant's Lucio, comes from X6 Gaming, who had some success in Season 2 of Korean Contenders. Rounding it out is Aid, a support main with NA Contenders experience who will beat up scrawny OWL players on the side. Seriously, look at this absolute unit on the right:

It's a roster with a lot of unknowns. Can the Contenders players keep up? How can we deal with so many Tracer players? The only thing we know, is that Toronto is a sports town willing to see these unknowns through.
Washington Justice
TManPlays said:
The Washington Justice is a team new to the Overwatch League in its second season. That being said, it is upholding the long-time standard of DC sports teams being trash fires after getting into controversy regarding employment before their name was even announced. Still, that hasn't kept the Justice from hiring some of the best and brightest in the OWL - their head coach is the one and only WizardHyeong whose expertise led NYXL to a successful first season (if you don't count the playoffs). They've also hired other season 1 veterans like Janus (also formerly of NYXL), Gido (formerly of the Dynasty), and Ado, one of the many bright spots in a very functional season 1 Shanghai Dragons team. Veterans of this caliber can lead the Justice to a multitude of playoff performances just like Bryce Harper led the Nationals to so many World Series.

Rounding out the roster of the Justice are other Koreans Sansam and Hyeonu, and Americans Corey, Stratus, and Fahzix, all of whom will make their OWL debut this season. Odds are already stacked against the Justice as a lot of casters and OWL fans have looked at other DC team's track records and surmised that the Justice will also fail to achieve any success. But this means that maybe Justice will be the underdogs of the season - after all, if everyone expects you to fail the only direction to go from there is up, right? Don't count out the Wizard as coach, maybe he has some special tricks up his sleeves.

And hey, even if the Washington Justice have a less than stellar first season in OWL, at least they can go to bed knowing they're representing DC without a racist team name.
Pacific Division

Chengdu Hunters

Dallas Fuel
i-hate-you said:
This team consisting of a group of players that became household names in Overwatch since beta is the most popular team in the League. This is not only because of famed streamers like xQc, Seagull and Jayne being a part of, or are still part of the organization, but the core of this team comes from the most popular and dominant Western team pre-OWL, Envyus. Envyus holds the honor of being the only Western team to win a tournament in Korea in any e-sport game ever, and have shaped the meta of Overwatch over the years due to excellent and coordinated team play. However, despite coming into the first Season with so much hype, they faltered badly due to lack of a deep coaching staff, and disruption in player ability to play on stage. Problems compounded so hard that they finished bottom 3 in the League.

With many edgy personalities, different nationalities, and washed up players, it's a wonder how this team can ever succeed #burnblue
Guangzhou Charge

Hangzhou Spark
Buttchin-n-Bones said:
One could be convinced that the flashy neon pink-and-blue colours of the team were indicative of an infantile organization, more concerned with aesthetics than with accruing a respectable roster and achieving victory in the OWL. One would be wrong. This nascent team arrives on the scene cloaked in the whispers and rumblings of monstrous talent from both league insiders and their competition. Make no mistake - the Spark is here to start the new season with a bang.

Hangzhou consists of talent from OWC teams Seven; Lucky Future Zenith, the winners of China Overwatch Contenders Season 1; and X6 Gaming, the winners of Korea Overwatch Contenders Season 1. Tank duo Ria and NoSmite, DPS player GodsB, and Support player Bebe hail from X6; DPS duo Bazzi and Adora, and Support player Revenge come from Seven; and rounding out the Korean portion of the roster is the Support player iDK from LFZ. Already decorated champions, the backbone of Hangzhou's roster relies on these outrageously talented players that have been tested in the crucible of OWC and came out even sharper.

Rounding out the team are two star players from the Overwatch World Cup's Team China: DPS player Krystal and the pre-eminent breakout main tank player, Guxue. These two first showed the world what the heretofore disregarded region of China really had to offer to pro Overwatch, and they did not disappoint. Far from it. Coming out of nowhere by sweeping through powerhouses Finland and Canada, Team China's streak only came to an end at the hands of South Korea.

This team is coming in hotter and faster than a railgun. Hangzhou may not be a roaring inferno yet, but they are the spark that will light it.
Los Angeles Gladiators
The_Strokes said:
Imagine a team so vanilla that was in the limbo of irrelevancy for. Built with what it appeared to be a has-been as their star (Surefour) paired with a Pharah specialist with a mediocre Genji on an almost pure dive meta (Hydration) and a below average Tracer one trick (Asher), a mediocre tank line that was picked up only for their synergy (Bischu and iRemiix) and a support line that wasn’t able to carry so much deadweight despite being the best western supports duo on the game (BigGoose and Shaz). Now picture said team becoming not only one of the best squads in the entire league thanks to a clear individual improvement from key players and the addition of arguably the most spicy main tank in the Overwatch League (Fissure), but also being known for their inventive in-game strategies and ridiculous amount of drama that’s been an integral part of making the LA Gladiatiors one of the most hyped teams coming into Season 2.

An abrupt ending in their postseason run after a stellar regular season where expectations were clearly surpassed especially after a fairly average Stage 1 (4-6) and the loss of the man that was touted as their heart and soul, Fissure, meant that the future of the Gladiators seemed rather dark and uncertain, further departures included Silkthread (mid season pickup), Asher and iRemiix, three players that never seemed to perform at the level a Top 6 team in the League required them to, with the coaching staff deciding to improve on the core player roster with the addition of two strong new signings: Decay and Roar. Both integral parts of the Kongdoo Panthera squad that had one of the best pro Overwatch matches in history with RunAway (the now Vancouver Titans), the Korean duo adds not only more flexibility on the DPS side, a much needed trade for any player that wears the purple shirt, with Decay being able to play heroes like Zarya, Tracer, Widowmaker, McCree and Genji to the highest level but also a strong tank play with a member that has the potential to be as good, if not better, than Fissure himself, not to mention Panker, one of the most talked about main tanks in all of Contenders North America, whose Hammond play might come in handy to a team and staff that likes to exploit their squads strengths to the max is on a two-way contract with the aid of Bischu, Gladiators’ very own D.Va bot that’s one of the few players in the League that can speak Korean and English fluently.

Alongside those two (technically three) new pickups, Ripa, a third support and fellow countryman of Shaz and Goose has also been signed from legendary Team Gigantti, providing a much needed backup to a support line that didn’t have any breaks during Season 1, sharing the same hero pool as Shaz, with arguably an Ana that could surpass him.

Unlike many teams, the LA Gladiators are meta proof, their constant rise during Season 1 serves as testament and their players’ hero pool reflects on that, this is a team that can easily run GOATS at the highest level with world class Zarya’s such as Surefour, Void and Decay or one of the best Lucio’s in the world on the form of BigGoose for instance, but can easily in the blink of an eye move to one of the hyped triple or quad DPS strategies that are making noises in scrims with Shaz having a more than capable Genji/Tracer, complimenting Surefour/Decay’s hitscan expertise with Hydration’s projectile based hero pool with an extra spice of off meta hero picks/comps we’ll most likely see coming from the boys in purple thanks to an excellent coaching staff being lead by David ‘Dpei’ Pei.

All in all, expect the LAG to be, if not one of the best teams in Overwatch League Season 2, at least to be the most entertaining, in and off game.

Los Angeles Valiant
Salty_Josh said:
Hey, Resetera user! Stop wasting your time looking at whichever team uses the highest amount of adderall, which team was hype once upon a time but is washed up now, which team will literally never get a win, which team doesn't even have anyone from the country they represent and let's talk about what you all actually want to talk about: which team is the most handsome?









Even the team's owner, Noah Winston, is a beauty of a man:

And don't you dare forget the world's most handsome head coach and his not retired gang of hotties

I'm not saying they're all eye candy, but it's no coincidence they're partnered with St. Jude children's research hospital, Microsoft, Team Razer, Nitto tires, Otter Pops ice pops and Game Craft brewing. No other team has players hot enough to encourage you to drink beer at their viewing party.
No other team has raised this much money for charity before the season even begins.

You've blown us away with your support for our pledge program for @StJude! The first three milestones are officially unlocked and coming soon! Check the site to see the milestones we have lined up.

So come on. What are you waiting for? Join LAV today

Pm me for clips of Agilities and Custa's cats and Space's grav eats.
San Francisco Shock
i-hate-u said:

Ever since their announcement as a team in OWL. it was clear parent company NRG was betting their future on young talent like Sinaatra and Super who were too young to play for the first half of the League. Now, coming in 2019, Shock has vastly revamped their roster by not only signing top tier Korean talent like Rascal and Viol2t, but also signing Crusty , who was considered by some the best head coach in the league. With 12 players that can fill any role, and an even split of talented of Korean and Western players, Crusty has all the ingredients in the world to cook up a gourmet of a team. Shock has no reservations to spend that cash money young money to be the best, evidenced by their Striker buyout from Boston, who was regarded as the best Tracer in Season 1.

With genius players like Moth and truly flexible underrated stars like Nevix, the San Francisco Shock are truly going to #shocktheworld this season. This is a team that can win the entire league, folks.
Seoul Dynasty
Treestump said:

Expectation. No other team heading into the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League knows what that word means more than the Seoul Dynasty. Hosting a roster of players from APEX Season 2 and Season 3 winners, Lunatic-Hai, in Miro, tobi, zunba, and ryujehong (yes, that ryujehong) alongside Cloud9 off-tank xepheR, Flash Lux’s DPS Fleta, and KuKi fom MVP Space among others. It was safe to say this team had many fans excited to see them not only do very well but possibly even be the first OWL champions. Things started off well enough as the Dynasty, much like the other Korean lead teams, showed they were a powerhouse beginning Stage 1 with a 5-game winstreak. Things were looking good and Fleta had become the meta. Nothing lasts forever though as the winstreak came to an end at the hands of the NYXL after an insane 5-map game. Ending Stage 1 with a 7-3 record seems nice enough on paper but problems quickly began to arise within the team. Hey, no one said building a Dynasty was easy...

After a slump in Stage 2, the team decided to shake things up. Bunny was released, Gambler joined, and ryujehong was briefly renamed ryujekong as he played in the main tank role on Winston. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work out all too well. The team ended Stage 3 at 5-5 and Stage 4 at 3-7. What was once looked at as a successor to Lunatic-Hai and what should have been a dominant player in the League, was now a disappointing showing off miscommunication and uncoordinated team play. Something needed to change.

The off-season came with big news for the team. Starting with their staff, it turned out there were too many voiced in the players' heads and restructuring had to happen. Several coaches left and Hocury was moved from Coach to General Manager. Former head coach for Mosaic Esports and 6nakes, KDG and former London Spitfire coach Changgnoon joined the Dynasty's coaching staff. Former MVP Infinity player and 02 Ardeont coach WhyNot fills out the list. As for the players themselves, things were shaken up even more. Gambler retired from the game to pursue streaming while Miro, Gido, and Wekeed left the team. XepheR was transferred to the Florida Mayhem while KuKi was sent to the LA Valiant. New players include Element Mystic Support player Jecse, Lucky Future Zenith teammates Marve1 and Michelle join as Tanks. While this all sounds good, their other pick might just make them a villain team for some. Honestly though, can you really build a Dynasty without making a few enemies?

Fissure, the former Main Tank for the LA Gladiators joins the Dynasty for Season 2 and saying he comes with some controversy is putting it lightly. After not showing up during the Gladiator's Playoff run due to the team not taking it seriously enough for him, Fissure earned much anger from fans. His absence clearly hurt the team in the late game. He was much loved for being one of the best Main Tanks in the League so many are curious to see how he fits in here in more ways than one. Will he help deliver the team to the top or will he once again leave for his own reasoning? This remains the biggest question mark for the team at the moment. What isn't a question is that this time, the Dynasty are out to prove they are willing to do what it takes to show their true potential and make their name mean something, whether you see them as fighters, heroes, villains, etc. To build a Dynasty you have to reach for glory. Will they achieve it? Only time will tell. Until then.. always remember...

Shanghai Dragons

Vancouver Titans
OmniStrife said:
Vancouver Titans

What is the next step after greatness?

Even prior to the inaugural season of the Overwatch League not many teams could claim the same branding awareness and following as RunAway. A plucky, tightly budgeted but closely-knit group of talented players clad in pink sweaters and led by two well known streamers, the power couple – Runner and Flowervin. The journey towards the big leagues was not a smooth one for this team however... Coming close to, but not winning the championship was a recurring theme for RunAway and finally when OWL season 1 was coming near, no one was willing to sign the whole roster as a team like some of their rivals were.

With the failures of not making the Overwatch League, not winning Apex, not getting a proper sponsorship again and Runner having to leave for his Mandatory military service, It looked like the end for RunAway. But with Flowervin taking the reigns, and the crazy support of their fanbase (seriously, a fan donated a washing machine) the team… no, the family decided to have another go at it in Contenders.

Finally, after a crazy 8 map finals win over KongDoo Panthera, in what many consider to be the best series of Overwatch ever played… RunAway were finally crowned as number one. The tears from Flowervin and the players flowed as the redeeming pink confetti was falling on the stage. Finally, the financial sacrifice, the commitment to the team, the resilience to push through and finally get the long awaited championship, had all paid off.

As season 2 expansions rushed in to fill out their rosters to compete with the now-1 year "veterans" of OWL, not many were as coveted as the Tier 2 champions of the best region. The only question was whether they will be signed together as a team like they had always dreamed of. Rumblings from the Pacific North West soon came... that indeed they were.

Finally, in one of the final roster reveals for season 2, on December 1st, the rumors were finally confirmed: RunAway is in the Overwatch League! The whole team, now clad in the Cascadian blue, green and white and will be henceforth known as the VANCOUVER TITANS. The magnificent snowmen are finally here and are ready to compete on the big stage. Not unfamiliar with adversity and fueled by the desire to prove those who overlooked them wrong, we can expect the Titans to come out strong, fresh out of the gates. With existing synergy, a meta-proof roster and a chip on their shoulders you can expect the Vancouver Titans to be a team to be reckoned with, more so than any other expansion, one that could even rival the top dogs in OWL.

Can Haksal who’s been hailed as a Genji prodigy from the age of 15 live up to the promise? Can Stitch go toe to toe with OWL’s insane hitscans like Carpe, Pine and Surefour? Can BUMPER keep up his ridiculous streak of adapting and improving in any meta or role? Can SLIME, Twilight and RAPEL live up to the hype of being hailed as the best support line outside OWL? Can JJANU keep up with the ridiculous talents at the role? Can Hooreg redeem his poor play in season 1 and remain consistent? Can SeoMinSoo prove that he is a top 5 flex player in the world and carry again in the clutch? Can the Vancouver Tians recreate the magic without the pink? Without Flowervin? Only time will tell.


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Nov 17, 2017
Overwatch League All-Stars 2019!

Blizzard Arena
3000 W Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91523

Wednesday, May 15 at 6 p.m. PDT
Thursday, May 16 at 6 p.m. PDT

Join us for the Overwatch League 2019 All-Stars. The event kicks off on Wednesday, May 15 with a series of custom skill matches. On Thursday, May 16, the Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars will go head-to-head in the Overwatch League 2019 All-Star Game!
All-Star Legendary Skins:

More info here!

This year from May 7 to May 22, players can spend 200 tokens each to get Atlantic Mercy and Pacific Lucio! Some of you may remember that last year they had exclusive Genji and Tracer skins.


For fans who can’t ever get enough League Tokens, we’re happy to announce that during the All-Stars event we’re doubling the number of tokens earned each hour. Instead of earning three tokens for each hour of live Overwatch League matches watched on Twitch or Overwatch League platforms, you’ll earn six. Random 100-token drops will be unchanged.
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Nov 17, 2017

Buttchin-n-Bones 's Super Awesome Team Spreadsheet!

The spreadsheet is comment-only, so find an empty cell and comment your Era username with your favourite teams (up to 3). I'll handle the rest.
Gig 's Unlimited League Draft Call!
Gig said:
Hey y'all. I set up an Unlimited League for ResetEra that you can join here:

Password is: reseteragig

Let me know if anyone has questions. You can find a guide to our Unlimited League here. If there's enough interest, I'll get it set up on the featured leagues page. No prizes (because I'm broke, if anyone wants to donate prizes let me know!), but there are some leagues on the site that are giving away prizes (Florida, etc) that you may want to check out. You can join up to 8. Also if anyone is interested in a pick 'em league, let me know and I'll get that set up.

Also if anyone has questions or is interested in a live draft Standard Draft league, let me know and I can help you out as well.

Stoked for the new season! Go Reign and Justice!
OmniStrife 's Podcast on the Vancouver Titans! Come and hang out if you're a fan! Or just take a nice listen!
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Oct 25, 2017
This is your five minute warning for Jam seeing that the thread isn't named after him btw.

Y'all might wanna get behind your nearest Rein.


Dead Prince

Oct 25, 2017
Make sure you pick your team on and get those 3 emotes. you can't undo it so choose carefully.


Oct 25, 2017
Way ahead of you mate lol. Not gonna leave you alone.
Here you go!

2018 was a rough year for Optic but it had struck gold in the Overwatch League. Optic’s Houston Outlaws became one of the most popular teams in the league second only to their in state and streamer filled rival the Dallas Fuel. But despite that popularity, they couldn’t match it with on-stage performances. Inconsistency and an inability to play in flanker based metas led to the Outlaws just barely missing out on the Season 1 playoffs. Instead of reshaping the roster like some other teams the Outlaws moved Mendokusaii to a streaming role and Clockwork to an assistant coaching one. Their sole offseason move was trading Smurf from their Academy team to the San Francisco Shock for Danteh, a player long theorized to be a perfect fit for the Outlaws.

With Danteh’s flanker expertise and a leaner more focused roster, the Outlaws are going into Season 2 as major underdogs. Now they’ll have to prove themselves once again in a league that is even tougher than before. But I believe the Outlaws will surprise a lot of people this season.


Oct 25, 2017
Just sent the LAG bit, AlexFlame116!

Also, regarding Reinforce, seems OWL was hit during these Blizzard layoffs/restructuring, they also hired Hoonmaru (former streamer for Fusion) as a players relation liaison or something.

They also dropped a huge piece of the OWL social media team. Weird stuff going on.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm here to watch the Gladiators kick ass and dunk on the Spitfire and Dynasty


Oct 25, 2017
Go....Defiant? I suppose? I kind of jumped around between teams last season since I have no clear "home team" to root for. But watching the league isn't so fun when you don't have a real investment in anybody.
Being from the Detroit area, the closest I get now is Toronto. Guess I'll take it. Shoutouts to Paris Eternal too for having the logo most befitting of a Premier League team. I respect their "we're gonna be Team Europe" approach, though I'm not sure it will really work out that well for them.
Gonna be fun to see this again starting tomorrow!


Mar 28, 2018
Fantastic job on the OP, bro. I'll probably miss the first day of matches though unless plans change. That said, I'm pumped for this Season and to once again watch it with you all. Shifting my main energy to the Dynasty now and need a new underdog team to root for. This is gonna be wild.


Nov 17, 2017
Hey Jam it looks like your London Spitfire hype post doesn't want to cooperate with the post editor! Could you send me it again through PM please? If not I can try my best to replicate it but it won't look as good!