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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by SuperPac, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. kadotsu

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    The temptation is strong but the preemptive buyer's remorse I'm feeling when I think about future pricedrops and hardware redesigns of Nintendo handhelds keeps me honest.
  2. CoachKevin

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    Lots of Hyper-bowl in here so far :)
  3. Cbrun44

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    I could be totally off base but I can’t imagine any sales on the Switch or related accessories anytime soon. In regards to games, I’d think the only potential deals you’ll find on a Zelda or Mario would be Target-like buy 2 get the 3rd for free.

    If you can find a Switch at this point I’d pull the trigger. Because I’m sure it’s going to be hell as the Holidays quickly approach.

    And Zelda and Mario are so so good.
  4. CO_Andy

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    Stewy got left behind :(

    Need any help making a higher res avatar, SuperPac? I can whip one up if you're interested (although i can't find the source of yours).
  5. SickBoy

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    The notion that one company's in-house YouTube production feels genuine while another's feels corporate is oddly amusing to me. Kevin's not wrong about that, but it is a bit weird. But even Nintendo Minute feels a bit infomercial to me.

    Took me forever to listen to this week's episode. There was something else I had intended to comment on, but it quickly left my brain.

    Good to see the whole crew has moved over here (except maybe Gaming Unicorn?).
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    Don’t forget to donut!

    Hope my damn replacement credit card arrives in time to donate.

    Edit: Really interesting what Greg brought up with Kinect in the wild. I don't think I've ever noticed one outside of a Microsoft store demo station. That sounds interesting about having it in a museum (reminded me to the Louvre using Nintendo DS for map stuff or something.
  7. stewy

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    Thanks for posting the link!

    I'm surprised you haven't see a Kinect outside of that setting. I've been noticing them all over the place for years now.
  8. lionpants

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    Ethan, if you remove the kickstand from the switch and bend it the opposite way then clip it back on, should be a bit better. I had to do it with mine too.
  9. Neuromancer

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    Best show on the internet! Thank you to the hosts for the many years of entertainment you've given us, and here's to many more.
  10. somethingisme

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    Yay! This is Josh H., by the way.
  11. Planet_JASE

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    Is no forum safe from this podcast's presence?
  12. SuperOkay

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    They only show up on the good ones.
  13. R1CHO

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    Seems like I am outnumber here, but I don't like the new logo :cry

    The old one was so sweeeeeet!

  14. Sunflower

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    Yeah, the "Baldness" really brings it all together.
  15. lionpants

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    I'm with you.
  16. Neuromancer

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    I'm not crazy about it either but I guess it doesn't matter too much in the grand scheme of things.
  17. PillarEN

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    Paying off Skyrim was way more funny than it should have been haha

    Love the"ya ya ya"'s Phil

    Side note: Yeah Yeah Yeahs are celebrating 15 years of their debut album. Just came to mind cause of Phil's voice thingy which is not supposed to be the Yup Yups from Sesame Street, but I forget what that voice is supposed to be.
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    I think the new artwork looks like clip art, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. Good episode this week.
  19. irriadin

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    I agree with others about the logo. Here's my opinion: The stroke on 'podcast' makes it very difficult to read as a thumbnail. See the comparison in my Pocket Casts between Waypoint Radio and P1Podcast


    The color scheme is OK, but I think that it's a little generic compared to the predecessor, which had a cool 80s retro aesthetic (really not a fan of the contrast between the vibrant red and muted blue, I think the design would be much stronger just picking one and tweaking the other color). The joystick artwork is fine as a logo mark, but again, a little generic.

    I realize that it is probably really hard to differentiate your brand as a gaming podcast. I love listening every week and I'll continue to listen even if I don't like the new logo design, so don't think I am being a hater :)
  20. SuperPac

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    Certainly possible to change the color scheme or remove the stroke around it. I can play around with that in the next few weeks. :D
  21. Razlo

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    Really love this podcast, even when I don't agree with all opinions. Every episode is fun.
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    Entertaining podcast this week! Hearing the glowing impressions of Mario got me more excited to start it up. I got it Friday, but was super busy all weekend.
  23. Skyw3rd

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    I've enjoyed the podcast for years, but it's gotten so adversarial in the last year that sometimes it's a chore to listen to. The constant bickering between Ethan, Greg and Phil (mostly Greg and Phil poking at Ethan for some reason) is just tiring. We had an episode last week with CJ, Ethan and Kevin and it was a nice discussion about games and what they've been playin'. This week it's back to picking on Ethan. CJ tries his best, but they just go on and on.

    I don't expect everyone to agree on everything all the time, but we've established that Ethan thinks one thing and Greg/Phil think something else. Let's just move on.
  24. Einbroch

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    While I'm not the biggest Ethan fan on the podcast (just pretty much never agree with him), the issue isn't that Greg and Phil pick on Ethan, it's that Ethan just goes 'yeah' or 'ok' and continues on like they didn't say anything. I will say that he's gotten better lately and in fact I think it was this week or last week where he dished some back to (I think it was) Phil and I was like ayyyy get em ethan!
  25. cw_sasuke

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    I gotta applaud Ethan for keeping his cool most of the time...there are often times where the dude cant say two sentences without being interrupted lol. I agree that without those instances the Podcast would be more enjoyable. When it happens from time to time it fun and entertaining...when it happens all the time its a bit weird for me as a listener.
    Ehh..of course he will just continue considering how often it happens. The show would be a mess if paused or tried to argue every time someone had an issue with his statement. If he speaks his mind and is being addressed there would be no issue....but often times he doesnt even get to finish his point or explain what he meant.

    They are all friends and know each its no big issue for me, even if its a bit much sometimes.
  26. Skyw3rd

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    I just get irritated that it's established that they disagree on things. Will any of them change their minds? No. A year of it has shown us that's the case. Ethan believes in what he does and Greg/Phil believe in what they do and that's fine. Let it go.
  27. momerath

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    I give everyone the benefit of the doubt in assuming that this is just how their friend dynamic is / has been historically. But as an outsider without any of their many years of context and history as friends, it does feel an awful lot like Ethan can't go five minutes without being dogpiled on for something. I know after a while it would get under my skin personally, but everyone's different.
  28. PillarEN

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    I think Ethan's a good sport and I appreciate him for that cause I find it too much fun with the others ripping on him.
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    They've addressed this on the show. They're hard on each other because they've known each other for a long time. It's not like when Phil was mean to Greg Ford because he genuinely hated him!
    He didn't, but it's strange there are still people who believe he did!
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    Long time listener and I agree with this. I think it only feels this way because the ribbing seems one-sided (others vs Ethan) whereas Ethan is usually the one who contributes the most when one of the other hosts discusses a topic they are passionate about (ex: Greg talking about the latest racing game).
  31. lionpants

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    Ethan... we get it. Games designed for the handheld/portable console: the Nintendo Switch work perfectly when "on the go" for the console they were designed for.

    You're starting to sound like a broken record dude, haha.
  32. BlueScrote

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    He's been a broken record since the second week he was on the show.
  33. Planet_JASE

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    Episode 574: That Sonic Adventure Feeling

    This week! Two trailers take the top talk on Paris Games Week, the Xbox One X is out this week, Mario Odyssey remains super awesome (spoiler chat up to the end of New Donk City and some post-game generalities - marked in chapters but starts at 1:00:19 and ends at 1:20:23), and so. Much. More. Join us, won’t you?

  34. Sunflower

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    The funniest thing - and I don't know if it'll ever get old, but the goddamned funniest thing that always makes me laugh so hard at how funny it is, is when Ethan will dig up some game from 2014 or so on the Switch and say it's new to him because now it's portable. Goddamn that sends me into a spiral of laughter every time, and I hope it never stops. I don't think it will, either. Or when he mentions a game, and says how it's brand new, just for the Switch, and then Greg checks Wikipedia and finds out it had a PC release a couple years ago or is in a Humble Bundle for $1

    It's so good, I love it. I love Ethan
  35. JYOUNG188

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    Seems like the thread on the old forum is dead. First post over here. Keep up the good work guys, best show out there.
  36. mik

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    Ethan was originally released on Steam seven years ago.
  37. cw_sasuke

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    ...was part of a mobile Humble Bundle, still havent gotten around to play it. Would buy it again on Switch for full price though.

    Ok ill stop. Yet to listen to the latest episode.
  38. Sunflower

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    I honestly want to hear more about Ethan's movie watching. His tastes seem pretty good, except for him seeing Boss Baby.
  39. PillarEN

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    Ethan in top form this week. Amiibo Mario, GTA 5 on Switch $200 bet. Starfox Adventures love.

    Hell yes I love it.
  40. SuperPac

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    Ethan wouldn't pin down a date for GTA5 on Switch, so was the bet really complete?
  41. Riesenfass

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    Glad to see this thread has moved over. P1P has been on my weekly rotation for about 6 years or so. Keep up the good work guys.

    CJ, put me firmly in the camp of that bet not being real because no timeline was given. I actually agree that it may come to switch but I'd never put money on that.
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    A vote should be taken by the hosts next week to force Ethan into that vote.
  43. Sunflower

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    Couldn't believe Ethan would pay for every single player "campaign" in Overwatch

    Who ARE you?
  44. Punished Dan

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    Which episode was it recently where CJ did his Peter Griffin impression out of the blue. I was in stitches listening to it in the car.
  45. PillarEN

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    Wasn't that just last week?
  46. cw_sasuke

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    Finally listened to the episode...goddamn - the way Greg shutdown Ethan after he brought up the extra benefit of using the Amiibos.


    PS. Yeah GTA V Switch is likely happening and will be a big e3 announcement for Nintendo/R*. The game will probably hit 100m next year across all versions. Nuts,
  47. Einbroch

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    That part made me laugh so hard.

    "Amiibo do all these cool convenient things. It's so great that Nintendo doesn't charge for convenience."

    The blind fanboy is so strong, I can't help but respect it.
  48. Punished Dan

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    I think so but I can't remember which part of the episode, tried a quick skim through YouTube too
  49. PillarEN

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  50. Punished Dan

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