The PC Builders Thread ("I Need a New PC") v3


Aug 31, 2019
Lynnwood, Washington
Yes the Sabrent is a good choice, its a really strong choice for bang for buck when it comes SSDs.
You could even do a Rocket Q and still be good.

Pretty much all the newer SSDs are very good choices Samsung is the "cool" choice but it doesnt offer tangible performance benefits over the current competition.

As for 2 monitor can tell each program to output audio to which ever audio device you assuming you are on windows 10.
I used to do this with me X she would watch real housewives on one screen and i would be gaming on the other.
I would just set the game audio to come out of my headphones, and the other audio was handled by the TV.

I had a Monitor for gaming and a TV for .....errr gaming and large real estate when I didnt need speed.
Awesome. She's going to build a PC eventually but this should work really well.