The PS4 sold 20.6 million consoles in (slightly) less than 1 Year, best selling 12 month period

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Benji, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Benji

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    I thought this was so impressive it deserved its own spin off thread.

    Was having a chat with the master of numbers that is Welfare and he pointed out an astute observation. The PS4 surpassed over 20.6 million consoles sold in under a full year.

    December 6th, 2016 - 50 million Sold
    December 3rd, 2017 - 70.6 million sold

    That is frankly a truly incredible pace
  2. Savantcore

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    Do we have any reference numbers? Previous calendar years? PS2 or Wii sales?
  3. Joeyro

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    Considering the heavy hitters (GOW, Spiderman, Days Gone, Detroit and possibly Tsushima) are coming next year, 2018 could definitely surpass it.

    PS4 is a beast.
  4. asd202

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    This is sold through right? Wonder where it is sitting at shipped. 72-73 million?
  5. Sense

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    PS4 pro doing what it was intended to do imo which is stop the decline in sales that usually starts to happen around this time in a generation.
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    that's pretty good
    just report your own op and they will fix it in minutes
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    Also this from Zhuge :

  8. Stuart

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    Incredible, they're dominating their competition almost like the PS2 era. Well deserved success, their simple strategy of giving consumers what they asked for worked.
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    Tsushima is 2019 at the earliest. Sony heads referenced it in their "We're trying not too announce things too soon, we may have announced this too soon" spiel.
  10. Benji

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    I'm actually not sure. I'm really curious where this would rank among best hardware years among non portable consoles. Has to be towards the top (though obviously not as huge as Wii's peak years)
  11. v_iHuGi

    v_iHuGi Member

    Ps4 is beasting and December is about to be a amazing.
  12. Transistor

    Transistor Member

    2018 gonna blow them numbers away I bet
  13. chandoog

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    Wow. That's a huge amount of consoles.

    For reference, according to Wikipedia the biggest similar leap PS2 had was between March 2007 to July 2008 where it went from 117 million to 140 million (23 million in 1 year 4 months) But by this point PS2 was selling at $99 IIRC.
  14. HONDA

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    What was numbers of ps4 sold when it was only $200 during black friday week? I wonder if that helped a lot
  15. BadWolf

    BadWolf Member

    Excellent, looking forward to how much it beasts next year.
  16. gcwy

    gcwy Member

    RDR2, while not exactly the behemoth GTA V will be, will no doubt be the best selling game of the year.
  17. Bundy

    Bundy Member

    Waka or Waka Waka?

    That's true. Now let us hope they going to announce a Demon's Souls Remaster soon.
  18. DrDeckard

    DrDeckard Member

    That is absolutely insane. Incredible
  19. Anth0ny

    Anth0ny Member

    ridiculous. i'd like to see a comparison with wii and ps2.
  20. Astandahl

    Astandahl Member

    This seems impossible to me unless it was released in some new markets ?
  21. steviejd1

    steviejd1 Member

    I would love to see how many pro's they have sold.
  22. Izanagi89

    Izanagi89 Member

    And their exclusive lineup is on fire for next year too, as well as games going into 2019. No stopping this thing
  23. McMoneyman

    McMoneyman Member

    That's insane. That is almost more than some consoles sold in their entire lifespan.
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    Very impressive numbers
  26. Rockstar

    Rockstar Member

    Congrats Sony, well deserved. Now my body is ready for PS5 in 2020
  27. Thatguy

    Thatguy Member

    Monster Hunter World too, which is full on exclusive in Japan. No way Sony kicks off the next gen (not saying they will be late either). I can see a lot of devs sticking with PS4 for a while too. Will it be the best selling console ever?
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    Not sure if it just refers to PS4 ten million milestones though.
  29. gundamkyoukai

    gundamkyoukai Member

    Amazing numbers and with Japan being a non factor show how rest of the world is helping the system .
  30. ianpm31

    ianpm31 Member

    Considering the exclusives coming out next year too is absolutely insane.
  31. Astandahl

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    What’s the story behind the jump, were these mostly sales in Brazil, SE Asia, and the Middle East?
  33. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member Original Poster

    I keep thinking the PS4 is going to slow down and then it just........doesn't.

    I tell myself there is no way that 2018 can be up from 2017 but then you start to wonder if they will introduce a permanent $199 console at some point in the year and with that exclusive I just don't know.
  34. gcwy

    gcwy Member

    The price cut should explain it.
  35. Ilovehotmoms

    Ilovehotmoms Banned Member

    I’m sure black ops 4 will take that crown
  36. MattB

    MattB Member

    Good job Sony! Keep up the good work!
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    It won't top PS2 in sales according to Zhuge, but it will in profit.
  38. McMoneyman

    McMoneyman Member

    A lot of casual games like Buzz and Singstar probably helped as well.
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    My goodness. Funny thing is, and I know this is anecdotal, but there is quite a few people I have on my friends list from the PS3 days, who have yet to get the PS4. Now granted that is my list, but considering all the gamers out there, I would think this is not an isolated incident. Many more sales to come.
  40. disaster

    disaster Member

    Great success.

    And God of War, Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, SpiderMan, Detroit, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, From Software Project has not come out yet.
  41. Servbot24

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    Yet for some reason people think Sony will be rushing PS5 to market within a couple years.

    Keep going strong PS4!
  42. iceblade

    iceblade Member

    I really can't help but wonder what that number might've been if they'd really really stocked HEAVILY for BF and Christmas - somehow managing to avoid the shortages that wound up hitting the 1TB model over Black Friday. Quite impressive regardless. As was said in the 70.6m thread several times it's definitely going to outpace PS3 sales and will probably cross 100m too...
  43. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    I saw this posted on the other PS4 thread and it took me a while to get it lol
  44. Frostman

    Frostman Member

    The PS4 is on another level.

    Next year carries that on with GOW, Spiderman, RDR2, Shadow of the Colossus and Detroit in the first half.
  45. Kromeo

    Kromeo Member

    I doubt it will ever hit the super low prices PS2 did and it has stronger competition than that as well, so no
  46. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member Original Poster

    100+ million is guaranteed. It will be there by late 2019.
  47. Ghos

    Ghos Member

    where's the PS2/PS1 emulator
  48. Rymuth

    Rymuth Member

    And here we thought 2016 would be the peak year. Very impressive, indeed.
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    I didn't ask for paid online and for their god tier existing subscription service to go down the toilet. And I didn't ask them to completely abandon my favourite gaming platform in less than 2 years.
  50. DavidDesu

    DavidDesu Member

    Wow. The list of huge games yet to come in the next year or two is crazy. Feels like the PS4 is actually building momentum rather than losing it. Wonder if we’ll see a cool super compact cheap AF PS4 in the next year or so. A super cheap console would sell shitloads more still. The Pro is nice for those wanting that stop gap but the console can still run stunning looking games and is more than enough for most people for a good 3 or 4 years yet. And when it’s the console that’s hosts the most third parties and indies as well, PS2 could be beaten when all is said and done.

    All Sony needs to do is carry on this momentum, make PS5 like the Pro in the sense that it can run all the old games and we can see a far smoother progression from one generation to the next that’s far less harmful to consumers.