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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by SuperPac, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Loot boxes looking good.

    (600 million for PUBG? YIKES! That's more than the top 15 combined. And, yeah, who knows how much is loot boxes, but both it and CS:GO have them)
  2. Sunflower

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    I like Sea of Thieves a lot, and I see why people who are "gamerz" don't like it. It's just not made for them, and that's okay. They probably don't play Roblox either.
  3. Planet_JASE

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    Episode 594: Thievin' and Crackin'

    This week! Some Nindies are announced, Vivendi stops trying to buy Ubi, the Wii Shop Channel is shuttering, Sea of Thieves is a fun time (without a lot of content and no tutorial), and a lot more. Join us, won’t you?

    Greg's Extra-Life:
  4. Punished Dan

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    Is it just my Overcast app that’s playing this weeks episode back to front or has anyone else had the same issue?

    Edit: Apple Podcasts is the same
  5. Planet_JASE

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    Episode 595: Takes a Little Man to Steer a Big Ship

    This week! DQXI gets a date, PSVR gets a price drop, we played a buncha hot new games like Sea of Thieves and Far Cry 5 (don’t worry, no spoilers outside of the intro), and lotsa old-school magazine deadline talk. Join us, won’t you?

    Greg's Extra-Life:
  6. Planet_JASE

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    What's happened to the first podcast of April, foo'!?
  7. Punished Dan

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    Guess I’m listening to it backwards then!
  8. firehawk12

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    They should have went full in with Ethan-bot and did an episode celebrating Lootboxes using clips of Ethan. lol
  9. SuperPac

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    April fools!

    Easy enough to make use of the chapter stops if there’s anyone who found the “joke” annoying.
  10. I listened to the youtube archive the other day and it took me way too long to figure out what was going on
  11. Punished Dan

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    I listen to the show whilst driving so I just listened to it backwards :’D
  12. Einbroch

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    My first reaction was 'wtf cj get it together', then i heard the tweet song, and knew it was april fools
  13. Sunflower

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    It was real nice to not have to skip the music at the beginning of the show. Use the end music for the intro all the time pls
  14. Punished Dan

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    Same here I was genuinely thinking CJ had goofed.
  15. SaitoH

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    The Last of Us Demo was my fault, CJ.

    Last of Us is my Mario Odyssey, so I really pushed everyone to go that booth first. I got the foam brick for completing the demo, so the 2 1/2 hour wait didn't bug me as much, but having gone to E3 a bunch of times, and Pax East, I'm pretty much done with conventions.

    Ps. I liked the April fools episode.
  16. Scoopfest! Yay!
  17. SuperPac

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    I was in the same boat though. The Last of Us was my most anticipated game of the year that year and this was the opportunity to play it early. I was horrible at it and died a lot and subsequently vowed that I wasn't going to wait 2.5 hours to play anything at a show ever again, and I've stuck to that!

    YES! Would be really great to see some more listeners at Scoopfest this year. Having been to one already I can say that it is an amazing time with lots of fun podcasts recording live, stand-up comedy, improv antics, Vegas acts and a whole bunch of video games and nerdery. The fans of Matt & Mattingly's Ice Cream Social are supremely awesome, but would be great to see more P1P fans come on down too. It takes place October 11-14, with a VIP night event on the 11th and the thing itself going from the 12-14. Info and early bird discounted tickets are available at, and if you book accommodations at the Orleans Hotel & Casino (which is nearby the venue) you can use coupon code A8icc10 for a nice discount.
  18. The Scoopfest episode was a lot of fun last year. Hopefully Ethan is back by the time you guys go in October. (And hopefully another son of a gun can make it again...). It also was the triumphant return of the pizzacast, was it not?
  19. Einbroch

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    scoopfest more like poopfest

    dont worry phil i got your jokes covered
  20. mik

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    Vegas is a relatively short drive.
  21. Planet_JASE

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    Episode 596: Cult Culture Club

    This week! Greg and CJ are joined by Sean Capri and talk Spider-Man, OG Xbox Back Compat, Far Cry 5 (the game AND its sales), LEGO Dimensions, Mega Mans 1-10, A Way Out, Sea of Thieves, best gaming sounds, backlogs and so much more. Join us, won’t you?

    ALSO! We are happy to have been invited back to Scoopfest this year by the fine folks at Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social. It takes place October 11-14, 2018. You can get more information at Early bird tickets are on sale now. It’s going to be a great time. And if you book your hotel at the Orleans Hotel & Casino (near the venue!) - use coupon code A8icc10 for a nice discount on your accommodations.

    Greg's Extra-Life:
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    What happened to Ethan? Count me as one of those disgusted by the format change last week. Instead of listening to it first like i usually do, i listened to it last in my podcast rotation.
  23. What time of the year is it?

  24. stewy

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    The BEST time of year!
  25. firehawk12

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    You could always have just cut out the three sections and then rearranged them in audacity. lol

    And I guess Ethan is still at his new job and can't/doesn't want to come on. I was hoping to hear him gloat about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings doing a 180 on microtransactions.
  26. Sunflower

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    "As you can see BOTH Battlefront and Mordor have course-corrected their awful stance on in-game currency and purchases. This is tantamount to a confirmation that we'll see both games on Switch this year, and to be honest, they'll be the versions I'll pick up because even though I've played them both on regular consoles, this will be the first time they've been able to be played on a portable, so that also makes them eligible for game of the year as they're new to me on that specific platform. Putting them on the best platform to play on and removing microtransactions is the best thing they could have done."
  27. firehawk12

    firehawk12 Member

    Ethan's alt!
  28. Kevin Larrabee Game Club:
  29. CoachKevin

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    Never doubt the LarrabeeLock.
  30. LarrabeeLock™
  31. Have you gotten all of your locks right so far?
  32. firehawk12

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    So Ethan has gone the way of Ford and Phillips. I feel like you guys need another iconoclast if you ever find a new host, because I miss the hilarious dynamic that came from someone who had intractable opinions about a very specific topic.

    Also regarding Jeff Cannata's GoW tweet... he's gets really into things, to the point where he's sort of like Ethan when it comes to certain things he likes. The most recent example before this that comes to mind is him talking about how The Last Jedi made him cry twice the first time he saw it. I think you just have to filter out his hyperbole or you'll get lost in the supernova of his hype explosion. (Or maybe you guys can have him on your show because I think it'd be like Ethan 2.0 :p)
  33. Einbroch

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    Cannata's enthusiasm doesn't bother me.

    those ad reads tho wew
  34. SuperPac

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    Cannata's enthusiasm doesn't bother me. When I read the tweet it didn't sound any better/worse than any usual review hyperbole from any other reviewer around any big game launch. Perhaps the fact that it specifically needled perceived failings in other games is what made it catch fire, but Jeff is enthusiastic about a lot of stuff (VR!) and that's part of the reason to listen to DLC or Weekend Confirmed before it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In time I think we'll really be able to tell if the praise was warranted (like w/BioShock Infinite...eugh), but it's been a long time since a GoW game came out and we have all these other games behind it which have I'm sure informed its design in some way. I find it more ridiculous that the internet took his tweet and bent it into a meme. And probably only because it's GoW, not out yet, and people love a good dogpiling.
  35. I miss Weekend Confirmed :(

    That's probably the least surprising part of this story. I still find myself saying, "The only thing I didn't like is that it was almost too good" and that was 10+ years ago on the 1up show. Everyone like a good meme.
  36. Sunflower

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    Are you all picking up Panzer Dragoon Orta tomorrow on the Xbox One? Or maybe using your old discs?
  37. phanphare

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  38. mik

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    Seriously? The tweet was fine. The reaction to the tweet was fine. It was the reaction to the reaction to the tweet that was fucking ridiculous. Because people made fun of a tweet you made about a video game you lost faith in humanity? Get some perspective and an actual human spine, for christ's sake.
  39. SickBoy

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    I don't think there's anything unfair about the meme-ification of his tweet. It might suck to say something kinda goofy and have people think it's goofy and riff on it, but I think the appropriate reaction to that is to share the laugh and roll with it.

    If that was all he was getting, I would get my world's tiniest violin out. Unfortunately, the internet being the internet, among the people poking fun at the tweet were also the charming people of the internet, calling him idiot and sending other insults his way. Of course, this couldn't be the first time he's received this kind of feedback, could it?

    What if on Weekend Confirmed, the only approved beverage was Coke Zero?

    What if the Bombcast talked about snack food for only five minutes at a time?

    What if Gaming Steve had 500-plus episodes?

    What if Idle Thumbs featured guest appearances by Sam Raimi?

    The answer to all these questions and more is the Player One Podcast.
  40. SuperPac

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    Ooh. thatsgood.gif ^^^^

    Yeah it's true. Also, if you're on Twitter and have over 5k followers (which he does, at over 50k), you know that anywhere outside your comforting echo chamber/circle is a festering cesspool of ugliness and disgust. And that it no more represents humanity or reality than hanging out at the porta-potties at woodstock '99 represents a clean place to take a poop.
  41. SaitoH

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    Oh man, I thought I was the only one that couldn't stand his ad reads! lol

    I have to stop doing whatever I'm doing to skip past them because they drive me up the wall. Otherwise I really enjoy his podcast.
  42. mik

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    Blue Apron has literally made me a better husband, a better father, and just a better person.
  43. Blue Apron is quality of life.
  44. firehawk12

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    I think it's because I know to take Jeff with a grain of salt, at least when it comes to his enthusiasm for a project, that I didn't find the tweet odd. But if it was anyone else, I think my eyes would have rolled so far into the back of my head that I'd be looking at my own brain. lol
    It's funny because the movie podcast he's on basically added a Mike Philips figure recently and they sort of butt heads from time to time with expected hilarious results.

    I think I'm also skeptical about how well the story can be told when it's a game franchise where it reduces the objectification of women to QTE sequences though. At least GTA had the good grace to hide the dumb prostitute stuff, GoW celebrated it. But I'll wait for the inevitable backlash to come to see where the game falls. I'm sure like a lot of games, it's somewhere in the middle of being terrible and the Citizen Kane of video games.

    Also maybe you guys could invite him on to talk about the game at some point!

    I feel like he's been encouraged to go ham on the film podcast, so he does it everywhere now. lol
  45. Are enthusiastic ads reads any worse than promising gameclub episodes on patreon?
  46. To be fair, I think they removed all traces of game club on the Patreon. (Mike was still around when that Bully one was supposed to happen I think)

    That said:
    We've always wanted to do more special episodes. Like Review Re-View (which we've done 3 episodes of previously), or industry interviews, or retrospectives. If we reach $400/month, we'll do one of these extra episodes a month in addition to the weekly show.
  47. Rodhull

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    Cant believe anyone made it far enough to listen to the ads. The transitions into them are so cheesy (deliberately so) that i’m well warned to hit the skip button multiple times to avoid them.

    Not like i had any real issue with the tweet as was said it’s fairly common for games press hyperbole to go to that sort of level but it’s surprising that there wasn’t at lesst a little bit of self awareness that it would and probably did deserve a bit of mocking. No doubt there was some nasty stuff sent his way but there was enough there that was pretty light hearted to make Jeff’s overreaction seem a bit unnecessary.
  48. SuperPac

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    That is correct and March was the first month we actually reached $400/month (collected April 1, now we are nicely over that amount!), so we can indeed do a special episode - starting this month. It will be a Review Re-View. Coming soon!

    (The previous times we did Review Re-View we did it more as a tease to try and get backing up, which did not work, though the Aftershows that we now do after every episode have gotten our backing to over $400/month.)
  49. Catching up on the episode. Oh wow, Ethan as only a sporadic guest from now on. Are you guys going to just keep it as a three person podcast like the very early years with just a random guest every once in a while?

    Edit: This outro was great this week.
  50. SuperPac

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    Probably three-person for a while with guests every so often and see where it goes from there.