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The Playstation Classic has reached a point now that it's a greater (and simpler) emubox than the Raspberry Pi.

Nov 19, 2017
I'm not picking this up easy for some reason. Can you, like with the SNES classic, just put your own games in the consoles storage, or do you need to play them off a USB stick? I see a lot of talk and worrying about getting working USB sticks.

edit: To be clear, I haven't even opened my PS classic yet, is the usb stick for installation? For more game storage? How much storage is on the psclassic as is and can you just load your own library of however many games in there instead? If you have to have a usb stick in the second controller port, can you not play multiplayer games on a hacked console?
It was thanks to this thread that got me interested (again) in getting a PSC.
The working USB issue is that the USB port only provides 100ma(?) which supposedly limits you to USB 2.0 sticks.
I bought a SanDisk 64GB USB 2.0 Cruise Fit type and it just needed a FAT32 format and it worked perfectly.
I haven’t seen a 2-player solution since the second port is used for the USB stick.
Things will likely continue to improve so I’d hang on to your PSC for now. As it is now, with Autobleem, it’s really good.


Oct 27, 2017
United Kingdom
I’m pretty sure you can still play 2 player games by using a usb hub in the second control port.
Yep, you can. I do this.

A question for anyone that might’ve done this already... I’ve got a second PSC. Can I just copy the contents of my USB over to another USB and have everything work fine? Or do i need to go through the process of ‘hacking’ the second PSC?
Oct 25, 2017
Quick question, I've still got my old hacked PSP collection of PS1 eboots and CSO's on a hard drive somewhere (along with some older stuff, ROMs etc). Are they going to work fine with PSC or will they need to be adjusted/re-ripped? Everything was originally fixed to work on PSP, just wasn't sure if I needed to change anything with them or if they will work after drag and drop
Nov 1, 2017
While we're on this, does Bleemsync have any extra features, like fast loading, texture smoothing, any of that? It seems to be a pretty bare bones emulator.
Yeah, the interface doesn't expose a whole lot, but you can still change a good number of settings either using the in-game pcsx menus, or pcsx config files.